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  • SHAHAB From Iran
  • Aircraft engine mechanics and repairers
  • Lives in Iran
  • Looking for work in Germany | Denmark | Ireland
Employer: For personal data please contact us with the Applicants-ID: 16850


After 8 years of being a researcher in designing aircraft and taking part in aircraft design (CS or Part – 23,25) project on the other hand having the eagerness to learn more about this hi-tech field of study lead me to airlines, especially the Design organization of airlines.
Spending Compulsory military service in an airline its fleet consisted of two Boeing 737-300 was a great opportunity for dealing with the continuing airworthiness of airplanes. Besides taking part in type rating of this type by the background aircraft design & 4 successful experience of internships help me to acquire knowledge of analyzing Part M.
After 2 years among this mandatory period, I accepted in an interview of SEPEHRAN airlines at first as a Reliability Expert & System and structure Expert then as a Researcher & Developer of Engineering & planning Department on the Avionics Requirement & Purchasing Aircraft Analyzer & AMP (Approved Maintenance Program) & CAME (Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition) & MEL (Minimum Equipment List) and a pattern for engine CFM56-3 & B737-3/4/5 analysis.
After second of presence in Sepehran Airline's responsibility of Engineering Manager of CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) & Cost Management of reserve Maintenance & Corrosion Repair Wing Project & Preparation of Spare-Part aircraft EP-FSF and Making Airworthy after 3 years being grounded & Training Staffs for being familiar of CAMO, B737 Classics Engineering and All Components Repair-order Engineer Approver for B737 Fleet Responsibility have been assigned to me.
Besides, as a freelancer took part in Dismantling & Descommissioning Projects and Preparation of a pattern for establishing airlines, maintenance & Design organizations.


  • Name of profession:
    Aircraft engine mechanics and repairers
  • Name of latest business sector:
    Sepehran Airlines
  • Latest occupation/title:
    Engineering Manager of Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization
  • Latest main activities:
    Analysis & Evaluation & Making Decision for putting aircraft in airworthiness condition.


  • Completed education:
  • Title or Qualification:
    Aerospace Engineering - Flight Mechanics
  • Specialisation:
    Aircraft Design (Mechanic, Quality Airworthiness & Project Manager), Airline Maintenance & Airworthiness & Design Organizations (EASA Part 145 & M & 21), Quality Assurance and Aircraft Dismantling
  • Additional trainings:
    Airline Finance Management, Airline Revenue Management, Maintenance Reverse Management, Fleet Planning and Project Management

Preferred countries

  • 1. Germany | Munich
  • 2. Denmark | Copenhagen
  • 3. Ireland | Bublin

Language skills

  • english: excellent
  • :
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