§ 9b Consideration of the time of stay

( 2) For the necessary times §9a paragraph 2 sentence 1 number 1 the times are credited in which the foreigner owns a EU blue card which was given by another member state of the European Union, if to itself the foreigner
1. in this other member state of the European Union has detained at least 18 months with a EU blue card and
2. With the application position for at least two years as an owner of the EU blue map detains in the federal territory.

Not considerable are times in which the foreign did not stay in the European Union. These times do not cut the time of stay, after § 9a passage 2 sentence 1 number 1 if the timeframe does not consist of more than 12 months after another and if the time was not taken within a timeframe of 18months, after § 9a, passage 2 sentence 1 number 1. These sentences are also respective for family members of the foreigner, who got the allowance to stay after §§ 30 or 32.