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Angelina Ye from
  • Angelina Ye From China
  • Musicians, singers and composers
  • Lives in China
  • Looking for work in Germany | Belgium | United Kingdom
Employer: For personal data please contact us with the Applicants-ID: 16863


Angelina Ye Yang was born in Beijing, China. Started piano lesson at the age of three with Professor Chen HuiSu from the Central Conservatory of Music. From 1996-2005 was admitted into The Juilliard School in New York City and studied and lived there for 9 years, finished junior, high school and college studies respectively. From year 2009 to 2011 was admitted to Hanover University of Music Drama and Media in Germany studied with Professor Christopher Oakden and graduated in 2011 with Masters Degree in Artistic Education (Piano Performance). Working experiences including Music Editing/Events Organization at National Centre for the Performing Arts NCPA, piano teacher at GuLangYu Piano Academy in XiaMen, and piano/music teacher at Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Personal advantages are diverse personal experiences, speaks English and German fluently, and loves to meet and make new friends.


  • Name of profession:
    Musicians, singers and composers
  • Name of latest business sector:
    TsingHua DaoXiang Kindergarten
  • Latest occupation/title:
    Administrator/Music Teacher
  • Latest main activities:
    International K12 Teaching


  • Completed education:
  • Title or Qualification:
    Diplom Musikerin
  • Specialisation:
    Artistic Education
  • Additional trainings:
    Piano Performance

Preferred countries

  • 1. Germany
  • 2. Belgium | Brussels
  • 3. United Kingdom

Language skills

  • english: excellent
  • german: reasonable
  • Chinese : excellent