Sherif from Egypt applies for Blue Card Germany

Systems analysts

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Name of profession: Systems analysts Name of latest business sector: Telecommunications Latest occupation/title: System Integration Consultant Latest main activities:


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Computer Science Specialisation: Computer Science Additional trainings:

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Personal note /detailed application:

• 4+ years of experience in Telecom BSS/OSS Solutions including Development, Analysis, Integration and Support.
• Participated in 6 successful Telecom Projects in 3 countries in MEA region.
• 5+ years of development experience using Java, C#, C++ & Oracle PL/SQL.
• Very good experience with Shell Scripting, Solaris & Linux.
• Ability to adapt customer business needs & requirement in professional way.
• Excellent communication and team working skills, Self-motivated and very fast learner.

• Telecom BSS/OSS Solutions
• Revenue and Business Assurance Solutions
• Mediation, Rating, Billing, Interconnect, Order Management, CRM, WF& Order fulfillment
• Usage Control, Platform Integrity, Rating Validation
• Telecom Systems Analysis, Support, Integration and Configurations
• Software Engineering, SDLC & ITIL
• Java, Oracle, Solaris & Linux

• B.Sc. in Computer Science 2007
• Faculty of Computer & Information Sciences – Ain Shams University - Egypt
• Department of Computer Science
• Total Grade: Good

Professional Experience

System Integration Consultant – WeDo Technologies Egypt
• Feb 2012 – Present (10 Months)
• Job Description
o Working in Usage Control and Platform Integrity through applying customer business rules and insuring accurate CDR manipulation, processing and unified customer profile on all integrated systems.
o Working in Etisalat Project
o Implementing Platform Integrity Module which validates the integrity between BSCS, HLR, RADIUS, NTS, CCDB, CRMD, PCRF and MCN.
o Applying the required transformations and enrichment for each system as per Etisalat business rules.
o Configuring the Loading and Validation flows
o Raise the suitable alarm for each mismatch that is found.
o Building a rich web user interface and dashboard through which the analyst can analyze the raised alarms and inspect the various KPI's and loading statistics.
o Working in Mobinil Project
o Implementing Usage Control module which validate the accuracy of the FCC Mediation system in Mobinil
o Job Type: Full Time

Support/Development Team Leader – NTG Clarity Networks Inc. Egypt
• Apr 2011 – Feb 2012 (11 Months)
• Job Description
o Working as Support TL for Etisalat Misr Project
o Working on site with the customer to assure smooth operation and to provide any required support and as a communication point between Etisalat and NTG applying the SLA for the production issues.
o Involved in the Requirement collection and business analysis for new projects and CRs in the Workflow engine, CRM and OM
o Providing support for the integration layer between NTS and Etisalat Systems including Billing, Radius, CSS and TT
o Making sure that the new CRs and fixes meets the customer needs.
o Responsible for the deployment and handover for new releases
o Working as Team Leader in Etisalat Misr
o Working as on site team leader responsible for enhancing the NTS Routing Engine performance to be able to fulfill Etisalat growing requirements
o Responsible for the delivery of the enhanced engine and customer satisfaction
o Responsible for applying the enhancement plan which contains archiving plan, enhancing engine performance and adding more audit options
• Job Type: Full Time

Senior BSS/OSS Solution Engineer – NTG Clarity Networks Inc. Egypt
• Sep 2010 – Apr 2011 (9 months)
• Job Description
o Working as senior developer for Etisalat Misr Project responsible for fixing some performance issues
o Working as Technical Integration analyst and business analyst with Vodafone Egypt
o Working in New Site Rollout project with Vodafone which is an OSS project responsible for managing Vodafone sites, connections and communicating with Network Management Systems
o Responsible for the integration between NTS and other Vodafone Network Management Systems such as Ericsson, Alcatel and Huawei
o Working as Technical Integration Analyst at Mobily KSA
o Responsible for the integration between NTS and other Mobily platforms such as Provisioning Adapters, OSS Adapters, ERP System for both warehouse and finance, Payment Gateways, EAI ( Enterprise Application Integration) which is a business middle ware layer working as backbone of the entire architect and assuring integrated and accurate functionality
o Gathering all the requirements and designing all the interfaces between NTS and all other Mobily modules
o Working as Senior Solution Developer in NTS project for Mobily KSA
o Implementing the integration layer between NTS and the Provisioning Adapter for provisioning WiMAX Services and the OSS Interface for provisioning Data Services throw IBM Message Queue
o Responsible for apply Mobily business to NTS and customizing the required parts
o Playing a team leader role for the integration tasks
• Job Type: Full Time

