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Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: SEMICONDUCTOR Latest occupation/title: TECHNICAL SUPPORT Latest main activities:


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Specialisation: ELECTRONICS, ENGINEERING, NETWORKING Additional trainings: DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS

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Electronics Engineer with 20+ years Semiconductor, PVD Coating, Field Service and Commissioning experience

Career Profile:
• Expertise in Service, Installation of Semiconductor Wafer Systems equipment
• Customer Technical Support for various modules of Semiconductor Wafer Equipment, Test and Measurement for regions covering Asia, Europe and the US
• FAB Clean Room Operations, includes Lithography, Vacuum, Yield Enhancement, Defect Inspection, Lot Disposition
• Participate in projects to drive down costs and increase systems uptime

Core Competencies:
• Manage Customer Satisfaction
• Execute quality repairs and qualifications on equipment, upgrades, preventive maintenances, manage escalations
• Perform Best Known Methods (BKM’s) making use of Knowledge Management Systems in compliance with IP guidelines
• Follow checklists, safety procedures, schematics, identify, forecast bottlenecks take corrective measures, avoid/minimize delays impact
• Apply diagnostic techniques, use of Test and Measuring equipment to fix technical issues
• Demonstrated ability to work long hours in Clean Room under pressure acquiring fluency in service of Vacuum, Nanoscale imaging, Digital Electronics, High voltage, ATE Equipment, Failure Analysis
• Manage resources on site for prompt delivery of project ensuring total customer satisfaction

Professional Experience:

1. ASML Singapore: Tech Support Dec’10 ~ Aug ’12
• Tech Support for Twinscan Litho Systems
• Handle escalations for Singapore Install base customers
• Work closely interface with multi unction teams, contractors for modifications projects
• Attending various training to improve skill competencies and help reduce system downtime

2. Applied Materials: Sr. Service Engineer Jun ’08 ~Nov ’10
• On Site Start-up, Service of Thin film PVD equipment for Substrate (Glass) Paper and Solar applications.
• Start up and deliver coating system worth USD $15 mn, exposure to PLC’s and drives
• Work closely interface with multi function teams, system associated vendors, contractors for
Completion of Commission projects

• Improve 8% System Cycle time by reducing pump down time achieving faster rate of vacuum
• Implement fast speed conveyor system to improve customer productivity by 14%

3. KLA Tencor : Remote Engineer, Nov ‘05~Apr ‘08
• Service and Install E-Beam Wafer Inspection systems
• Troubleshoot, Diagnose, pool resources to Fix technical and other related issues on field
• Manage Customer Satisfaction and Deliverables through Pre-Activity Meeting, Routine Update

• Increase Wafer Handler speed to reduce Wafer Inspection System Cycle by 30% on a monthly production basis not compromising on Wafer Defects Inspection

4. Global Foundries Manufacturing: Equipment Engineer Feb ‘05~Nov ‘05
• Clean Room Operations, Yield Enhancement, Equipment Technical support Wafer Defect, Review, Inspection, Product and Process, lot yield analysis and disposition using BKM system tools
• Defect Management, trouble shoot root cause of contamination, System health checks, preventive maintenance and calibrations of Inspection Tools

• Modify product recipes to improve defect capture rate

5. Philips-FEI : Customer Service Engineer Feb ‘01~Nov ’04
• Service Account management, Solve customer issues relating to cross section imaging, nanoscale resolutions, X-Ray analysis
• Technical Service of Failure Analysis equipment Scanning Electron and Transmission Electron Microscope (SEM and TEM), contract sales management, Preventive Maintenance, Software upgrades, spares management

• Implement heating system to improve cooling efficiency of Water Chiller for cooling water system

6. Hewlett Packard Tech Specialist Sept ’96~Nov ’99 Agilent Technologies: Customer Service Engineer Nov ‘99~Jan ’01
• Lead and motivate team of Technical Specialists for Print Cartridge manufacturing
• Equipment included to name some RF Plasma Asher, Wafer Inspection (Nikon), Wafer Dicing, Bonding equipment, E-test, generate ISO documentation and train personnel
• Service, Calibration, Software Upgrade of Test & Measurement, Life Sciences Instruments to name a few Precision Bench Digital Multi-meters, Power Supplies, Spectrum and Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes.

• Achieve and maintain annual equipment downtime target of 0.5% with involvement in projects to increase yield and reduce cycle time and rejection.
• Modify Wafer Inspection Monitoring Systems by multiplexing thereby saving on Peripherals
• SPC project to monitor quality on Bonder
• Incorporate inline E-testing of thermal head assemblies
• Introduce software steps test procedure for a 12% reduction in T & M testing cycle time

7. National Semiconductor : Test Engineer Jul’92 ~ Sep’96
• Final Test Engineer on fully computerized ATE (Automated Test Equipment) for Electrical Testing of Packaged Semiconductors ( Integrated Circuits )
• Qualify Device lots, ATE to maximize yield
• Wafer Probing, Fix ATE, Handler technical issues, lot analysis and disposition
• Run regular calibrations, System checks preventive maintenance

Achievements :
• Modify test programs, test interface hardware to improve yield and test cycle time

8. Thermax Ltd. : Electronics Engineer Apr’84~Jun’92
• Maintenance in charge of Passive Component Manufacturing Plant
• Chief responsibility for Laser Trimmer
• Service, maintain Production systems and plant utilities
• Run regular calibrations, System checks preventive maintenance

Achievements :
• Developed integrated component packaging system to improve final packaging to customer with benefits of accurate and faster packaging. Mechanical system replaced by Electronics
• Modify Laser trimmer to improve production performance and speed

9. SAJ-Froude Ltd. : Electronics Engineer Jan’83~Mar’84
• Production of Electronics for Automotive Vehicle Engine Test System
• Microprocessor based Electronics


1. Bachelor of Information Technology (Major in Electronics), University of Western Sydney 2003

2. Diploma in Computing, University of Western Sydney 2001

3. Diploma in Electronics, Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, India 1983


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