Asad Maqsood from Saudi Arabia applies for Blue Card Germany

Computer network professionals

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Name of profession: Computer network professionals Name of latest business sector: Distributor of Firewall Latest occupation/title: Senior Security Engineer Latest main activities: Network Security


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Masters of Sciences Specialisation: Computer Networking Additional trainings: Fortinet NSE7

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Asad Maqsood Ahmed

To pursue a challenging position as a Systems/Network Engineer where I can deploy and use my technical, academic knowledge and experience in the best possible method.

Personal Qualities
? MSc. Computer Networking, ACCP v6.2, Fortinet NSE Level 7, VCA-DT, CCNP, CCNA, MCP, MCSA, and JNCIA-FWV certified along with 9+ years of professional hands-on experience.
? Possesses 9+ years of practical experience in the plan, design, implementation, and support of LAN/WAN, VLAN, VPN networks. Skilled in Juniper, Cisco and Microsoft network environment. I behold strong knowledge in system administration, support and network security.
? Expertise in medium/large sized LAN/WAN design/configuration & implementation with Fortinet,CISCO, Juniper, Aruba wireless network design/configuration & implementation, strong working knowledge on Wide Area Networks (WANs), support of multi-vendor routers and switches.
? Strong hands on experience in configuring CISCO based routing e.g. RIP, EIGRP, IGRP, OSPF, HSRP route redistribution etc., and switching e.g. VLAN implementation, STP, VTP, Access lists, L3 Switching etc. Implementing and administrating Fortinet, Juniper SSL VPN and Fortinet Firewall, RedSeal..
? Quick learner with the ability to grasp new technologies, both software and hardware. I have proven ability to work under pressure and team environment. Also fluent in English, reading, speaking and writing. I am willing to relocate.

Professional Skills
Operating Systems Windows 7/8, Windows 2003/2008 Server,Redhat, CentOS Linux Server,VMware ESXi.
Networking TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, IDS/IPS, RAS, RADIUS, Switching/Routing, Multicasting, Access Lists, SIP/SDP, VLAN , VTP/STP, IPsec/GRE, MPLS,MPLS-VPN, IPv6.
Network Devices Cisco Routers 1800s/2500s/2600s/3700s, Cisco Switches 1900, 2950, 3550, 3750, 4500, 6500, Bluecoat, Nortel 8300, 8600, 5530, 5520,HP, 3Com
Routing Protocols RIP v1 & v2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, HSRP, BGP, Forward n Reverse Proxy
Network Security DMZ Zones, Juniper VPN SSL, Juniper SSG550M Firewall, Cisco PIX515E/ASA 5505 &ASA5510, BlueCoat Proxy, Site to Site VPN & DMVPN, Juniper Aruba NAC, Microsoft TMG,Fortinet Fortigate Firewall, RSA SAM
Network Mgmt. SolarWinds, PRTG Monitor

Professional Certifications
? Aruba Certified ClearPass Professional (ACCP)
? Fortinet NSE Level 7
? Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional (FCNSP)
? Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator (FCNSA)
? Design and Deployment Specialist Fundaments (MobileIron University)
? VMware Certified Associate-Data Center (VCA-DT)
? Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
? Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA)
? Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA, MCP)
? Juniper Firewall (JNCIA-FWV)

2009 – 2010 University of Bedfordshire UK
Masters of Computer Networking, July 2010
2003 – 2007 Preston Institute, Karachi Pakistan
Bachelor of Information Technology, January 2007