BSS/OSS Support Engineer - Motorola Bahrain
• Feb 2009 – Sep 2010 (1 year 8 months)
• Job Description
o Member of the development & deployment team of iBOSS (Integrated Billing and Operation Support System) Project delivered to MenaTelecom by Motorola as its Main Operation and Billing Support System
o Working as OSS Operation Engineer responsible for the availability, deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting for IBOSS Servers
o Responsible of enhancing Interconnect Mediation and Rating performance
o Enhancing DB overall performance throw partitioning some tables and fine tuning bad or complex queries considering DB memory, IO and CPU Utilization
o Responsible for meeting the customer business requirements by communicating with the IBOSS development team providing the necessary information to enhance the system
o Responsible for running the Billing cycles and assuring the accuracy of the Billing engine considering customer billing rules
o Responsible for applying new price plan for both retail and interconnect operators
o Responsible for configuring new operators for the interconnect module and performing the test for the CDR’s to assure correct billing
o Changing the logic or adding a new one of the billing engine to enable new services addition/customization or unusual billing cases
• Job Type: Full Time – Out sourcing from NTG Clarity Egypt

Java Developer – NTG Clarity Networks Inc. Egypt
• Jul 2007 – Feb 2009 (5 months)
• Job Description:
o Working as Java EE Developer using EJB2 and Oracle DB
o Member of the development team of iBOSS (Integrated billing and operation support system) project delivered to Motorola
o Participating in developing the mediation Engine which receives CDRs from different sources
o Participating in developing Rating engine for both retail and interconnect, warehouse module, OM, VoIP and NIC module
o Working in NTS (Network Telecom System) Project and managing and working in many system modules such as Mediation, Rating, Interconnect Billing, Order Management, Store Management, Network Management, Trouble Management and VOIP
• Job Type: Full Time


• Etisalat, Egypt
o Providing RAID, Revenue Assurance solution including Usage Control, Platform Integrity and Rating Validation Module
• Mobinil, Egypt
o Providing RAID, Revenue Assurance solution including Usage Control and Platform Integrity modules
• Etisalat, Egypt
o Providing the Work Flow engine as the core engine for the Broadband department regarding the data services Integrating with all Etisalat Systems
• Vodafone, Egypt
o A solution for Vodafone site management and Network inventory
• Mobily, KSA
o Providing complete Telecom solution for Mobily Wholesale customers Billing, CRM, OM, SM, WF & Provisioning for data services
• Menatelecom, Bahrain
o A complete Telecom solution, Billing, Mediation, Rating, IC, CRM, OM, TT, WF & Provisioning for WIMAX voice and data services

Technical Experience

Programming Languages
Professional experience with
• Java, Shell Scripting
• Oracle PL/SQL,
• C#, Visual C++(MFC), Visual, Visual Prolog, X86 Assembly

Database Systems
Professional experience with
• Oracle 10G DB, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access

Programming Techniques
• Software Engineering, Data Structure
• Algorithms and problem solving
• Cryptography and Network security

Achievements and Training
• 2006: Developed internal system to InterMark Corp with 2
• 2006: Trained at BrightWorx for 2 months on 2, AJAX
• 2004: Took 4th place in the ACM Junior Contest FCIS-ASU

Soft Skills
• Ability to manage my time effectively, work under pressure
• Fast learner for the new technologies and Systems
• Excellent communication and Leadership skills

• Reading, Programming, Body Building


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