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Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified

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2003-2007 studied at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China) and acquired the Bachelor Degree in major Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering
2007-2009 worked at Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Ltd. Co. (China) as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The job tasks were aircraft inspection?maintenance for the Airbus A320.
2009-2011 studied at University Stuttgart (Germany) in major Aerospace Engineering.
2011-2013 studied at Technical University Braunschweig (Germany) in major Aerospace Engineering and finished two internships at the research institut of "Luft und Raumfahrt System" and "Navigation". The main Task was the control system design and simulation of the UAVs through matlab, JAVA, C.
2013-2014 founded a company "Lyan Aviation Service GmbH" with the classmates in Wolfenbuettel Germany. The general business was the technical consultion to the chinese customers in the aerospace field, e.g. the private aircraft buyers, the industrial manufactors which need the advance equipments, staffs and related technologies. Reached an agreement between Marchi Mobile, Chongqing Import and Export and Lyan about the exclusive agency in China to sale the Marchi Elemente Series. The Contract amount was over 5 million EUR per year.
2015-2016 worked at Shanghai Hangling Aerospace Industry Ltd. Co. (China) as the assistenc of the CEO. The main tasks were the general managing of all the departments and report to the CEO, the quality control and cost control with the prodution team. The achievements were finish the certification of quality system by the chinese army, reduction of the personal cost by 30%.
2016-2019 worked at Shanghai Zhongqiao Institut (China) as the Lecturer. Mainly responsible were give the lecture in automation field, e.g. PLC, Automotive electronic technology and research the self driving car technoloy. The achievement was design a 1:5 scaled sand table for the model cars which equiped Lidar, radar and able to drive on the road of the sand table.
2019 to now worked at Shanghai Jingge Science and Technology Ltd. Co. (China) as the Product Line Manager of self driving car. The main Tasks were product architecture design, product unit design and related technology research, team building (product manager and stuff recruiting) and training, the supplier development and managing, train the sales men about the products and the market development. The achievements were designed 3 products (one self driving car, one advance sensor training equipment and a self driving simulator), acquired two orders in two month with the amount over 2 million RMB, supported and supervised the team to hold the “2019 Teacher competence competition” in new energy vehicles maintenance field.


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