Professional Experience
04/2014 – Current Oxygen Saudi Arabia
System Engineer
I am involved in
• Handling Fortinet Officel P4 support ticket, including with high level of solution with remote session and chat with customers who open tickets on Fortinet official support.
• Delivering Fortinet NSE4 trainings.
• Holding full Per-Sales department, doing technical meeting with customer designing there requirement, suggesting final BoQ, doing PoC with 80% rate of success and handling professional services for full Fortinet portfolio.
• Project technical design, documentation HLD, LLD, project configuration and project handover.
• Working on Implementation of FortiDB 1000D, 500D to secure Database server and generates security Alert & Audit, targets DB servers are TCP/IP Sniffing.
o Phase 2 to implement DATA LEAK Presentation with Fortigate 500D & 300D, firewall will be deployed in transparent mode,
o Fortianalyzer & Fortimanager are also configured to analyze logs and manage the Fortinet devices.
• Worked on a Riyadh Bank Project (13/03/15 till 30/03/15), deployed Fortigate 1000D implementation covered 200 policies including security profiles (of Webfilter and Application control), IPS has been enabled only for DMZ zone.
o Integration of LDAP for users identification against web policies.
o DoS policy has been created to protect from any DoS attack from WAN.
• Worked on Al Rajeh Bank Project (15/05/15 till 15/05/15), deployed Fortigate 3200D implementation covered 300 policies including security Profiles (of Webfilter & application control),
o Three VDOM’s were created to handle different type of traffic, Internet zone are configured in two VDOM’s two forward traffic in two directions.
o SSL-VPN are configured to handle connection
o IPSec are also configured as required by customer
o LDAP integration has been done and SSL-VPN, IPSec authentication has been done through LDAP credential.
o FortiToken Mobile has been integrated as well to implementation two-factor authentication for SSL-VPN & IPSec.
• Designed, secure network based on Fortigate 300C, six units and replaced Cisco ASA 5520 implementing full features Antispam, antivirus, Web filter and Application control in HA mode for three major branches of Saudi Royal Guard.
• Meeting for PoC with Saudi Investment Bank, PoC was suggested to do on Fortigate 3240C but as they wants to implement Web proxy on same box but this box would get over whelm. So PoC has been postponed.
• Worked on King Abdulaziz Hospital Taif project on FortiADC 2000D (Link Load balancer) & Fortigate 3040B in active-passive HA mode & connected up to 5000 user and integrate their old network & server farm.
o Server farm was configured behind DMZ Zone, static NAT for Webservers, in total around 100 policies were created.
o Fortigate 3040B HA has been configured with ful mesh topology.
o FortiADC has been configure for WAN link load balancing.
o LDAP integration for user authentication against Webfilter policies.
• Worked on SAPTCO project migrated firewalls on Fortigate 300C as perimeter firewall & Fortigate 800C as Datacenter firewall.
o Servers are configured in DMZ Zone and static NAT there webservers, total server farm was 100 Servers, Including 1000 users, bluecoat was there as proxy server (static nat) on public IP.
o WAN link load balancing, Webfitler, Application Control, IPS & DoS policy and NAT there multiple servers for branch use.
o SSL-VPN has been configured as well with LDAP integration
• PoC for Arkaz Dammam on Fortigate 200D on application control, webfitler, SSL-VPN, link load balancing, LDAP intergration for 300 Users.
• PoC for Marmar Dammam on Fortigate 300D on all features (with link load balancing)
• PoC for Central Informatics Organization (CIO) Bahrain, major task was to integrate PKI authentication and SSL-VPN connectivity on smart cards for 10000 Users.
• Worked on a Fortigate 240D project in Bina Company network with application control, webfilter including LDAP integration and covered over 500 Users.
• Designed Tamimi network on Fortigate 1500D with all features.
• Designed King Fasial University datacenter firewall on Fortigate 1500D on FortiOS 5.2.2 to protect their servers from internal attackes.
• Designed Hungry Bunny HQ & Branch network on Fortigate 200D, 30D for WAN connectivity, application control feature, Guest Portal and Hub & Spoke IPSec tunnel up to 25 branchs including Forti Authenticator 200D.
• Worked on Fortigate 240D FortiOS 5.2.0, for link aggregation, application control feature, LDAP integration and SSL-VPN in UTEC Saudi Arabia.
• Worked on Fortigate 200B FortiOS 5.0.9 for aggregating WAN links, NAT multiple servers and connecting data links with IPSec & SSL-VPN connectivity in Riyadh Cables Saudi Arabia.
• Designing MobileIron deployment plan for 15000 devices for Telcom Company Mobily Saudi Arabia.

