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Information and communications technology service managers

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Name of profession: Information and communications technology service managers Name of latest business sector: Telecommunication Latest occupation/title: Senior Manager, Agile & Demand Management Latest main activities: Agile Transformation of MTN Nigeria


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master of Business Administration Specialisation: Master of Business Administration Additional trainings:

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Executive Summary
Dynamic, Strategist, Solution focused and Performance driven professional with an extraordinary blend of business analysis, functional & technical leadership, solution management, vendor/partner management, Products and Service development expert.

Acknowledged for keen ability to improve business process, system designs and architectures, analyse with a view to solving complex problems, increasing efficiency, maintain cost effectiveness and decrease the need for re-engineering.
Experienced in leading large, complex, cross-functional teams, projects/products and business professionals.
Ability to communicate effectively, Innovative with strong business & system Analysis, Value Added Services, intelligent network (Charging System) and System/Product Design background and implementation where I will contribute immensely to achieving the organisation or project goal.

Agile Coach & Agile Scrum Master
System/Software/Product Development Life Cycle.

Extensive Hands on Telecommunication Applications (CS3, 4, 5 & 6)
• Ericsson Prepaid Applications (AIR, VS, OCS, CIS, EMM, SDP, MINSAT), SCP, and CCN
• Ericsson Telecommunication Management Operating System (TMOS) (OSS): Using UNIX.
Extensive Hands on Audit & Data analysis Applications
Audit Command Language (ACL)
SAS Business Intelligence and Analytical Software.
Telecom Value Added Services. (Caller Tunez, Voicemail etc)
Data modelling
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Project Management Professional Skills
Six Sigma Approach to Achieve Project Management.
Cost-effective capacity plans and procuring of resources/equipment
Prince2 Project management methodology


2018 IMD Business School Diploma, Digital Disruption
2017 Bradford University School of Management, MBA
2016 Gordon Institute of Business Science FLIGHT
2014 Prince2 Certification Certificate no: GR633007969SA
2010 University of Lagos, MSC Computer Science
2008 SUN Certified System Administrator (99). SCSA1
2005 Completion of Nation Youth Service Corp (NYSC 2004 Batch B [A896247])
2003 University of Ilorin, BSc (Hons) Computer Science


