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Mohammad from
  • Mohammad From Iran
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics
  • Lives in Iran
  • Looking for work in Germany | Austria | Hungary
Employer: For personal data please contact us with the Applicants-ID: 16854


I have more that 5 years experience in this Job.
As i was Mechnical student ,i have started to work in this field till now and i can say that i have done fast most of the things which ones should as Engineer know.
-My Professional Skills:
Ability in preparing Shop and As Built Drawings for mechanical installations
Ability in the design of systems for mechanical installations
Ability in executive affairs and implementing the drawings mechanical installations
Studying the statement and quantity surveying
Ability in calculate the material of the mechanical projects
Ability in preparing and producing the breakdown in field of mechanic,electric and buildings
Ability in timing and control the MSP project
- Courses already passed:
Design and computation of water branching system
Design and computation of sewage system
Design and computation of Duct
Design and computation of Mechanic Room
- Foreign Language
Persian: Mother Language
Engilsh: A1
Deutsch: B1
Azeri A2
Revit Mep
MSP Project
Microsoft Office
Driving license: B

im going to be glad to have opportunities to use my knowledge to work in EU.
Best Regards


  • Name of profession:
    Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics
  • Name of latest business sector:
    tahvieh arsam co
  • Latest occupation/title:
    Engineerand specialist in technical and supervision Office
  • Latest main activities:
    Designer and computator of water branching system , sewage system, Duct and Mechanic Room


  • Completed education:
  • Title or Qualification:
    Mechanical engineering
  • Specialisation:
    Thermal and fluids
  • Additional trainings:
    Revit,Autocad,Career,MSP Project,Microsoft Office

Preferred countries

  • 1. Germany | any city in Germany
  • 2. Austria | any city in Austria
  • 3. Hungary | any city in Hungary

Language skills

  • german: well
  • english: reasonable
  • Persisch(Farsi): excellent