Permission for staying for 4 years

The EU blue card is valid for the duration of the working contract but at the beginning there is a maximum of 4 years. When receiving the EU blue card for the first time it is valid for a maximum of 4 years or for the time of the working contract plus 3 months. Owners of the EU blue card get permission to stay after 3 years if their contract is still valid. If it is the case that the owner of the EU blue card can prove a language knowledge at level B1 the permission to stay can be given after just 2 years.

University graduates

University graduates have further advantages because of this new system. Academics can receive a visa for half a year if they can make sure that they earn enough to live on. During this time they can try to find a permanent job in Germany.

Foreign graduates of a German university have even more advantages in getting a job after finishing university. They can work 120 or 240 part time days while studying. Before the introduction of the EU blue card the limit was 90 whole or 180 part time days. Graduates of a German university are now free to have 18 months, instead of 12 months, to find a suitable job. Graduates of a trainee programme have a whole year to find a suitable job and during this time both groups are free to work without a limit.