Amdeberhan from Ethiopia applies for Blue Card Germany

Education methods specialists

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Education methods specialists Name of latest business sector: University Lecturer Latest occupation/title: Mathematics Lecturer Latest main activities: Researcher, teacher and adviser


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Mathematics Specialisation: Mathematics and Science Education Additional trainings: Mathematics Science/Numerical Analysis

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Language skills:

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Personal note /detailed application:


• 2010-2012 University of Amsterdam, International Master in Mathematics and Science Education, ICT approach in education. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
• 2005-2007 Addis Ababa University, Masters degree in Mathematics Science
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
• 2000-2004 Addis Ababa University, Bachelor degree in Mathematics Science
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
• 1997-1998 Kotebe College of Teacher Education, Diploma in Mathematics Education
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• 2013 TEFL certification

Work Experience

• 12.01.2013-prsent Lecturer and researcher in Mathematics Department at Addis Ababa University
• 10.2012-11.01.2013 Educational programmer adviser WoodWard Ethiopia
• 02.2012-03.2012 Researcher and trainer on the use of ICT tools/GeoGebra for professional development in Kotebe College of Teacher Education
• 02.2011-04.2011 Researcher and teacher in ‘Fons Vitae Lyceum’ a secondary school Amsterdam (As internship) with support of ICT. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• 03.2008-08.2010 Information officer head under vice president office Addis Ababa of University
• 09.2007-08.2010 Lecturer in Department of Mathematics give courses Numerical Analysis I and II using C++,MatLab. Addis Ababa University
• 09.2009-10.2008 Trainer first year postgraduate student on the use of MatLab and SPSS, University of Addis Ababa
• 06.2006-09.2007 Project manager for the Data Analysis and Encoder using SPSS for Department of Education of Addis Ababa University project from Sweden
• 02.2005-09.2007 Graduate Assistance University of Addis Ababa
• 09.2004-01.2005 Secondary school mathematics teacher in Addis Ababa schools
• 09.1998-09.2000 Junior and senior secondary school mathematics teacher southern Ethiopia

Research Experience and Publication

• 2012 Tessema, A.A (2012). Teacher Educators’ Professional Development towards Educational Research in Student-Centered Instruction Supported by Dynamic Mathematics Software. Master Thesis (139 pages), submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Available at
• 2011 Students’ Understanding of the Limit Concept (Published): Elucidating master students’ understanding of the limit concept by observing their utterances, writing and gestures during task solving, and analyzing the characteristics of their mathematical thinking. Paper was also presented in the 35th International Conference of Psychology of Mathematics Education as a short oral communication.
o Reference: Ayeligne A., Demir, Ö. (2011). Students’ Understanding of the Limit Concept. In B. Ubuz (ed.), Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Psychology in Mathematics
o Education (PME35), Volume 1 (p. 284). Ankara, Turkey: Middle East University.

• 2011 Tessema, A. A. (2011). Trigonometry can be interesting. Inquiry based teaching with a support of ICT tools. Winter Project, MMSE, AMSTEL Institute, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam.


• Netherland fellowship program(NFP): Funded my master study in Amsterdam with an amount of € 47987 by Nuffic on behalf of Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, 2010 – 2012

• Addis Ababa University advanced diploma scholarship funded my undergraduate study in department of Mathematics, 2001/02-2004/05

Other professional certifications, technical skills and Knowledge
• Develop curriculum material
• Design training materials, workshop material, teaching guides, manuals, construct applets and designing lesson activities
• Write funding project proposal, develop concept note, managing project
• Develop instructional material for the practice of student-centered instruction with the support of ICT
• CCNA Certificate at Addis Ababa university
• Networking, Web page Design Certificate
• Knowledge of c++ programming, MatLab, SPSS ,etc...
• Ms office software, word , Excel, power point
• Technical troubleshooting i.e. computer maintaining skill Certificate


• Amharic Native speaker

• English Advanced

• Dutch Beginner


• Ton A.L.Ellermijer (Prof)
o University of Amsterdam
o CMA institute director (Foundation Center for Microcomputer Application)
o +31207600920
o Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• Mery Beth Key (PhD)-Instructor and master research adviser
o University of Amsterdam
o Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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