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Sertac from
  • Sertac From Turkey
  • Building architects
  • Lives in Kazakhstan
  • Looking for work in Germany | Sweden | Finland
Employer: For personal data please contact us with the Applicants-ID: 16842


I have international experience in different countries and with different companies.I am still in the position of manager in my own company.
I have been managing my own company for 7 years and I had been also a distributor of European companies.I had been to many european countries on business many times during this period. I am absolutely certain that I will have no adjustment problems in Europe.


  • Name of profession:
    Building architects
  • Name of latest business sector:
  • Latest occupation/title:
  • Latest main activities:


  • Completed education:
  • Title or Qualification:
    Bachelor of Architecture
  • Specialisation:
  • Additional trainings:

Preferred countries

  • 1. Germany
  • 2. Sweden
  • 3. Finland

Language skills

  • english: well
  • german: reasonable
  • Russian: well