Alireza from Iran applies for Blue Card Germany

Mechanical machinery assemblers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Mechanical machinery assemblers Name of latest business sector: IKCO- Iran Khodro Company Latest occupation/title: General Manager of mechanical maintenance at engine shop factory Latest main activities: CNC machine maintenance - calibration - spindle and electrospindle


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Mechanical Engineering - Specialisation: Design of solids Additional trainings: vibration analyses . turning machines - CNC programming

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | stuttgart 2. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | nortingen 3. Preferred country | region / city: France | Paris

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Farsi => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

I am 35 and have 11 years work skills
I graduated Mechanical engineer at 2001 from Bu alisina University in Iran.
After I work as a maintenance engineer in a cement factory "Shemal cement'. For two years. In that company I had been faced of so many instruments as every type of pumps, compressors, elevators, gearboxes, mill and crushers. After that I changed my work and went to the biggest car manufactory in Middle East "Iran Khodro". In this company I was started as a CNC maintenance engineer. I passed several courses in inside and out side of Iran. For example I had three trips to "Comau" company in France to educated doing programming and repair Urane machine. Urane is a centre CNC machine that used for cylinder head machining. And for one month passed course in Switzerland for maintenance electrospindle that use in every CNC machines. This moment I am general manager of mechanical maintenance at two biggest machineshop in Middle East. That one of them produces cylinder head with Comau machines and another product cylinder block with Krause & Mauser-a Germany company- CNC machine.
Another instrument in these lines from Switzerland, Germany, French and Italy like Gödel gantry , kuka, Mandelli, Maho, hekkert, Nagel, bayer, ateq, LPW,....
I have good knowledge them.
Courses I had passed:
1- Mechanical maintenance training course for Krause & Mauser machines from 03.05.2006 until16.05.2006
2- Fischer MFW-training including test station MFWS- 1709/24 VCS HSK-A63 PNP from 9 November - 9 December 2005 at Fischer AG Switzerland
3-Urane electrical & mwchanical maintenance from 28th february 2004 to 4th March 2005 at Castres -France
4- Vibration Technology from 04.10.2003 to 09.10.2003 at Tehran-Iran
5- MPF programming from 11-13th December at Comau-Castres - France
6- operating and maintenance of cleaning machines LPW from April 2007- February 2008
7- ML10 laser training held at IKCO by Renishaw 2th July 2008
8-QC10 Ballbar training held at IKCO by Renishaw March 2007
And so many experience in machine shop as Siemense 840D programming also I design and produce so many part machines for solving problems in production line



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