Moustafa from Qatar applies for Blue Card Germany

Computer network professionals

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Name of profession: Computer network professionals Name of latest business sector: Ministry of Interior - Qatar Govt Latest occupation/title: Solution Architect Latest main activities: Technical project lead for QRail project, Project composed of 3 Data Centers, 74 sites for government service provider network, 26 sites for optical network connectivity.


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Solution Architect Specialisation: Operating Systems and Networks Additional trainings: Red Hat Linux , Cisco

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Personal note /detailed application:

Data Center Infrastructure Planning, Design and Implementation

? Worked as a project planner, manager and coordinator for Ministry of Interior – Telecom Department datacenter upgrade project.
? Creation and implementation of Ansible playbooks to automate the new systems and apply common configuration settings between different platforms.
? Participated as technical project lead for various technologies upgrade including DC (SDN Network, Security, Storage, Compute, Secure Internet Zones), rebuilding existing MPLS Network and integrating technologies from more than 32 vendors.
? Developed a standard design addressing requirements for Power, Cooling, Load, Access Control and other Data center facilities.
? Designed Data Center cabling infrastructure with a smart monitoring and management capabilities.

Goodmill Mobile IP Router

? Worked as a project manager and team leader to implement Goodmill Mobile IP Platform.
? Designed and reviewed Main site and DR site networks with active/active failover mechanism.
? Implemented virtualization, storage and networking using VMware vSphere / HP Store Serve 7200 and Cisco switches.
? Tested failover and redundancy on VM / Server / Network / Site levels.

MOI – Telecom LAN Upgrade

? Worked as a project manager and technical team leader to upgrade Ministry of Interior – Telecom Department LAN to the latest technologies (performance increase from 100Mbps to 20Gbps).
? Created Ansible playbooks that helped in building the new network in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.
? Designed passive cabling infrastructure that connect and control massive CAMPUS network that connects 11 buildings and covers more than 39000 SQM.
? Designed, installed, configured and implemented active network based on cisco latest technologies and devices including but not limited to cisco 6708 core switches / ASR 1002-X routers / ASA 5585-X Firewalls / 3850 access switches / wireless LAN controllers / cisco 3700 access points / Cisco Identity Services Engine
/ Cisco Prime Infrastructure / Cisco Mobility Services Engine.
? Installed, configured and administrated network server to support the LAN including DHCP cluster based on ISC-DHCP Service, DNS server Cluster based on BIND service, NTP cluster based on chrony service, monitoring solution based on “Zabbix 2.4” monitoring more than 1000 devices, logging solution based on Graylog, IP address management solution based on PHPIPAM.
? Migration and testing from legacy LAN network to the new upgraded network.

QSTRS Virtual Infrastructure Upgrade and Migration

? Worked on developing a strategy to move legacy virtual environment from virtual box to base on RHEV with minimal down time (downtime was estimated as 47 seconds) to move 27 virtual servers to enterprise supported virtual environment.
? Installed, configured and implemented RHEV environment and converting virtual machines safely between different platforms.
? Administrated and maintained the system for 3 years with enhancements to storage performance using device multi-pathing and physical network upgrade.

TETRA Network Upgrade

? Worked as technical consultant for upgrading the QATAR old TETRA network (IP Part only).
? Developed and designed the new network with high availability, redundancy and secure remote control for MAIN and DR Sites.
? Installed, configured and maintained TETRA secure remote access network with highly restricted access mechanism.
? Technologies used included cisco 4500 switches, cisco 3850 access switches, cisco ASA 5585-X, ASA 5555- X firewalls, cisco UCS servers, RHEL 6 and VMware vSphere.



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