Finding a job

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    • Finding a job

      my name is Natasa. I am from Serbia, and currently I am in Germany finishing my master studies in Law (European Legal Practice LL.M), witch will be in October this year. Since I would like to stay and work in Germany, I filled in the application form here on website, and I 'm interested if it enough fo applying for the Blue Card? Or I need to do something more?
      I still dind 't find any of companies I could work for, so that is the reason why I didn't complete the second that refers to employers. What is the procedure then in finding a job and getting the Card? Thank you in advance
    • Hi,
      you only need to fill in the form which refers to the employer, if you have found one. If you haven' t a job offer, you let the employer-form empty.
      Most important to find a job here in Germany ist to fill in your data form with your detailed cv! This, of course, is not a guarantee to get a job offer, but right step. Many of the applicants, who put their cv here in our site hav got a job offer after a few weeks.
      But believe me, your curriculum vitae here should realy be correct and accurate and detailed!
      In my case it lasted three months until a compony contacted me.