§ 18 Employment

(1) The admission of foreign employees shall be geared to the requirements of the German economy, according due consideration to the situation on the labour market and the need to combat unemployment effectively. International treaties shall remain unaffected.

(2) A foreigner may be granted a residence title for the purpose of taking up employment if the Federal Employment Agency has granted approval in accordance with Section 39 or if a statutory provision in accordance with Section 42 or an inter-governmental agreement stipulates that such employment may be taken up without approval from the Federal Employment Agency. Any restrictions imposed by the Federal Employment Agency in granting approval are to be specified in the residence title.

(5) A title of stay, after passage 2, Section 19 or 19a can only be given if there is a concrete working offer and the permission to work, as far as it is necessary or if the apportionment was given.

(6) The apportionment or the stretching or the title of stay, after passage 2, Section 19 or 19a is allowed not be given, if in relation to this law, an executive order law or a intergovernmental agreement an affirmation of the Federal Labor Market Authority is not necessary and if there is an issue which gains to a denial of the affirmation after Section 40 passage 2 number 3.