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Name of profession: Mail carriers and sorting clerks Name of latest business sector: Information Technology Latest occupation/title: PROJECT MANAGER Latest main activities:


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Mr Specialisation: Java, J2EE, PROJECT Management Additional trainings: PRINCE2, ITIL

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Current Role Description Project Manager , VB6 PhaseOut Project, TCS-BNPP IP Relationship

Experience Summary
A total of 11 years of IT experience
1) 6 years of Project management experience
2) 5 years of Delivery Experience across phase of SDLC
3) Business Analysis
4) Functional and Technical Design
5) Development and Unit Testing
6) Integration Testing , Delivery
7) Post Production Support
8) 4 years of parallel Pre-sales exposure

Technology Experience Java 1.4, EJB, XML, XSL
Software Java SDK, J2EE Servers(Weblogic, JBOSS) , Modelling Software(Enterprise Architecture), Microsoft Office
Hardware Windows 2000/NT/9x/XP, Sun Solaris, HP Unix.
Tools Project Management: MS Project, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Inhouse Reporting and Management tools(Client and TCS)
Test Management : Test Planning , Test Reporting
Design and Development: Eclipse,ARIS (Business Modelling Tool)
Quality Management ? Trained in TCS IQMS Processes. IQMS Is an Integrated Quality Framework covering Industry Quality Standards as ISO, TL 9000, CMMI etc .
Project Delivery Methods Following Project Methodologies have been used :
1) Modified Waterfall Model
2) Agile Delivery Model
3) Joint Application Design
Management Experience Experience in
Project scoping, SWOT Analysis, Stakeholder analysis, Vendor Management
? Project planning, Effort and Cost estimation, Resource allocation, Project approvals.
? Project execution, Project monitoring and Status reporting, Risk assessment and Mitigation.
? Change and Release Management processes
? Contracts, Work Order/Purchase Order processes, Budget vs Resource utilization Tracking and Reporting
? Experience in handling Development, Maintenance projects (Team size ranging from 5 to 50)
Pre-Sales Expertise in
? Business Proposal Response conceptualization(RFP Study, Customer Study, Competitor analysis, Org level SWOT analysis for the bid )
? Identify Bid Team , Prepare Bid Calender and drive the Core Solution for Response
? Prepare Proposal Response (Template and final) , Document Solution , Prepare Costing Model/Models
? Co-ordinate with Partner/Vendor Managers for finalization of Solution and Bill of Material
? Submit the Proposal, Prepare and Present Proposal Presentation
? Handover to Delivery (If a Project is awarded based on Proposal)
Business Development As part of Pre-Sales activities I have advanced on following area in various proposals (Technical and Business )
? Measure and enchance Business Benefits with IT as enabler
? Achieve faster Time to Market of new Products through Process Improvements
? Support Business via System performance Improvement.(Higher performance gives more capacity to handle larger sales requests)
? Minimize costs by initiatives in Integration Layers, automation, effective resource management, Offshore leverage and tools
Certifications :
1) Prince 2 Certified Practitioner
2) ITIL V3 Foundation Certified

Education Summary
Degree and Date Institute Major and Specialization
Bachelor of Engineering 1997-2001 GITAM College of Engineering, Andhra University, India Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Experience Profile – Key Projects

Project#1: VB6 Phase Out Project , Client : BNPP Paribas IP Duration: from Oct 2011 to till date
Work location : Brussels
Project Description:
VB6 Phase Out is a technical Migration Program in BNPP Paribas . The project is a technical migration from VB6 batches to AbInitio/Elementum graphs.The scope is To migrate the nearly 500 batches, BNPP IP will make use of a Service Provider. The service provider will reverse-engineer the existing VB6 batches and migrate them to Elementum/Ab Initio graphs using the full potential of Elementum. The Service provider will provide BNPP IP with the necessary documentation and code.

