§ 20 Research

(1) A foreigner shall be granted a residence permit for research purposes where

1. he or she has concluded an effective admission agreement for the purpose of carrying out a research project with a research establishment which is recognised for implementation of the special admission procedure for researchers in the Federal territory pursuant to Council directive 2005/71/EC of 12 October 2005 on a specific procedure for admitting third-country nationals for the purposes of scientific research (Official EU Journal no. L 289, p. 15) and

2. the recognised research establishment has undertaken in writing to bear the costs accruing to public bodies up to six months after termination of the admission agreement for … the foreigner’s subsistence during an unlawful stay in a Member State of the European Union and … deportation of the foreigner.

(6) A permission of staying after paragraph 1 and 5 sentences 2 entitles to the admission of the research activity with the research establishment called in the admission agreement and to the intake of activities concerning teaching. …