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Kasim from
  • Kasim From Turkey
  • Industrial and production engineers
  • Lives in Turkey
  • Looking for work in Germany | Germany | Germany
Employer: For personal data please contact us with the Applicants-ID: 16829


Dear authorized;
In the case of being in your country especially being benefit for you in a certain company makes me really excited. Beside this expression of my desire, let me tell abour myself more.
The department I have studied in Yildiz Technical University which is one of most popular university in Turkey during the training period provides me with the
training infrastructure so that I can work in certain positions of companies. I have tried to
make continuous research and self- motivation, and analytical thinking skills.
As I am about to mention, my training was carried out by the following companies;
? BSK Havaland?rma Ekipmanlar? A.S (Production Planning Intern)
? Karadeniz Holding (Planning Intern)
? KuveytT


  • Name of profession:
    Industrial and production engineers
  • Name of latest business sector:
    Lc waikiki (Clothes Retail)
  • Latest occupation/title:
    International Store Merchandising and Planning
  • Latest main activities:
    Analysing the data that comes from each country that the company works in, regardingly making decisions about the amount, budget, logistics, price etc. about the products that will be sold in that specific country.


  • Completed education:
  • Title or Qualification:
    Industrial Engineering
  • Specialisation:
    Manufacturing and Retail Planning
  • Additional trainings:

Preferred countries

  • 1. Germany | Dortmund
  • 2. Germany | Frankfurt
  • 3. Germany | Stuttgart

Language skills

  • english: excellent
  • : reasonable
  • Turkish: excellent