Role: Project Manager.
Primary Responsibilities: Project Management
BID, Proof of Concept and Contract Phase (Project Start up)
? Define and Assemble team for creating Proof of Concept for Technical Migration.
? Define the budget for Proof of concept
? Define the processes for Management
? Delivery Management - (Project Planning, Risk and Issue Management, Change and Release Management etc) . Global Networked Delivery Model execution, )
? Define templates for Project Management
? Monitor team progress to completion
? Provide POC results after completion
? Define the Contractual terms and Obligations from TCS.
? Review Cost Model, Payment Milestones, Penalties, Support cost, delay cost etc .
? Define and Discuss Quality Assurance Plan , Budget , End to End timelines and related Constraints
? Finalize the contract document with help of Sales and Legal Teams

Industrialization Phase( Project Steady State)
? Coordinate with Offshore Project lead for Setup Offshore Delivery Center and Onsite teams
? Coordinate with client in setup of Logistics ( Security Connectivity, machines for Offshore , Related Software )
? Define the Long term , Short term plan for the Project and walkthrough the client ( to Align Client resources)
? Laise with the client to get Project Plan approved
? Update Project plan , Project reports, Risk , Issue and Action register
? Track Progress of each batch as per Project Plan
? Track Defects per batch , Defect metrics ,Process improvement
? Set up , conduct Weekly status meetings and Send Weekly Status reports
? Follow up on actions in multiple meetings to closure
? Conduct Operations review meetings on Bi weekly basis
? Track Budget vs Expenditure and submit reports
? Identify and escalate risks on budget
Closure (at End of Releases)
? Send closure Report for each batch and start tracking with client on the UAT and Production deployment status
? Review the Delivery processes (Reverse Engineering, Forward Engineering and Testing ) and related metrics
? Identify lessons learnt and conduct Lessons Learnt workshops at end of each Release
? Review budget and Resource realization. Strategize to align expense with Resource Realization and provide the report to TCS Senior Management
Key Achievements :
• Brought Project with Steadystate phase in 2 months inspite of Logistic and resourcing issues
• Defined and deployed innovative processes to decease the cycle time per batch . Total Cycle time for a batch is reduced
• Defined and deployed a seamless feedback, implementation of lessons learnt and tracking mechanisms to improve customer experience and ensure deliveries are as per expectations of customer

Project#2: Test Factory , AXA Belgium Duration: from Jan 2010 to Sep 2011
Customer name: AXA – Insurance Belgium
Work location : Brussels India
Project Description:
• AXA Belgium offers Insurance products for Retail and Corporate Customers in Life and Non Life segments . Delivery Center for Testing is a dedicated division of AXA Belgium IT to do testing of all Software supporting Underwriting , creation, claims and other business aspects of Insurance offered by AXA . My role is to lead team size varying between 25 to 30 associates who collaborate DCT for testing the Software products for Insurance

Role: Project Manager -Test Factory
Primary Responsibilities:
Project Management
Analysis and Planning
? Facilitate workshops to understand the new Projects with Technical Heads of each Domain periodically (every 2 months or as and when needed)
? Assess and provide a analysis of capacity and Capability of Test Factory team to service the Testing needs of a domain
? Define a capacity Management plan and coordinate with offshore for team alignment and training needs
? Define and plan next 3 quarters of work - Milestones, Tasks and Deliverables.
? Define any additional roles and responsibilities for team
? Discuss Current Project Management Processes ( Project Planning, Project Reporting , Risk Management , Issue management, Capacity Management) and define or finetune the Process for better transparency and smooth Project Execution
? Coordinate with Client and Offshore Teamleads for Weekly Status meetings to asses Health of Individual projects
? Track and Control – TestIng Phases-Test Strategy, Test Planning , Requirements analysis , Test Scenario design , Test case design , Test Execution , Test closure for System testing and Integration Testing (in some cases)
? Co-ordinate - Onsite-Offshore teams, Interfacing teams and Third party vendors to have smooth handover and takeover of information .
? Identify Risks on a day to day basis and define enough buffer in plan and budget .
? Discuss with client on any changes in Plan and Re Publish
? Facilitate Meetings and close issues Between TCS and Client in case of any points of contention
? Prepare and provide Test Project reports to Stakeholders periodically
? Manage - Issues, risks, challenges and Change Requests
? Prepare Test Closure Metrics at Project Level and
? Coordinate with Teamleads to define the Lessons learnt , Areas of Process Improvement and areas of Knowledge Improvement
? Conduct TestClosure workshop for Lessons learnt , Key contributions and Areas of Improvement
? Check the consistency between Work Order , Effort spent , Effort billed and create adjustments as needed
? Provide a final recommendation to Heads of Technical Teams on Total Quality Assurance of individual products

