Arsen from Armenia applies for Blue Card Germany

Information and communications technology installers and servicers

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1996–1999 System engineer-analyst

National Seismic station
? Data assembly
? Devices monitoring
? Providing of uninterrupted system work
? Analyze devices work
? Remove devices faults
? Planning and assembling the cabling system
? Providing of uninterrupted work of computer systems and Internet
? Remove devices faults
? Installation of programs
2001-2002 Designer

Design Office

? Creating of Booklet, calendar, visiting cards, Book-covering, Billboards etc
? Choosing and ordering corresponding of technical devices
? Installation of program and OS
2001–2002 Teacher

Computer service
? Teaching OS and other programs for operators
? Provide uninterrupted work of computer systems and printers
2002-2004 System administrator
“Credit-Yerevan” Bank

? Installation of computer technical devices and network
? Network systems monitoring
? Install and repair OS, programs, printer and other computer technics.
? Calculation of Internet Traffic
? Providing of Informational security
? Training stuff
? Set up, configuration, and support of internal and external networks
? Developing and maintaining all systems, applications, security, and network configurations
2004-2009 Technical director and System administrator

“Unibank” Bank

? Guiding stuff
? Configuring and monitoring network
? System administration of company-wide network
? Installing and maintaining system and application software and keeping patches up-to-date
? Choosing and ordering corresponding of technical devices
? Maintaining and coordinating the security of all company computer networks and hardware.
? Installation, upgrading and maintenance of all hardware and software.
? Technical support by phone
? Audit and Monitoring Network (approx 500 computers and 20 computers in 30 branches)
? Remote IT support (20 computers in 30 branches)
? Installation of computer technical devices and network
? Install and repair OS, program and other computer technics.
? Providing uninterrupted work of systems and printers
? Providing Informational security
Backup management based on Arc Serve
? Antivirus compliance
? Control and monitoring computers in branches via remote access
? Setup and maintaining mini-Phone station
? Installation Radio-modems
? Installation Video Control Server and camers
? Files collecting
? Setting up video control system
2009 up to now System administrator and adviser assistant director
Imex Group
? Develop policies on standardization of computer systems and equipment
? Configuring and monitoring network
? System administration of 4 company-wide network
? Repairing Old Server 2003 (Domain Controler)
? Installing Server 2008 (AD for 4 company, F&P Server, DNS, DHCP), Exchange 2007, Share Point 2007, Creating a company structure (By Script)
? Defining Group Policy
? Migration AD from 2003 platform to 2008
? Install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (defining policies, rules and maintenance) using Network (up to 500 computers)
? SAMBA/LDAP/DHCP/DNS Server installation
? Migration Server 2008 to Suse 11 (DNS, DHCP, Ldap, Samba) for 450 users, correction profile users.
? Remote It support
? Installing Acronis Backup Server, FTP-Server, Ntp Server, Terminal Serever
? Creation in Active Directory company infrastructure
? Virtual Xen Server
? Puppet server (analogue of the program Altiris)
? Apache server, HTML
1995–1999 Armenian Engineer University
Faculty of Information Technology

1. Operation systems
WINDOWS 95/98/me/2000/Server 2000/ Server 2003/XP, Server 2008, Widows7/8, Vista, Novell 3.5/4/5
Unix, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse 11, Mandriva, Red Hat 9, Solaris, Mac OS
Microsoft Office all, Visio, MS Project
2. Graphics Program
Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Premiere.
After Effect.
Corel Draw.
3D Max.
Particle Illusion and other program
3. Internet
Setting up Internet.
HTML, Dreamweaver 8, Macromedia Flash

From 1999-2001 I have served of Armed Force of Armenia.
Commander of line communication detachment


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