Sept. 2016 – Dec. 2016 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited

Senior Manager Agile & Demand Management


• Drive an increase in Shareholder return by ensuring that Processes are aligned to achieve all elements on the business scorecard. (I.e. Grow Market Share, Grow ICT & Data Revenue, Increase EBITDA margins, Assure Revenue, CAPEX Returns Management and Net Subscriber Additions).
• Provide support initiatives that will ensure cost savings and reduction to drive EBITDA growth for the organization. (OPEX/COS savings)
• Participate in Contract negotiations to reduce cost and drive MTNN Value Creation Philosophy
• Provide leadership and direction in the operations, leading team to deliver on respective business targets and improve overall performance of the team.
• Manage the relationship with the business units with respect to their new requirements (projects, system enhancement requests, availability and disaster recovery requirements, capacity requirements, etc.)
• Manage a group of demand coordinators and subject matter experts working with the business units regarding their IT demand and IT deliveries.
• Develop, define and implement the overall IT demand management structure & processes in agreement with the CIO and IS management
• Develop a communication and governance structure in line with Capital Expenditure Committee processes which takes care of the business units needs and aligns demand with existing capacity
• Set Budget and Resource requirements and influence Head of Technology Services and COO to make effective decisions.
• Manage workload and assignments of a team of demand managers.
• To initiate, participate and contribute (at a high level) to any ongoing business activity which will create substantial IT demand.
• Initiate and execute intra departmental communication and improvement activities to ensure maximum alignment of the IT with business priorities and facilitate demand capturing.
• Attend all relevant Business and decision making forums which deal with future IT demand and new requirements.
• Build an overall demand pipeline on an annual basis as well as in an ongoing basis (mapped against annual plan).
• Develop and maintain a project and enhancement roadmap aligned with business priority, IT capacity, technical dependencies and ongoing project portfolio.
• Capture new demand and ensure structured and high quality of demand’s scope and specification in order to have a consistent basis for estimation and scheduling of the implementation.
• Liaise with the business units to shape and implement the demand management processes as well as the regular liaison / relationship management interactions.
• Prepare and maintain a project portfolio view for upcoming projects with IT expenditure to facilitate a Capital Expenditure Committee decision basis.
• Prepare and maintain a System Enhancement Request Portfolio view and facilitate prioritization and scheduling decisions for System Enhancement requests in order to ensure optimal usage of the IT capacity.
• Develop KPIs for Demand Management
• Ensures timely and accurate reporting of all IT demand related issues to senior management and key stakeholders.
• Develop KPIs for Demand Management as well as dashboards and regular reports to create transparency and tracking of change requests and projects.
• Creates information packs for senior management in GBS and other business units to create transparency over the demand pipeline, the status of current in-flight projects as well as day-to-day operations performance metrics of IT.
• Facilitate alignment meetings with business units on several levels up to the Management Executive Committee
• Create transparency about upcoming business initiatives, the current demand pipeline, the current IT change execution performance, capacity situation.
• Create transparency on the current IT Demand Delivery status via operational KPIs, monthly reviews and other metrics.
• Act as Scrum master initially for 1-2 scrum teams with a focus on guiding the teams towards improving the way they work. Eventually the teams will expand in number as we grow our Demand pipeline
• Facilitate sprint planning, retrospective and sprint demos.
• Assist the product owner with keeping the backlog groomed.
• Ensure cross-scrum team coordination.
• Reach out to the larger company network for impediment removal, including those outside IS
• Maintain relevant metrics that help the team see how they are doing.
• Coach and mentor other scrum masters in our product team, and ensure that our ways of working are consistent across the teams.
• Liaise between the developers and User Experience/Visual Designers. Foster better communication between the disciplines.
• Take responsibility for managing dependencies between our team and third parties or between our team and other scrum teams.
• Strengthen the presence of our team as an Agile Centre of Excellence. Actively contribute to the company’s Agile and Lean methodology.

July. 2016 – Sept. 2016 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited

Head of Digital Innovation Work stream (10 man committee)


• Extract value from what we already have through divisional focused commercial activities such as: divisional business optimisation projects, contracts review and negotiation, capital/budget efficiency activities within division, etc.
• Innovation – identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities, e.g., through stimulating new business opportunities, divisional products launched, division product/process innovation, structural changes within division, etc.
• Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by influencing state/local legislations & policies, participating in local level industry think-tanks, building & extending national B-2-B and similar relationships, etc.
• Enhance/expand MTN’s role in the larger national and ecosystem through participation as a thought leader, executing local CSR projects, involvement in local industry non-ICT policy & think-tank activities etc.
• Divisional people leadership activities: coaching, staff development and motivation through intra staff coaching, employee networks mentorship/support, own division employee engagement projects, faculty roles, inter/intra talent mentorship, etc.
• Generic activities necessary for positive business outcomes such as: supporting recruitment, thought leadership as internal (interview/disciplinary) panel member, influencing next level leaders (e.g., at BPR) etc.Drive an increase in Shareholder return by ensuring that Processes are aligned to achieve all elements on the business scorecard. (I.e. Grow Market Share, Grow ICT & Data Revenue, Increase EBITDA margins, Assure Revenue, CAPEX Returns Management and Net Subscriber Additions).
• Participate in Contract negotiations to reduce cost and drive MTNN Value Creation Philosophy

• Provide leadership and direction in the operations, leading team to deliver on respective business targets and improve overall performance of the team.

