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    • Hi!
      My name is Thaer from Syria , i am a graduated doctor and i work in an university hospital in Damascus. do well with Deutsch language and too close to get the B2 certificate. i will be in Germany at 06 \2016 as a training period for three monthes. my Q is : if i get a job in a hospital with the required salary while i am in Germany, can i then submit a formal request to get the blue card in the immigration office ?
      How much time does it require until i get the bluecard ?
      Do i need Occupation permission anymore? or the bluecard will be enough then? if i get the bluecard while i am in germany , can i stay and begin my new work without going back again to the German embassy in my country? ( i will be in germany with a Schengen Visa)
      By the way : the german embassy in syria is closed now ,so we go to the Jordanian one.