Liana from Armenia applies for Blue Card Germany

Information and communications technology service managers

Personal data:

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Name of profession: Information and communications technology service managers Name of latest business sector: IT Latest occupation/title: SWE team manager Latest main activities: Software QA and Release Manager


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: M.S. System Technical Engineer-Software Engineer Specialisation: Computing Techniques Additional trainings: ISTQB™ Certified Tester-Foundation Level

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Munich 2. Preferred country | region / city: Austria | 3. Preferred country | region / city: Portugal |

Language skills:

1. Language skills: german => reasonable 2. Language skills: english => well 3. Language skills: russian => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:

Results-driven software release and QA manager with 16 years of experience in IT industry. Dynamic, resourceful, and extremely driven individual with a deep passion for creating and delivering programs and solutions that empower a team, company, and customer to meet and exceed desired expectations.

Highly experienced in managing software releases
Fundamental knowledge in terms of methodologies in project management and software QA
Solid experience leading people and cross-functional teams
Detail oriented with the ability to keep the big picture in mind
Experienced in creating and maintaining quality metrics and reporting procedures
Proficient with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (SAP).
Administrator of SBM -process management and workflow automation platform for IT and DevOps
Highly experienced in Version Management Systems (CVS, Perforce)
Good knowledge in GUI testing tools ( Qftest, Squish)
Good knowledge in UNIX Shell scripting
Familiarity with Dynamic and Static Check tools ( Purify, Valgrind, Coverity)
Familiarity with Code Coverage tools (PureCov, GCov)
Good knowledge in a peer code review and document review software application (Code Collaborator)

CERTIFICATION: Certified Tester-Foundation Level. Certification authority: ISTQB™
(International Software Testing Qualifications Board).Tampa, Florida 2004.

1. Strategic Change Communications. Porto, Portugal,2017
2. ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level-Test Manager. July 13-17, 2015, Berlin.
3. Linux Essentials. June 21-25, 2010. American University of Armenia Extension Program.



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