03/2012 – 03/2014 Al-Joaib International Corporation Saudi Arabia
Server and Network Administrator
I am involved in
• Managed HP Blade Servers Chassis C7000, BL460C G1,G8,
• BL460C G8 specifically used for VMWare deployment, Rest G1 were for other servers.
• Deployed DMVPN on Cisco 1841, 1811 and on all remote sites Cisco 877 & Cisco 887 with dynamic WANIP.
• Distributed LAN network was made on Cisco 2960 L2 switches and Cisco 3650 L3 switches in 12 branches.
• Designing and deploying site to site tunnel solution including Cisco 5520 and Cisco ASA 5505 on remote sites.
• Restructuring network and deploying new methods.
• Designed IP addressing for different sites.
• Managing over 600 users in all kingdom wide branches, these all branches are connected on DMVPN network for ERP application, VoIP and Video connectivity.
• Managing Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2003 Server for AD, DHCP and other applications.
• Internet monitoring and filtering by GFI Webmonitor and implemented GFI Antivirus enterprise.
• Remote assistant by Damware or teamviewer.
• Creating accounts and applying group policy in respect to there department.
• Implementing VoIP solution.
• Monitoring VPN network PRTG monitor.
• Implemented Virtualization of VMware ,Vsphere Vcenter 5.5, Installed Three ESXi Hosts, with SAN storage for High Availability of servers, In ESXi Host 12 virtual machines are running, including Microsoft Dynamics and SQL Database. For backup and monitor virtual machine and server health Veem has been installed
• Managing HP MSA 2000 SAN, and implemented HP P2000 SAN running Raid 1+0 on both SAN.

03/2009 – 01/2012 Huxley Associate
Contractor Natures Way Food LTD UK
2nd Line Support (Team Lead)
I am involved in
• Flashing and reinstalling HP Citrix terminal, installing images from SCCM.
• Managed Windows Server 2008 R2 Server and Exchange Server 2010.
• HP P2000 has been configured with Raid 1+0.
• Assigning Citrix token and sync it with Aladdin software integrated with Linux.
• Remote assistant by Damware, solving network printer issues.
• Creating account for new starter respective on there department policy group.
• Taking calls and solving problems of Citrix email, logging calls and managing solutions for on site and off site users. Check the server health, check backups and maintain user level network level and server related problem.
• Managed Juniper Firewall control to separate internet Gateways.
• Log calls to other technicians and push them to solve the problem with in SLA agreement.

Contractor South Essex Partnership Trust (Sept) NHS UK
Network Engineer (Contract)
I was included in project for
• Migrating from old network to a new network having Cisco firewalls 5510 & 5540, Cisco switches 3750 & 4500 with full redundant solution & investigating users and network problems through helpdesk calling system, identify their source, determine possible solutions, test and implement solutions & administrate VMWare ESX servers.
• Analyzing & monitoring for fault finding, configuration of Nortel switches in-stack & single deployment, managing WAN cloud (N3) connection & virgin WAN link (for internet).

