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Information and communications technology service managers

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Name of profession: Information and communications technology service managers Name of latest business sector: IT Security Latest occupation/title: Security Services Specialist (SME) Latest main activities: Firewall Administration, ENgineering, designing & planning across WAN Technology


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering Specialisation: Electronics Additional trainings: CCNA, CISP, ITIL

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Job Objective
To be a Networking and Information Security Specialist in an organization that provides opportunity and growth in the field of Networking and Information Systems Security seeking a position where Network Security and auditing will be the core responsibility.

Executive Summary
IT Professional with more than 8.4 Years of experience in Network & Information Security domain. Implementation of enterprise Firewall, IDS, Hardening of Critical Servers behind the DMZ. Self motivated with natural leadership traits and excellent communication skills.
Major role includes providing solutions, Implementation, configuration, troubleshooting & Fine Tuning of Firewalls & IDS, VPN configuration & log analysis.
Currently pursuing CISSP.

Professional Certification

Cisco Certified Network Associate.
CISP (Certified Information Security Professional – ISMS Implementation) - STQC Certified.

Professional Experience

1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch Corporation, Mumbai
(Employee of HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai)
Duration : November 2011 to till date
Designation: Security Services Specialist/ITO Service Delivery Consultant.
Role : SME/Individual Contributor.

Bank of America is a unique assemblage of American financial institutions that has financed and fashioned our economy by investing in industries, infrastructure, institutions and individuals during a history that spans more than 200 years.


•Management of BOAML setup which includes DMZ FW’s, ECU FW’s, Blue Coat Proxies, Netcache, PAC configuration, etc.
•DMZ FW’s is basically designed for Bank of America requirement. DMZ FW’s having Checkpoint setup across APJ region, all checkpoints managed by Provider-1.
•Similarly ECU FW’s is designed for Merrill Lynch requirement. ECU FW’s having majorly NetScreen FW’s and It is managed by NSM & also having checkpoint setup.
•BlueCoat Proxy is deployed for BOA setup, whereas Touchpoint Proxy is deployed for ML setup.
•PAC configuration is divided into two parts, one is for Asia (BOA) and other is for BAML (ML). We synchronise both PAC files with US PAC files on weekly basis.

2. Reliance Communications Limited, DAKC, Mumbai
Duration : December 2007 to November 2011
Designation : Manager – Network & Information Security
Role : NW Security Administrator/Security Analyst & Team Lead.

Reliance Communication is ISO 27001:2005 certified Tier 3 Internet Data Center and one of the biggest in World. As Network/information security Manager, I am involved in implementing and maintaining the information security infrastructure and providing related support to its customers.


•Management of information security infrastructure, which comprises, 75 Firewalls across india with various flavours like Netscreen 50,500,ISG-1000,2000,SRX models and Fortigate, IPS G1200, G2000 configured with redundant configuration & high availability.
•Periodic security audit and OS/application hardening for more than 500 servers hosted at IDC.
•Provisioning and Management of IP-SEC infrastructures comprise Juniper.
•Troubleshoot firewall related issue with different teams.
•IPS/IDS Administration, Analysing the logs through ArcSight & other SIEM tools.
•Monitoring tools like Whats up Gold & MRTG.
•Attending Internal Audit for ISO 27001 (ISMS).
•Handle the Escalation ticket.
•Firewall management for Internet Data Centre infrastructure as well as hosted customers.
•Design and implement customer network as per security requirement.
•Utilize different tools to understand, troubleshoot and rectify all networks & Firewall related issues.
•Applied suitable patches based on vulnerability report.

Involved in ISO 27001:2005 activities like implementation & deployment of ISMS controls across the all domains, afterwards conducting the following tasks related to ISMS standards:

•ISMS awareness training for all users & defining the ISMS scope.
•Identification of assets across all domains with the help of respective domain’s team member.
•Conducting the risk assessment with the help of respective team members & analysing about risk.
•Conducting internal audit with all domains & finding the gaps.
•On the basis of gap, preparation of risk treatment plan & mitigation of risk.
•Conducting the Management review meeting for residual risk or unresolved risk.
•Attending third party audit & accepting the input from them.

Key Skill: Recently participated in recertification of ISO 27001:2005 from STQC. I was responsible for entire recertification process like defining of ISMS Scope, identification of assets, identification of risks, mitigation of risk from domains, co-ordination with different vendors regarding ISMS activities, co-ordination with different domains regarding preparation of RTP, acceptance of residual risk, co-ordination with different domain for conducting the management review meetings & discussion on findings, also preparation of NC closure plan after external (STQC) audits, etc.