Key Achievements:
? Defined and Deployed a streamlined process of capacity management and training leading to decrease in total unused capacity
? Defined and Deployed a roboust data collection process for TestCases and Defects . The resulting metrics from defect and Test Data have resulted in a cost saving of 5-10% for development teams.
? Ensured a well charted planning and took initiatives to improve the understanding of domain in the team . there by increasing the number of applications taken in scope of testing . TCS has delivered a 8% increase in productivity in 3 quarters

Project#3: Fixed Mobile Convergence Duration: from Aug 2008 to Dec 2009
Customer name: Cable and Wireless
Work location: BRACKNELL, Berkshire , U.K –Onsite
Offshore : TCS Chennai Office
Project Description:
• Cable & Wireless (C&W) procured a low-power ‘Guardband’ GSM license in 2006 from Ofcom and is bringing to market a mobile service - Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) during 2008.
• The service uses GSM connectivity in customer’s premises to provide in-building coverage, routing all these calls over the customer’s existing fixed data network. FMC IT Services are done by TCS.
• TCS handles three primary towers of IT –
? Provide (handling Order Management and Provisioning)
? Assure (Handling Fault Management and Reporting)
? Billing (Handling all billing activities).
My role in the Project is Project Manager handling Provide functions. Additionally i handled the task of Vendor Engagement Manager for FMC Program

Role: Project Manager & Vendor Engagement Manager

Primary Responsibilities:

Project Manager:

? Facilitate Workshops for Project Start up activities (Business Requirements discussion, Feasibility analysis etc).
? Liaise with solution designer and plan effort and schedule for Delivery.
? Prepare Project Plan with Milestones and Target Definition and track it to approval by all teams involved.
? Liaise with technical teams and draft Risk assessment and mitigation planning.
? Plan and align resources from all vendors involved for delivery.
? Track and control Project execution-Dev, Test (SIT, UAT) & Deployment.
? Track PO’s and Budget for team and third party vendors involved.
? Facilitate Transfer to Operations.

Vendor Engagement Manager:

? Track changes in Requirements for FMC and be part of Change Control Board.
? Liaise with Solution designer to discuss and Review Change Requests and decide on Vendors that need to be engaged.
? Discuss with concerned Vendors on cost and Effort estimate to arrive at a - best cost vs high quality option for C&W.
? Inform the vendors and manage Purchase Orders for Vendors for deliveries.
? Track the delivery from vendors on a timely basis and escalate as required.
? Approve Invoices for Vendors based on satisfied delivery.

Key Achievements:
? Took initiative to provide solutions for faster Time to Market .With the alternatives provided, C&W was able to launch products as per plan in spite of IT Implementation delays.
? Effective negotiations with Vendors and strict tracking of budget and delivery timelines resulted in a total saving of $200000 for C&W.

Project#4: Fiber To The Premise Duration: from Oct 2007 to Jul 2008
Customer name: British Telecom
Work location: OldStreet Office, London , U.K

Project Description:

• FTTP- FIBRE to the Premise is a completely New Product Offered by Openreach (a Subsidiary concern of British Telecom) .FTTP Provides high bandwidth Voice, Data and Media (IPTV) Services to End users with Optical Fibres as the backbone for the Last Mile instead of Twisted Copper pairs.

• The project is an initial study to assess the business requirements, Functional and Technical feasibility and Design. It deals with Business Analysis and defining Functional and Technical architecture for products dealing with Fulfilment and Assurance Aspects for FTTP.

• Project deliverables
o Functional & Technical Design Documents
o Projected Cost and Budget estimates of IT Implementation of FTTP.

Role: Project Lead –Business and Design Teams

Primary Responsibilities:

Project Lead Activities

? Involve in SWOT Analysis for various facets of FTTP Implementation.
? Facilitate JAD Sessions and workshops for new Business Product Requirements
? Prepare and submit Project plan with detailed task and deliverable information
? Track Milestones for - Review , Sign Off Business requirements , Functional and Technical Design
? Ensure Vertical and Horizontal traceability to Business, Functional and Non Functional Requirements with Technical Design
? Track and Execute planned Change Requests and tasks.
? Executed the Project within the defined budget and have submitted designs before timeline.
? The Design and assets created starting from Business Requirements to Implementation, received accolades.

Project#5: NIS Group of Projects Duration: from Jan 2007 to Sep-2007
Customer name: Cingular Wireless (AT & T), U.S.A
Work location: TCS Chennai One Office Chennai
Project Description:
• Network Information Systems (NIS) assumes an important Place In Cingular Wireless IT Roadmap and it serves to develop, test, maintain and enhance software related to Switches and corresponding call data.
• NIS group of Projects primarily deal with reporting Call Data Records and Events between Switches and reporting on SS7 Protocols.

