Blue Card Application Procedure

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    • Blue Card Application Procedure

      Dear Forum member!!
      I have a question! I am a non EU (Asian)
      I have a job offer from a German company.
      I understand the procedure well,but i have few questions
      1) Should I make separate application to EU blue card ? or will my work permit application considered automatically for the EU Blue card ? Should the EU blue card be mentioned in Job contract and should anything be done from employers side?
      2) I will come under skilled profession, So the threshold will be 34995 Euro. But my questions is , If I will get Gross 2600 euro for first 3 months (probation) and then Gross ;2740 Euro for next 9 months. From second year, I will get Gross ;2740 euro per month. Apart from that, I will also get a annual bonus of about 800 - 1500 Euro one time in a year. Also I get trainings, travel reimbursements. Will I be eligible for EU blue card?
      3) How to calculate Gross Yearly income from Gross Monty income. I have to include Bonus and other things also.
      4 Is there any minimum salary that a ;foreigner must earn to get a work permit.? Will I be eligible for this blue card. I am interested in this and any help would be highly appreciated
      Thanks in advance!