Same education and job for Blue card

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    • Same education and job for Blue card

      Hi to all,

      I have an specific situation so If someone can confirm if is possible to get an Blue Card
      based on this data:

      I have an job offer as Software developer for a sallary of 40K brutto but.....

      My education is

      1. Technical school for electricity techinican
      2. Faculty for architecture, MA degree approoved as H+ dyplom (FH) or Univ. in Germany.

      Is this mather if Job and education is different to get an Blue card
      I see no descriptions anywhere if this is mandatory.
      only is important to get contract for at least 39K and have High education from MINT category.
      Am I right or someone has different experience or opinion?

    • Hi all,

      I have a 6+ years of work experience as software testing engineer in non-EU country, but I don't have university degree in MINT (got a bachelor degree in another domain in no German university).
      1. Do I understand correctly, that in case I will earn less than 39k per year, the only way to get a Blue card for testing engineer job is as "Specialist in information and communication technology"?
      2. If yes, do I have to confirm somehow my qualification? In what way?

      Thanks in advance,