Role: Project Manager
Primary Responsibilities:

Project Lead activities
? Perform and track Initial Feasibility analysis for new CR’s or Enhancement
? Check capacity of the team and provide an estimation of Effort and Timeline for an Enchancement
? Finalise Business Requirement Specification (BRS) and track it to sign off
? Define Risks and existing issues
? Define and arrange any training ( functional or Technical Training for Resources) for the team
? Define dependencies within he teams or with other teams.Mark handover points and handover process between teams
? Define collaboration model between other teams in the Project and execute HandOver Takeover as per agreed Process
? Conduct Design Reviews with Architects and get a sign off (Do the Technical Design for Java/J2EE Based projects)
? Track project Execution-Dev, Test (SIT, UAT,) and Deployment and Provide timely reports
? Took an Initiative to automate Development, Performance Tuning and Testing Processes for Network Protocols . This saved around 400 Manhours of effort and minimized process errors by 80% .
? Based on Requirements, fine-tuned Delivery process and Resource Management at Offshore. This resulted in a 10% cost advantage and approximately 20% decrease in defects(w.r.t previous deliveries)

Project#4: Reference Data Products and Axys Duration: from Jan 2003 to Dec-2006
Customer name: Cingular Wireless (AT & T), U.S.A
Work location: Cingular Wireless Office , Seattle WA, U.S.A
Project Description:
• AXYS Group of Products is a Suite of Applications for handling 2G Customer Services .These applications handle - Customer Care, Ordering , Managing Customer account etc . and interface with Billing System.
• Each Functionality further has its own application/set of applications, having AXYS Customer care as the common Front End.
• The Project deals with migration of AXYS applications to Java and Change/Enhancement Requests for AXYS Projects. The total Team strength is around 20 (varying) with 5 at Onsite and 15 at Offshore

Role: I handled various roles in this Project over a period of Three Years. Starting as Developer I have done the roles of Functional and Tech Lead, Project Lead
Primary Responsibilities:

Tech Designer/Developer:
? Prepare High level Technical Design for provided Functional Design
? Build and Unit Test Code.
? Support Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
? Performance Tuning and provide Design alternatives for better performance and faster bug free response

Functional Designer:
? Attend JAD Sessions and Prepare Functional Design Documents
? Conduct and Co-ordinate sessions with Technical Team to complete Technical Design
? Review Technical Design for Traceability with Requirements and Correctness and Completeness.
? Act as SME for the Project

Project Lead activities:
? Conduct Project Start-up meetings and Facilitate JAD Sessions
? Prepare Project plan, Resource Planning and track to approval
? Define Milestones and Targets for Change Requests and new Project Enchancements.
? Execute the Role of SME (Business and Technical For Axys Group of Projects)
? Track project Execution-Dev, Test (SIT, UAT,) and Deployment and Provide timely reports
? Took intiative to improve maintainability and stability of applications. A sustained 3 month effort has resulted around 40% decrease of Trouble Tickets
? Provided a sustained cost benefit of 10% Quarter on Quarter through
• Offshore Leverage
• Cross functional training amongst teams
• Effective Planning and Dynamic resource utilization
• Automation of Business and Technical processes

Project#4: OPUS [Order Processing Utility Service] Duration: from Sep 2001 to Dec 2002
Customer name: Qwest Communications Inc(TCS Chennai)
Work location: TCS TIDEL Park Office Chennai
Project Description:
• OPUS [Order Processing Utility Service] is an order management, middleware framework system consisting of three main components: Order Collection, Order Management and Order Forwarding.
• OPUS provides ability for any ordering system (web based, desktop clients or batch processes) to send ordering data to be processed and forwarded to BackOffice OSS/BSS.
• OPUS is built on J2EE platform and utilizes XML based data model for interacting with client and BackOffice systems. In addition to the order management functionality, OPUS provides middleware framework for bulk uploads and billing adjustments.

Role: Developer
Primary Responsibilities:
? Develop EJB’s for Order Processing (Stateless and Stateful EJB’s)
? Develop SQL Scripts for DB handling Database Functions
? Unit Testing for Developed Functionalities
? Integration Test Support and User Acceptance Test Support for Developed code
? Zero Post Production Defects for all deliveries
? Improved performance for OPUS after 2nd Production Roll out



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