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    Wrote a comment on APOLINARIO’s wall.

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    Dear all

    I paid the 60 euros over 10 days ago and so far my job seeking service was not authorizied yet. Can you please help me on that?
  • digneous -

    Posted a new thread: Work authorization and work limits for dependents of EU Blue Card Holder

    I have recently moved to Dusseldorf from the US with my spouse who is currently an EU Blue Card holder. As a dependent, I have also received a German Residence permit valid for 4 years and as far as my understanding goes, I now have a valid work…
  • Alan HS -

    Posted a new thread: 25/2

    Hello, I have an asylum title in Germany 25/2. I think I have fulfilled all needed conditions to apply for Blue card, but I am not really sure if the current residency type I have is better than blue card or worse. Could anyone please explain me which…