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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: OIL & GAS, ENERGY Latest occupation/title: ENGINEERING TECHNICAL LEADER Latest main activities: POWER PLANT, OIL & GAS, PDMS, PIPING, ENGINEERING


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY Specialisation: MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING Additional trainings:

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Currently working at GE India Technology Center, JFWTC, Bangalore(Nov 2010 onwards) as Engineering Technical Leader, Mechanical Auxiliaries: Technical Leader in Auxiliaries Engineering of Electric Motor & Steam Turbine driven Centrifugal Compressors for Oil & Gas global projects. Responsible for Foundation GA Layout of EM/ST driven Centrifugal Compressor Trains; preparation of Piping Line Specifications; Main Skid Piping (Isometrics, GA); Baseplate FEA Analysis & Optimization through ANSYS. Review of Engineering documents & drawings with Customers. Preparation of Technical Specifications, Technical Evaluation & Alignment of supplier offers with project requirements; Execution of auxiliaries engineering as per contractual requirement & delivery of engineering skids through suppliers. Lead Engineering cost out drives in the area of Steam Turbine auxiliaries to increase competitiveness in emerging markets. Partner with Indian Supply Chain to lead technical discussions with Indian suppliers for qualifications in GE approved vendor list through GE First Piece Qualification Process.

Alstom Projects India Ltd., Noida (Jan 2007-Nov 2010) as Lead Engineer, Steam Turbine Plant Arrangement & Piping Layout : Extensive hands-on experience in Piping & Layout of Steam Turbine Integral Systems in areas of Planning and Pipe routing for the following STG Integral systems through PDMS: Lube Oil System for ST Bearing (Alstom FAST Bearings), Control Oil System for ST Stop & Control Valves, Jacking Oil System, Gland Steam System, Turbine Drain System, Condensate & LP Admission Steam System, IP Bypass Control Oil System, Hydrogen Cooling System for Generators. Detailed Hanger & Support design and preparation of detailed drawings; Design & preparation of detailed drawing of Steel Structures for Turbine steam & oil pipes; Preparation of ST Integral Pipe & Support GA Drawings; Preparation of Piping Isometric drawings; Preparation of Turbine Connection pieces drawings in ASME as well as DIN standards. Conversant with International Standards on Power Piping – ASME B31.1, ASME B36.10/B36.19M, AWS D1.1, ASME TDP-1, ASME TDP-2.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., New Delhi (March 2000 - Jan 2007) as Senior Engineer, Cooling Water Systems Engineering : Conceptualization & preparation of P&ID for Circulating Water (CW) System, Auxiliary Cooling Water (ACW) System, De-Mineralized Cooling Water (DMCW) System, Service & Drinking Water System. Preparation of Design & Control Philosophy for CW, ACW, DMCW & PW systems. Design & Equipment Sizing Calculations for Pumps, Plate Heat Exchangers, Piping, Control Valves, Orifices; Sizing Calculations for Piping Thickness, Pipe Deflection, Pressure Drop in Pipe, Design Calculations for Cooling Tower (Induced Draft type), Open Channel Sizing, Sizing CW Pump House, Raw Water Pump House, Clarified Water Pump House. Preparation of GA drawings for CW Pump House, Clarified Water Pump House, Raw Water Pump House. Preparation of PG Test Procedures for Pumps, PHE, COLTCS & O&M Manual for various systems. Preparation of Technical Specifications for Condenser On Load Tube Cleaning Systems, Pumps, PHE, Cooling Towers; Pre-Bid technical evaluation of offers. Review of vendor drawings and documents for various equipment for supply, erection, and commissioning.

Indian Railways, DLW Varanasi (Sep 1998 – March 2000) as Junior Engineer, Engine Fabrication Shop.

Extensive travels & work experience with diverse nationalities (Germans, Swiss, French, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Canadians). Cognizance of cultural sensitivities in negotiation strategy.Multi-national team building- white water rafting, rappelling, slithering, & trekking.

Qualifications : Bachelor of. Technology
1994-1998 National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology, Ranchi, India; Ranchi University (scoring overall CGPA 7.22/10)


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