Jan 2014 – Nov. 2017 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited

VAS Planning Manager


• Direct and define procedure for efficient Execution of prompt network capacity provisioning for all the VAS
network elements, IN features, protocols.
• Manage the planning processes geared towards designing and dimensioning of VAS services as well as
new products and services in line with the marketing product roadmap.
• Define and maintain network measurement and capacity optimization parameters for the IT/VAS platforms.
• Manage IN/VAS activities for efficient capacity provisioning to support the network growth in terms of traffic, subscribers and value added services and new products.
• Define and maintain network modeling and traffic analysis tools for proper traffic trending and analysis
within the VAS environment Review and approve documentations and reports within the VAS environment e.g feasibility studies, functional and technical specifications for new products.
• Direct the planning of VAS network evolution of Value Added Service platforms such as, but not limited to, messaging (SMSC, USSD Gw, Voicemail etc), Mobile data, Multimedia products and other Third Party
applications and services.
• Design, review and approve Functional and Technical Specification documents for new products and
• Participate in cross functional meetings with key stakeholders involved in the development and
deployment of new Value Added Services in order to define best solutions for new products and services
Analyze business processes and requirement and Perform concept design of new services.
• Perform dimensioning, of all IN Diameter License and all VAS Nodes.
• Convert business ideas to solution on Charging System, Agility, ESF (OSB), Universal Product Catalogue (UPC), Payment Gateway, Service Delivery Platform, CS-CIS and other VAS platforms.
• Participate in Contract negotiations to reduce cost and drive MTNN Value Creation Philosophy
• CAPEX and OPEX Budgeting, Commitment and Capitalization in line with the organizations strategic objectives.
• Provide support initiatives that will ensure cost savings and reduction to drive EBITDA growth for the organization. (OPEX/COS savings)
• Liaise with vendors on new market releases and technology upgrade path to ensure quick deployment of new and innovative products/services.
• Serve MTNN’s customers and provide solutions to improve the customer experience.
• Drive an increase in MTNN’s Net Promoter Score

May 2012 – May 2014 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited- VAS Solution Architect (Planning)


• Participate in the conceptualization of products and services
• Engage Marketing department in requirements review session
• Manage customer expectation e.g. Marketing, Enterprise solution etc.
• Ensuring the delivery of key projects on time and on budget
• Conduct feasibility study
• Conduct impact analysis on network nodes based on business forecasts
• Following product signoff, conduct vendor selection as may be required
• Develop and sign off functional and technical specification
• Manage implementation and ensure it is in accordance with design
• Conducts tests and ensure compliance with approved requests before handover to business
• Design, Plan and optimize all VAS Platforms for optimal delivery of products and services
• Coordinate planning functions to support product development end to end.
• Interface with internal stakeholders for new product and services development planning
• Primary interface with vendors on technical design
• Project management and tracking to ensure that products are launched within specified timelines
• Plan, design and dimension optimal VAS network architecture considering network growth
• Plan and design the evolution and implementation of products and services to support business requirements
• Conduct analysis of network model outputs and traffic patterns to evaluate model and proffer
• solution if necessary within the VAS environment
• Conduct technical feasibility studies for new products and services and produce feasibility report
• Produce Specification documents for new products and services
• Meet with vendors on new market releases and technology upgrade path to ensure quick
• deployment of new and innovative products/services
Nov. 2008 – May 2012 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited- IN/Charging System Engineer

• Perform systems provisioning, operation and administration.
• Securely keep systems logs and perform back-ups.
• SS7 Configuration and Integration
• Subscribers’ migration from SDPa to SDPb.
• End-to-end SDP Load Balancing implementation on CS3.0 and CS 4.0 (Subscribers’ migration)
• Integrate new SDP to the CS4.0 environment from CS3.0
• Verification of system problems and providing support to higher-level maintenance personnel.
• Active participation in software update installation and performing recommended preventive maintenance actions.
• SS7 link expansion on SCP, SDP, AIR, CCN servers etc.
• SS7 cut-over from LSSL to HSSL on TSP SCP.
• Investigating and identifying reasons for abnormal network conditions.
• Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the network elements on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Develop new interfaces, tool, and applications to increase the effectiveness of the IN prepaid systems.
• Produce weekly and monthly reports on prepaid nodes.
• Perform hardware acceptance test (ATP) of IN prepaid nodes.
• Perform System acceptance test (ATP) of IN prepaid nodes

