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Services managers not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Services managers not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Import/ Export of Food and Agricultural Products Latest occupation/title: Project Manager Latest main activities: Logistics and Coordination


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Project Management Specialisation: Biomedical Engineering FH-Ing Additional trainings: Hospials/ Karl Storz/ Siemens/ Philips

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Personal note /detailed application:

Oct. 17 – Dec. 18 Self Employed as Service Consultant for Hospitals, Clinics, Small and Sart-up
businesses in biomedical field. Casablanca, Morocco

Oct. 06 – Sept. 17 The Enduring Sun Trading Company-Morocco Casablanca
Project Manager: Responsible for managing projects for TESTCOM as a
new startup company. Successfully conducted feasibility study in sun-drying
tomatoes for export to buyer in the US.
Importation and Exportation of Food and Agricultural Products.

April 2010 – George Washington Academy Board Casablanca
May 2013 Treasurer of the GWA Board (2010 – 2011 & 2012 – 2013)
Vice Chair of the GWA Board (2011 – 2012)

July 2004 – Philips Medical Systems Casablanca
June 2006 Project Manager: Responsible for the management of the installation of all
X-Ray Equipments, CT Scanners, and MRIs sold in Morocco. This included
the scheduling, supervision, technical installation and initial training of
hospital/clinic staf
Managing the 6 Million ORET Project in renewing of 40% of medical
imaging equipmnets of the Rabat University Hospial (Ibn Sina, Spécialités,
Enfants and Moulay Abdellah).
I resigned because of lack of new sales/ Projects in 2006 and to pursue my
Master's degree in Project Management.

April 1999 – Siemens Medical Solutions S.A. Casablanca
June 2004

Nov. 2000 – Project Manager, Medical Department: Responsible for the management of
June 2004 the installation of all X-Ray equipments, CT Scanners, and MRIs, sold in
Morocco. This included the scheduling, supervision, technical installation
and initial training of hospital/clinic staff.
I resigned to join Philips Medical Systems for more growth opportunity.

April 1999 – Field Service Engineer, Medical Department: Responsible for Maintenance
Oct. 2000 and repair of already installed and running X-Ray machines, especially
Angiography equipments.

Feb. 1990 – Various 'summer' and part-time jobs in Germany; earned 100% of my
Oct. 1998 living expenses while in university. I worked in construction, mechanic and
electronics companies, and did tutoring in Mathematics and French.


2005 – 2008 École Supérieure Internationale de Gestion, Casablanca
Masters Degree in Project Management in partnership with the University of
Quebec in Chicoutimi, Canada

July 2003 European Federation Of National Engineering Associations
FEANI Bruxelles, Belgique
The designation of European Engineer

1992 – 1998 Fachhochschule Giessen-Friedberg Germany
FH-Ingenieur: Biomedical Engineering Diploma.

(1995) Internships in 3 hospitals in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico
(1996) 1 month Internship in Kirchheim/Teck hospital, Germany
(1996) 2 Weeks Internship in Geriatric Hospital of Fourvière in Lyon, France
(1996) Internship in quality Insurance of Endoscopy medical devices at Karl Stortz
Company in Tuttlingen, Germany

Conferences and Training Seminars

July 2003 : Quality Certification ISO 9001v.2000

23 - 26 April 2002 : Discussion on Procedures of Standardization
through solved problems encountered in field practice
Siemens S.A.S. Saint Denis, France

26 - 30 March 2001 : "Introduction in ACTRIX” Drawing software
Siemens S.A.S Saint Denis, France

27 March – 14 April 2000 : Training in "Multistar Plus- Universal Angiography"
Siemens Erlangen, Germany

21 – 25 February 2000 : Training in "Systems with PL SX 65/80 SX/LX generator and
Imaging System Videomed DI" Siemens Erlangen, Germany

31 Jan. – 18 Feb. 2000 : Training in "X-Ray Fundamentals Technique/RF-Systems",
Siemens Erlangen, Germany

30 Oct. – 02 Nov. 1997 : I.E.E.E. 19th International Conference of Engineering in
Medicine and Biology Society under the theme "Magnificent Milestones and Emerging Opportunities in Medical Engineering" held in Chicago, USA

September 1997 : International Conference of Biomedical Engineering held in
Nice, France

31 Oct. – 03 Nov. 1996 : I.E.E.E. 18th International Conference of Engineering in
Medicine and Biology Society under the theme "Bridging Disciplines for Biomedicine" held in Amsterdam,

September 1996 : Conference of Biomedical Engineering for German speaking
contries held in Zurich, Switzerland

18 – 21 October 1995 : Mexican National Congress of Biomedical Engineering held
in Queretaro, Mexico

September 1995 : "Universal precautionary measures in Electric Surgery"
Seminar in Spanish held by "Instrumentacion Medica" and
"New Dimensions in Medicine Ohio, Chicago U.S.A", in

August 1995 : "Process and Marketing of new products" Seminar in
Spanish held by "3 M Health Care" in Mexico


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