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Electrical engineers

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I am doing my PhD since June 2013 and planing to finish in June 2018. My general areas of interest include dielectric spectroscopy, measurement and instrumentation, analog circuit design, sensor design and micro-controller programming.
Before my PhD, I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In my final project, I built a control system for monitoring an impedance measurement circuit. This includes micro-controller programming and interfacing with different peripherals and circuits.
In my PhD work, I focus on the design of an embedded system for the measurement of edible oils quality used for frying. This system measures the dielectric properties of oil, more specifically the relative permittivity and the electrical conductivity, and deduce the oil quality.
For the development of this measurement system, I have explored various techniques for the measurement of capacitance in particular and impedance in general. This made me built a strong background in the field of analog circuit design, implementation, test and calibration.
Beside that, I studied and designed with Finate Element Method capacitive sensors dedicated for dielectric mediums measurement. I am currently developing the measurement system including the sensor and the circuit. The next step is to test and calibrate the system and it is planned to be completed within six months.
In addition to that, as a part of the chair for Measurement and Sensor Technology, I have experience with instrumentation and measurement, since I was involved in different projects related to the measurement of meat freshness, milk and adblue quality measurement using impedance spectroscopy.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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