Contractor ADI Company UK
Network Support Engineer (Part Time)
I have been included in couple of projects
• Investigate user and network problems, identify their source, determine possible solutions, test and implement solutions. Customer service on calls solving there helps, managing documents & generating reports.
• Manages network operations to include: troubleshooting connectivity problems; installing & maintaining Cisco 3600,3725, 2800, 2651 & 1800 routers, Cisco ASA 5505 & 5510 firewalls and Catalyst 3560, 3750, 6500, 4000 switches & HP, 3COM; Implemented traffic filters on Cisco routers using Standard and Extended access-list, Bluecoat proxy server.
• Designed and implemented various projects on Alcatel OmniSwitches created there LAN network.
• Install, configure, and maintain windows server 2008, 2003 on VMWare ESX servers, this includes the configuration apache server & related technologies also installed and managed Redhat, CentOS linux on multiple Offices, Troubleshoot networks, systems, and applications to identify and correct malfunctions and other operational difficulties. Establish and perform maintenance programs. Document network problems and resolutions for future reference.
11/2007 – 12/2008 Baud Telecom Company Saudi Arabia.
Network Engineer
• Provided design of both physical and logical network, optimizing performance, and implementation strategies including rebuilding the entire network infrastructure across four remote locations redesigning all Switches and replaced them with Alcatel Omni Switches. Redesigned IP and bandwidth management strategy, SAN network along with installation.
• Administrate Nortel L3 8600, 8300 & 5510 switches, Nortel Router & Secure Router, Catalyst 2950, 3550, 3750, 6500 switches, Cisco 3725, 2800 & 1700 router, Cisco PIX 506E,515E Firewall, MS ISA Server 2004, MS Exchange Server 2003. Monitor the implementation of all IT Security Systems. Implemented traffic filters on Cisco routers using Standard and Extended access-list.
• Set up VLANs and configured ISL trunk on Fast-Ethernet channel between switches. Provided WAN/LAN/VLAN, NAT support including installation and maintenance to users in a Cisco network environment. Prepared and developed technical documentations and security policies for the organization.
• Troubleshoot operating system, network connectivity, and end-user problems. Provide technical support.
• Designed, tested and implemented Alcatel LAN network based on L3 for a new wing in Sabic Oil & Gas Company (Product Used: Alcatel).
• Implemented Cisco ASA 5510 firewall for Ministry of Defense, Education and Justice and created multiple security policy and ensure Internal network is secured.(Product Used: Cisco).
• Designed, installed, configured and test of Data network and wireless network for King Faisal University 9 Buildings (Product Used: Aruba, Aruba wireless).
• Designing Converged network for voice and data services at SWCC Desalination plant (Product Used: Nortel).
• Installed & configured Juniper VPN gateways in Saudi Transformer Company and in its remote branches
• Installed, configured a Juniper Firewall SSG & Nortel Switches for National Commercial Bank Head Office
• Develop and maintain technology policies, standards and procedures manual; develop and maintain related technology checklists.
11/2006 – 10/2007 Cupola Ltd Pakistan.
IT Support Executive
• Development of Call Center within the context of a company, based on Cisco Call Manager 6.0, Call Distributor & VoIP recorder which provided cutting edge voice quality accessing from outside caller through 2 PRI lines in to Call Center, there were 37 branches were also connected through ADSL link & perform security administration from application server side. Configured and administered company networks (LAN) and servers and provide second-tier support.
• Was in charge, and lead a team of executives for cabling, installing & supporting including content management systems applications such as VoIP recorder.
• Designed, tested, implementation, operation and maintenance of the company network in Windows 2003 Active directory. Utilization of diverse security technologies such as firewalls & antivirus. Performs routine preventive maintenance on hardware and software.
03/2002 – 10/2006 Ltd Pvt Pakistan.
Network Administrator
• Administrate the network having more than 1350 users, had 4 servers for Windows Server 2000-2003, ISA Server 2002-2004, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory & DvB routers to ensuring uptime and load balancing, security policies, Group Policy Objects (GPO) Investigate user and network problems, identify their source, determine possible solutions, test and implement solutions.
• Manages network operations to include: troubleshooting connectivity problems; installing & maintaining routers, firewalls and switches; adding/terminating users;
• Administrate and maintain the group of Windows 2000/2003 high availability servers ensuring uptime, applications & operating system patches, maintenance releases, applying appropriate, and performing backup and recovery duties. Maintain user’s log.

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