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Software developers

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Name of profession: Software developers Name of latest business sector: Information Technology Latest occupation/title: Principal Software Engineer Latest main activities: File systems, C,


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Filesystems Development NAS (Network Attached Storage)

De-duplication Storage Stack System Programming

My objective is to leverage my experience while continuing to be challenged with interesting engineering problems solving. I, a result-oriented professional with over 12 years’ experience in Filesystems design & development in Backup & Primary Filesystems represent a unique combination of disciplines. I have Insightful knowledge of Tiered Storage (Cloud Tier and Archive Tier). I am being an individual contributor with Systems and Storage programming and De-bugging primarily with C, Shell scripting & python, I am zealot and determined engineer who consistently strived to improve with long term organisational and individual goals envisioned.

Work Experience:

• EMC2 (May 2014 - till date)
Data Domain
DDFS Deduplication filesystem – Tiered storage (Cloud Tier and Archive Tier)

Role: Individual contributor for back up filesystem features design & development. Especially long term retention of aged data to cloud tier and archive tier.

Tools: C, Unix file system programming, shell programming, Python.

• RedHat India Pvt. Ltd (Jun 2013 – May 2014)
Integration between GlusterFS and Openstack Swift using “C” and “Python”

Role: GlusterFS, highly scalable filesystem equipped with global namespace, integrated data load balancing is integrated with Openstack Swift cloud object store. This serves as scalable backend storage for Swift object store. Individual developer, contributor

Tools: C, python, git, github

• Calsoft Pvt Ltd (Feb 2007- Jun 2013)

Client: Pillardata Systems (Multi QOS FileSystem)
Projects under Pillardata Systems using C, Pthreads, GDB6.7
- OnlineFS
- Quota
- FileSystem Snapshot Scheduler

Role: Individual contributor, File system developer, Bugs fixing for file system mgmt. path.
Tools: C, shell programming, perforce

• Symantec India (Apr 2007-Dec 2007)
Dynamic SAN multipath management and development using C, Linux and Solaris
Role: Bug fixing
Tools: C, System programming, Multi-threaded programming

• Calsoft Pvt Ltd
Client: Sun Microsystems (Mar 2006 – Dec 2006)
- StorADE for Sun’s storage and SAN products using Solaris
- Release and build engineering
- C, BASH programming and CVS

Client: Overland Storage (Jan 2006 – Mar 2006)
- Porting of Target mode Fibre Channel device driver for LSI LOGIC 7404XP-LC
Adaptor supporting Fusion-MPT Technology
- C, FreeBSD Kernel device driver, SCSI mid-layer

Client: Xiotech (July 2005 – Dec 2005)
- SCSI JBOD Emulator device driver
- C, Linux Kernel, Device Driver, SCSI mid-layer

Additional Projects

o Multipath management API supported by SNIA

- Multi pathing management system in Linux

o Cap?ules (Final Year Engineering project, Pune University)

- Won the 1st prize at PICT, Pune Concepts Project Competition (category: Systems)
- Operating System designed and developed in C++
- Project of supporting Kernel modules
- Runtime Linker
- Exported Symbol Manager
- Support for De-mangling Algorithm

Extra Professional Activities:

• Uniform Device driver framework for Capital
• GDB readable core dump library for dumping live core for Linux kernel 2.4
• Data Deduplication with EXT2
• Intra-company Storage Grid over NFS

Personal Details:

Highest Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science (University of Pune, 2005)

Visa Status: B1-B2 visa


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