Citizenchip prozess changes

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    • Citizenchip prozess changes

      here my sitiation. I have applied for German citizenship in February 2015 in Düsseldorf. Due to job change and birth certificate hassle, it
      took more than 12 months to accept the application and go further. In Septembere
      2015, I got a letter that my case is forwarded to another authority for decision. I know that it may take
      6-8 weeks after this letter to get the "Einbürgerungszusicherung". But due to some personal reasons I have to vacate my current apartment in Düsseldorf and moving to Berlin by the end of Oktober. So does it affect this complete process or shall I delay the Anmeldung in new place up to 2-3 weeks?.<br>What do you think?
      Yours Jason