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Air traffic controllers

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Name of profession: Air traffic controllers Name of latest business sector: Airports Authority of India Latest occupation/title: Joint General Manager (ATM) Latest main activities: Data Systems Co-ordinator for Raytheon AutoTrac III ATC automation system


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Advanced Masters in ANSP Management Specialisation: Integration of RPAS in Mumbai Airspace Additional trainings: ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor

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Personal note /detailed application:

To develop my potential so as to make a significant contribution to the chosen field of my career. And to thereby work in a competitive environment, harmoniously and with team spirit, where in best use of my talent can be made.

Short Bio-data:
Am a leading Radar ATCO and instructor at the busiest airport in India, viz. Mumbai. Have worked as Data Systems Co-ordinator of Raytheon's AutoTrac III automation system. Have undergone ISO internal auditor’s course at Mumbai and was responsible for AAI’s ISO 9001 status at Mumbai. Was responsible for the installation of additional systems, DCL, C-ATFM and EFSS. Have completed ANSP Management Advanced Masters course at Hyderabad (India). This course was conducted by ENAC, France in partnership with Airports Authority of India.

Summary of contributions/experience in the present job:
?A Paper on “Micro-Level Perspective on UAS Operations in Mumbai Airspace” was submitted as well as a Presentation given on the same topic, by me, at the Asia-Pacific UAS Task Force (UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems) meeting, held at Bangkok, on the 3rd of April 2017. These can be viewed at
?I have completed Air Navigation Service Provider’s Management Advanced Masters course on 2nd March 2017. This course was conducted by Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), a Grandes Ecoles of France. A Masters Degree was conferred on 4th March 2017.
?I am an Air Traffic Controller now for 20 years as well as an ATC OJT Instructor at Mumbai for Radar Endorsement (Rating). I also contribute regularly to the refresher courses held at Mumbai, the station level master document (MATS) and other documents.
?Have undergone ISO internal auditor’s course at Mumbai and was responsible for AAI’s ISO 9001 status at Mumbai.
?Was responsible for the installation of systems for ATCs, such as DCL, C-ATFM and EFSS.
?A paper on Data-link based Departure Clearance was presented by me at the (INSPIRE) Indian Ocean Strategic Partnership to Reduce Emissions seminar on 11th December 2012 at Mumbai.
?I am a Mumbai Approach Radar and Mumbai Area Radar (ARSR) rated Controller. After a two year stint in Mangalore Area Control Centre, where I had held all the ratings (including ARSR), I arrived in Mumbai in 2011. This has given me a varied experience as a Radar Controller as well as another perspective on the role of Radar.
?Have attended a workshop on SMS and Aerodrome licensing and have helped prepare Safety Management System documentation as the principal aide to the Safety Officer at Mangalore Area Control Centre.
?I am one of the leading Radar ATCOs at Mumbai ATC Centre, which handles close to 2000 movements per day (arrivals, departures and overflights), more than anyplace else in India and wherein I handle peak traffic regularly.
?I have undergone a 2 weeks training course at the Raytheon campus in Massachusetts, USA in December 2007 towards software training for the Database Management System (DMS) related to phase III of the modernization of ATS systems at Mumbai-Delhi (AutoTrac III). AutoTrac III is now operational in Mumbai. Presently I look after the DMS (Database Management System) team, at Mumbai, in the Data Systems Coordinator role (for Raytheon’s Auto Trac III ATC automation software).
?Have been an active member of the team that implemented the RNAV based STARS for all the Runways at Mumbai. Responsibilities included database modifications, planning for the special cross runway operations, simulating all-scenario operations, imparting training to the controllers on the simulator and others.
?Was an active participant in the phase II of the modernization of ATC systems at Mumbai (AutoTrac 2).
?Was an active participant in the first modernization project of AAI, in CNS/ATM, (Airports Authority of India – civilian ATS service provider in India) as well (called MATS-BD). Over time, in this phase, other layers of modernization were added, such as implementation of RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) and introduction of RNP-10 routes for improved airspace utilization.
?Worked in Mangalore from 2009-2011. I was given the responsibility as the WSO of a shift.
?I have worked as Tower Supervisor and as OCC (Oceanic Control Centre) supervisor, ACC supervisor and Approach Supervisor, managing a cadre of up to 7-8 officers in Mumbai. These positions have required co-ordination with very many different agencies such as Apron Control, other local ATC units, ATC units in adjacent areas, Airport fire staff, Indian Air Force, Coast Guard, Indian Navy, private charter operators, all airlines and others. It also requires taking into consideration the complex Indian airspaces.
?Have completed 20 years as an Air Traffic Controller without a single incident.
?As active controller as well as supervisor, I have had occasions to handle Priorities and an occasional Emergency as well, which are one of the most critical experiences that an ATC gains.
?Due to an active program of familiarization flights, I have been to Bangalore and back while sitting the entire time in the cockpit and have consequently gained some insight into the requirements of pilots.
?Have had management experience as well as experience of coordination with authorities as Terminal Manager at the Pune airport for one month and as Airport-in-Charge of Kolhapur airport for 1 & ½ months.

Employment Record:
Company/Institution Duration Designation/Field
Airports Authority of India Jan 1998 till date Joint General Manager
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune June 1991 – June 1997 Scientific Assistant ‘C’

Short sketch of experience
?After being selected as trainee Air Traffic Controller (by Airports Authority of India) as an Aerodrome Officer, from a large pool of applicants, I was sent to Civil Aviation Training College, Allahabad, a TrainAir Certified Institute, for one year's training in Jan 1998. On completion of this ab-initio training, I was posted at Mumbai (Bombay) Airport. Mumbai airport is the second busiest airport in India, with movements touching 1000 per day on a single runway, mostly scheduled and a few non-scheduled. Mumbai airport also has a modern and state of the art Raytheon ATC automation system. I hold Tower rating (since 16 years), Oceanic Control rating (since 15 years) and Area Control procedural rating (since 14 years) in Mumbai. A subsequent Radar course at CATC was completed with flying colours, after which I returned to Mumbai. In the same Air Traffic Services Complex in Mumbai, A.A.I. also has Approach Radar Services, (the rating of which I am holding for 12 years) and Area (Route) Radar Service, which rating I have now been holding for 11 years. In addition, I also hold the ADS/CPDLC rating and ASMGCS rating.
?Six Years as Scientific Assistant in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune, one of India's premier Research Institutions, from June 1991 to June 1997. I worked on the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) project at Narayangaon near Pune, in the Telemetry section. My job was to assist in design, standardization, production, testing and installation of the system, which was designed entirely in house. All aspects of the process were covered by me.

Educational Qualifications:
Level Institution Year Class/score

Management Advanced Masters ENAC - Ecole Nationale March 2017 16.7/20
(Air Navigation Service Provider) de l’Aviation Civile, Toulouse 75 Credits

?Am a leading Radar ATCO at the busiest airport in India, viz. Mumbai.
?Am also taking care of the Software back-end (Database) as Data Systems Co-ordinator.
?Instantaneous judgment and consequent planning skills, as learnt in ATC.
?Command over English.
?Time management skills.
?Co-ordination skills with multiple agencies.
?One of my biggest strengths is my communication skill. I work very well with all kinds of people, and understand that everyone has a different perspective about projects and work tasks - so that when I work with others I keep it in my mind that everyone comes to the table with different priorities and objectives. I especially take this into account while communicating tasks that need to be accomplished with positive reinforcement and awareness of what others are working on.
?One of the benefits of ATC training is the facility learnt to prioritize.


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