Aug. 2006- Nov. 2008 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited Prepaid/VAS Support Engineer (1st Line)
• Hands-on resolution of subscriber problems on the MTN Prepaid, BGW/OSS and VAS platforms/systems.
• Keep systems logs and perform back-ups.
• Verify systems problems and provide support on first line level to Advanced Help Desk (AHD), Call Center, FC Consultants and/or maintenance personnel
• Identify reasons for abnormal network conditions.
• Initiating corrective action to systems support nodes.
• Perform third party application acceptance and integration on VAS platforms
• Implement change request/planned work on VAS platforms
• Monitor systems and applications on site and remotely
• Resolution of subs problems.
• Log, analyze, resolve and escalate faults on the VAS platforms
• Monitor status and performance of the network elements.
• Perform daily platform maintenance.

Nov 2005-Aug. 2006 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited Revenue Assurance Data Analyst & Application Developer (Consultant)
• Run audit queries on live data obtained from network operations and compare with corresponding billing data to ensure consistency using ACL
• Perform regular audits of the information systems and network operations systems
• Performing review of the switch to bill reconciliation
• Review of the error log files across the billing systems
• Monitor revenue assurance KPIs across the business
• Review and analyze billing data, rate plans, and billing system table to determine areas of revenue leakage
• Document, quantify, and develop root cause analysis and suggest fixes for issues identified
• Automate the data analysis and audit queries processes.
• Perform any revenue assurance related requests made by Senior Revenue Assurance Analyst/Revenue Assurance Manager
April 2005- Nov 2005 Computer Audit Control & Security Associates IT Audit Consultant/Data Analyst

• Auditing Operating Systems, Network Infrastructures, Information Security management, Systems development/Acquisition & Maintenance (RFP & ITT), Tangible and Intangible Assets etc.
• Specialize in Designing, Installation, Implementation, Debugging and Modification of ACL & IDEA Scripts (Batches) for Automating data analysis in Telecom, Banks etc.
• Work based on ISACA Standards, Guidelines & Code of Professional Ethics and due diligence.
• With several Training and Implementation of Audit Command Language (ACL) in places like:

o SKYE Bank Plc Nigeria (Formerly Prudent Bank) 2006
o First City Monument Bank (FCMB) 2006
o MTN Nigeria Communication Limited. (Revenue Assurance Unit) 2006

Feb 2004 – Feb 2005 Dubcon Communication Network, Abia State, Nigeria -IT/Network Administrator (NYSC)
• Managing Local Area Network.
• Managing Network users, Network Utilities & Software
• Handling orders and supplies of hardware and software applications
• Hardware and Software Procurement

Feb 2003 – May 2003 Computer Audit Control & Security Associates IT Audit trainnee - Student Placement
• ACL software installation, Implementation, Debugging and Modification
• Automation of Data Analysis process.
• Network Management
• Monitoring of Internet connection on the server

• British Computer Society (BCS)
• Nigerian Computer Society (NCS)
• Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
• Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
• Project Management Institutes


• Strong ability to balance technical operation and commercial factors without losing sight of the customers or team.
• Results oriented with logical and methodical approach to achieving tasks and objectives.
• A multi-lingual person with a mentality who leads people, multi Million dollars projects.
• Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.
• Excellent Experience in the operation and management area of BSS / Charging / VAS / CRM/ Infrastructure Management / Data and Information security / Fraud and revenue Assurance.
• Active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done.
• Great team player with the ability to coach and motivate the team to achieve desired objectives.
• Reliable and dependable in meeting objectives; hard-working, adaptable and flexible.
• Emotionally mature; calming and positive temperament; tolerant and understanding.
• Strong analytical skills.
• Business Plan Development & Execution, Service Level Management.
• General Management, Business Service Management, ITIL/BCP/DRP, Reporting & Perception.
• Behavioral Skills (Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Planning and Problem Solving Skills).

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