3. Patni Computers Systems Limited, India
Duration : July 2007 to December 2007
Designation : Senior System Engineer – IMS

Firewalls, Intrusion detection & prevention system
•Managing Netscreen firewalls & administration as well as policy controls on the same.
•Co-relation & analysis of Different logs from different devices through SIEM (Security Information & Event management) tools.
•Monitoring of IDS & enabling the signature for respective events.

4. Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.
Duration : December 2006 to Jul 2007
Duration : Consultant - IM & Security Solutions
Firewalls: Netscreen, Cisco PIX, Checkpoint
IDS: Real Secure IDS, IPS & IDS with Proventia Gx 4000 Series.
NMS Tools: Cisco Works, Cacti
Roles & Responsibilities:

•Administration, configuration & managing of Capgemini client networks remotely through secure VPN connectivity.
•Managing NMS tools like Cisco works, HP Openview, cacti etc & alanyzing the logs through SIEM, monitoring of Network device status.
•Traffic analysis through Cacti & MRTG in graphical representation.
•Design, modifications, and implementation of new or existing network infrastructure. Administration, maintenance and firmware updates of all firewalls.
•Modification of checkpoint policies on Smart Dashboard as per customer needs.
•Monitoring of all network connection of customer sites using special secure VPN tunnels. Also network bandwidth monitoring along with maintaining security policies.

5. 3D Networks Pte Ltd (A WIPRO Company)
Duration : May 2006 to December 2006
Consultant : Information Security

Firewalls: Nortel Firewall – 5109, 5111, Juniper Firewall – NS25, NS50, NS204, NS 208, NS500.
VPN: Nortel VPN Contivity, Aventail, NS25, Checkpoint.
IPS & IDS: Real Secure Network Sensor & Server Sensor, Proventia G100, G200, Gx4002C & Gx4000 Series, Site Protector & Deployment Manager.
Patch Management Tool: Bigfix.

Roles & Responsibilities:

•Pre sale activities like analyzing the customer requirements and planning the project structure.
•Installation & configuration of Checkpoint Smart Center Server as well as Enforcement module on different platform like Windows, Linux, etc.
•Upgradation of Checkpoint from version R54 to R55, R60 & R61 respectively.
•Similarly upgradation over R55 to R60 & R61 as well as Import & export of configuration & policy backup. Also import & export of User Licences from User Center.
•Creation & management of new objects, networks & Groups. Similarly modification of existing objects & groups.
•Installation & configuration of secure platform for the different layout network infrastructure.
•Creation of IPSec site to site VPN using Checkpoint modules as well as using different appliances like Nortel ASF, Contivity (VPN Router).
•Knowledge over VPN Tunnel establishment on SSL Aventail & Design, modifications, Configuration and implementation of NS 25, 50, 204 & 208, etc.
•Design, modifications, and implementation of additions to a new or existing network infrastructure.
•Administration, maintenance and firmware updates of all firewalls, proxies, checkpoint, Fortinet, Juniper Netscreen, Nortel, Nokia, and ISS Products i.e. like IDS & IPS, Utimaco & eToken, and remote access & VPN.
•Penetration testing tools & VA tools for information gathering.
•Responsible for the monitoring of all network connection to all sites including special secure VPN tunnels built to our customers. Also handles intrusion detection and network bandwidth monitoring along with maintaining security policies.

6. Bharti Televentures Ltd.
Duration : August 2004 to April 2006
Engineer : Network Operations

Roles & Responsibilities:
•Plan the bandwidth and the client network.
•Maintain the Network devices like Allot Netenforcer, MRTG, LNA Block, HPA, Up converter, Down converter, Switches, Routers & Firewalls i.e. checkpoint & ASF 5109.
•Create the new policy as well as decide the appropriate policies for the incoming & outgoing traffic on the Smart Dashboard.
•Worked in the Master Earth Station of NIC as Network Engineer for BTVL using Gilat Platform.
•Worked on GILAT Sky blaster systems, responsible for the operations and configuration using HSP (HUB satellite processor).
•Responsible for Internet browsing, multicasting, VOIP and solve all the LAN and WAN related issues of remote locations. Maintaining the whole database for all remote VSATs and their implementations and providing the solutions of all Internet and applications related issues.
•Worked on HSP (HUB server protocol) and Allot used for controlling and monitoring the inbound bandwidth of individual remote VSATs and outbound controlled by the NMS.


B.E. in (Electronics Engineering) from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon in July 2004.
Three Years Diploma in (Electronics & communication Eng.) from Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai in Jan 2001.


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