Dragan from Serbia applies for Blue Card Germany

Computer network professionals

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Name of profession: Computer network professionals Name of latest business sector: Public Enterprise Latest occupation/title: Network Consultant Latest main activities: Network Security


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Ms.Sc.E.E Specialisation: Telecommunications Additional trainings: SANS GSEC certified professional

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Summary of Skills

Computer Networks skills:

- LAN switching
- WAN technologies (g703, Frame Relay,GPRS/EDGE,Modem Serial link,ISDN etc.)
- Routing protocols (BGP,EIGRP, IS-IS,OSPF,RIP2)
- Security(Pix Firewall Cisco 525, failover configuration, ASA)
- VPN client and IPSEC Site to Site configuration
- Network troubleshooting
- MRTG monitoring software
- NetCool monitoring software
- SNMP protocol
- Linux Red Hat distribution
- Windows XP, Windows 7

Embedded design skills:
- Design schematic in OrCad
- rs232,rs485,I2C, PC parallel port protocols, TCP/IP
- Programming language C/C++,Assembler, Pascal, Fortran
- RTOS Linux, DOS
- Design PCB boards in software package OrCad PCB Layout
- Wireless 802.11 b/g
- Gprs, EDGE, 3G technology
- SMPS design, development board for monitoring SMPS
- Using measurement instrumentation: osciloscop, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer
- Knowledge of principles of negative feedback
- Amplitude and Phase Bode diagrams analyze
- Impulse and Digital Electronics circuits and principles
- Digital filter design
- Linear electronics(filters design)
- Worked with Microchip PIC 16F84 , Atmel 89C51, Atmel AT8535, ATmega32 risc family microcontrollers.
- Assembler programming language for those microcontrollers
- BACK IPC Gmbh development board programming SNMP protocol
- Acquisition board design, with many different sensors


Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia, March, 2000
Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering

2000 - Graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Department for Electronics, Telecommunications and Control Systems, major: Telecommunications, Final examinations: 10
Graduate Thesis: ”Coupling of Incremental Optical Encoder with Enhanced Parallel Port”, Supervisor: Professor Milan Prokin, PhD of EE (used ALTERA FPGA)

Faculty Projects
- “ Development of Digital Systems”:
Electronic Lock with Extended Options, hardware- m Controller: PIC 16F84 Software Package: MPLAB, Windows 98 platform, Programming Language: Assembler for u Controller: PIC 16F84. Supervisor: Prof. Dragan Vasiljevic, PhD. of EE
- “Development of Electronic Systems”:
Electronic Board for Electronic Lock with Extended Options, Software Package: Protel for Windows . Supervisor: Prof. Dragan Vasiljevic, PhD. of EE

Other certificates:
SANS GSEC Certified Professional (


POST OF SERBIA, Belgrade, Serbia
October 2005- present
Department of Information Technology and Telecommunication
Network department Consultant
• Responsible for connecting new users to the internet and configure network equipment (routers,switches etc.).I managing internet network and post network, controlling traffic, number of connected users.
• Managing MRTG linux software package
• Connecting leased line user to the internet
• Configuring Cisco ASA and control rights for access(access lists)
• Configuring VPN
• Configuring Cisco 2950, 2970,3550 Catalyst switches, routers Cisco 7500, 7206, 3640, 3660 and core routers 7600
• Configuring BGP peering with others ISPs.
• Configuring GPRS/EDGE/3G routers
• Working with AAA Cisco ACS version 5.2

Embedded hardware and software designer, 2001-2005

-Develop sheet for acquisition data from PABX OMNIG using FIFO memory and Atmel controller 89C51.
-Develop sheet of memory card whit 256 KB for PABX GTD1000.
-Working on the project tone card using FPGA XILINX OrCAD.
-Develop power supply monitory card with extended option.
-Development microcontroller device for controlling switching power supply (ATMEL 89C8535).
-Development microcontroller device for controlling switching power supply (ATMEL ATMEGA32L).
-making some changes in switching power supply power factor correction circuit(Unitrode 3854).
-making some changes in fly back converter using VIPER100.
-Development SNMP agent for monitoring switching power supply over LAN network.
- Development software in C language under Linux operating system for communication with UPS custom design. I also developed hardware for rs232 communication between UPS and PC.
- Accelerometer card interfaced with PC EPP port.

GALENIKA A.D, Belgrade, Serbia 2000-2001
Engineer for measurement electrical and no electrical values
- Servicing automatic engines for medicaments production.



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