Pankaj Kumar from South Sudan applies for Blue Card Germany

Mechanical engineers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Tristar Enegry Ltd. Latest occupation/title: Project Engineer Latest main activities: Jet A1 & Diesel tank installation, construction supervision with steel fabrication & site supervision


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: BSc. in Mechanical Engineering Specialisation: Steel structure fabricaion, Industrial machine erection, power plant, oil and gas sector Additional trainings: Industrial proffessional training

Preferred countries:

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Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Hindi => well

Personal note /detailed application:

To Purpose a challenging career in a dynamic organization where the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and experience will be available for professional career development.
?Market search, sales and direct site supervision of more than 170 ( One Hundred & Seventy) new industrial pre-fabricated steel building projects for ceramic industries, spinning mills, knit composite, dyeing, cement mills, jute mills, garments etc.
Market search, sales and direct site supervision of 9 (nine) projects for industrial heavy machine and generator erection, installation works, 2 ( two) nos. 50 MW power-plant electro-mechanical erection works.

Scope of works
1.Market search
2.Contact with the respective clients
3.Estimation and offer preparation for the offers
4.All necessary documentation preparation like machine layout with proper building design according to the requirements
5.Preparation of construction and erection work schedule
6.Negotiation directly with the clients on behalf of my company
7.Construction Supervision
8.Installation Supervision
9.Erection Supervision
10.Supervision of Machine Commissioning

A few list of my valuable clients whose works had been done by turn- key basis :
1.Gramtech Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing & Garments Industries Ltd.( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
2.RAK Ceramic (BD) Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
3.Cemex Cement (BD) Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
4.Fu-wang Ceramic Ind. Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
5.Afroz Spinning Mills Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
6.Saturn Textile (BD) Ltd. ( Machine electro-mechanical erection)
7.Square Pharmaceuticle Ltd. ( Machine electro-mechanical erection)
8.Energy Prima (BD) Ltd. ( 2(two) nos. 50 MW power-plant electro-mechanical erection)
9.SNZ Plastic ware Ind. Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
10.FM Yarn Dyeing Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
11.Dallas Fashions Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
12.Fahim Marble & Granite Ind. Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building & Machine electro-mechanical erection )
13.Knit concern Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
14.Janata Jute Mills Ltd. ( Supply of Crane and steel building)
15.Samsuddin Cotton Mills Ltd. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
16.Amir Group ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
17.Anlima Group ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building )
18.Aman Feed Mills Ltd. (Pre-fabricated Steel Building and feed mill erection works with piping)
19.UNMISS, South Sudan

Marital Status: married 1 child (08.03.2008)
Education: 1995 - 2000: Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ( CGPA 3.06 out of 4.0, equivalent to 1st Class)
1991 - 1993: Notre dame College, Higher Secondary Examination ( 78% marks) 1991: Chandpur Hasan Ali Govt. School, Secondary Examination ( 78.5% marks)
Language Capability: Bengali (mother tongue);
English (good in speaking and writing); (IELTS General Category Score on dated 04.12.2010 is 6.5 ) Hindi(fair in speaking and understanding)
Computer Proficiency: Good knowledge with MS Word, Excel, Power-point, AUTOCAD, Photoshop and all other necessary official computing knowledge.

Overseas Experience: Tristar Energy Ltd., South Sudan. (A concern of Tristar Group, Dubai), Dealing with the supply of liquid logistics ( Diesel and Jet-A1) to UNMISS, South Sudan.

Multinational Experiences: Worked with UK, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Indian, Thai Companies in Bangladesh region.
Now working with UNMISS in South Sudan.

Expected Salary: 6000 USD
Availability: 30 days after the confirmation letter

Summary of Experience:
9 years of professional experience in the industrial pre-fabricated steel building fabrication and erection, as well as in Civil Construction Supervision. Our company used to supply pre-fabricated steel building for new industrial companies on turn-key basis. Supervised more than 170 industrial buildings from 5000 SqM to 17800 SqM.
3 years of professional experience in the industrial gas-generated power-plant electro-mechanical erection works and pipe line fabrication and installation works. Our company provided the turn-key solution for electro-mechanical erection works for two 50 MW Power Plant ( gas-based) in Bangladesh.
Now working with UNMISS, South Sudan, dealing with the construction of Diesel and Jet-A1 fuel tanks, and related civil and Pre-fab Buildings construction.

08/2000 – 02/2002 Powermann (Bd) Ltd. : Sales & Maintenance Engineer ( Industrial Generator & Sub-station supply)
02/2002 – 07/2004 SBE SteelCo Ltd. : Site Engr. ( Pre-fabricated Steel Building)
12/2004 – 10/2007 Nirman Koushali Pre-Engineered Steel Structures Ltd., Bangladesh : Project Manager. ( Planning & Operation)( Pre-fabricated Steel Building)
11/2007 – 09/2012 Elite Design (ED)& Engineering Consultancy Services (ECS), Bangladesh : Sr. Project Manager ( Planning & Operation)( Industrial Construction, Pre-fabricated Steel Building, Interior-exterior decoration works)
10/2012 – Till Tristar Energy Ltd., South Sudan ( a concern of Tristar Group, Dubai) : Project Engr.( Working with UNMISS, construction supervision of Jet-A1 and Diesel Tanks foundation and other related works, Pre-fabricated Buildings and civil construction)


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