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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Aviation Latest occupation/title: Advanced Externals Engineer Latest main activities: Design and stress analysis of Mechanical components - Ansys, UniGraphics etc


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: MTech Specialisation: Aerospace Engineering Additional trainings: Mechanical Structures and composites

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Professional Preface

-A dynamic Post Graduate professional from IIT Bombay with 7+ years of experience in the field of CAE & Mechanical Design.
-The profound technical expertise developed over years working for three world known aeronautical and mechanical giants viz GE, Rolls Royce and BHEL.
-Hands on experience in composite Fan duct for stiffness, Modal and HCF assessment.
-Expertise in Composite modelling using Ansys and analysis for FBO and Ultimate load cases.
-Carried out successfully vibration assessment for HP-IP seal components, guide vanes & rotating baffles.
-Adept at carrying out FE simulations for static and dynamic cases for full time history including linearity and non-linearity.
-In-depth understanding of physical problem, boundary conditions, loads, contacts for FEA model and post-processing of results, hand calculation, life calculation.
-Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills with proven abilities leading and motivating teams towards achieving organizational goals.


Structural Design
Mechanical design of Aircraft components – Seals, Bearing housing, Shafts, Casing, Mounts, Fan duct, Fan Hub Frame, Turbine Center Frame etc.

Structural Analysis
Dynamic Analysis - Modal Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Transient Analysis
Static Analysis – Normal cycle run, FBO load, CBO load analysis, Out of Balance loads analysis, Windmill analysis, Bolt joint capability etc.

Hand Calculation
Bolt load calculation, Frictional forces, Bending and Shearing of plates etc.

Modelling of composites, Layer properties, Generating average material properties, Sandwich structure, Honeycomb material, Design and analysis of Composite Fan Duct

Ansys Classic, Ansys Workbench, SC03, Hypermesh, UG-NX

Masters of Technology – Aerospace Engineering (IIT Bombay)
IIT Bombay, India
2007 – 2009

Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering (KNIT Sultanpur)
KNIT Sultanpur, India
2003 – 2007

German Language
B1 Goethe certified

English Language
IELTS score 7.0

Work Experience

Rolls Royce Pvt ltd, Bangalore, India
Dec 2016 – Present

GE Aviation, Bangalore, India
Apr 2015 – Dec 2016

QuEST Global, Bangalore, India
Oct 2011 - Apr 2015

BHEL, Haridwar, India
Mar 2010 - Oct 2011

Work Experience Details
Rolls Royce India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Advance Externals Engineer
Dec 2016 - Present
Roles & Responsibilities
-Design and Analysis of externals system like pipes, brackets, clips etc.
-Modal analysis and transient analysis for T7000 externals system
-Harmonic analysis on pipes and brackets on Trent1000 –TEN externals system
-Quality focal for Externals team

Ansys workbench, UG, Hypermesh

GE Aviation, India
Lead Engineer
Apr 2015 - Dec 2016
Roles & Responsibilities
-Design and structural analysis of Fixed Fan Duct for Passport20 engine.
-Weight and cost optimisation for Fan Hub Frame on GP7200 Engine
-Composites modelling in Ansys and analysis for FBO and Ultimate load cases.
-Performing LCF fatigue life assessment of components.
-The Stiffness analysis, Modal and HCF analysis of FFD panel.
-GP7200 Fan Hub Frame cost reduction assessment task: including sub-modelling of the FHF and weld life assessment
Key Achievements
-Won “Above and Beyond” award for execution of “Modal Analysis on FFD panel”
-Automated multiple manual tasks
-Won “Cash Prize” for showing the great learning and execution for “ Passport 20 FFD Block 2 design” optimisation
Ansys classic, Hypermesh, NX-CAE etc.

QuEST Global
Senior Engineer
Oct 2011 - Apr 2015
Roles & Responsibilities
-Design optimization and presenting the new proposed designs to high spot DR panels from Rolls Royce.
-The meshing of FEA model with proper mesh quality at critical areas.
-Application of loads i.e. bolt preloads, bearing loads, limit loads, Bird strike loads, CBO and FBO loads.
-Performing fatigue analysis of components and calculation for the fatigue life of component in Trent 900, Trent 1000 and Trent 700 engines.
Key Achievements
-Successfully executed many tasks with given time frame
-Created Best Practices for Damage Tolerance and Vibration assessments
UG, NX-CAE, Ansys, SC03
BHEL, Haridwar India
Design Engineer
Mar 2010 – Oct 2011
Roles & Responsibilities
-Design of Rotor and Bearing for LPT, IPT and HPT for 500MW (Sub-critical Sets)
-Design of Bearing for LP-GEN assembly for 660MW BARH Unit 2 (Super-critical Sets)
-Technical understanding and development of design documentation in Super-critical set for STE-TE section (1st Set by BHEL)
-Preparing CBOMs (Combined Bill of Material)
-Approval of any deviation raised by manufacturing department (Shop Floor)

UG, Ansys, Auto-CAD


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