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Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Banking Latest occupation/title: Senior SAP BW Consultant Latest main activities: Design, Build and Implement standardised and aligned data models in SAP BW system, to create a reconciled Enterprise Information platform for Treasury and Capital Management Division


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: MBA Specialisation: Finance Additional trainings: SAP BW Application Consultant

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I am a certified senior SAP BW Application consultant with over 10 years hands-on experience delivering end-to-end BI Solutions across various functional areas in multi-system landscapes using best practice Data & Data-flow modelling approaches. As such I have extensive experience in all critical aspects of a successful BI solution delivery ranging from user requirements gathering and formulation of functional specs, to the creation of technical designs, the actual solution-build as well as cut-over and post go-live processes.
In addition, I have held Solution design and Team leadership roles in market leading organizations tasked with among others, formulating, driving and implementing best-practice BW/BI solution architectural design standards.
A strong drive and a keen eye for detail coupled with a solid appreciation for understanding the bigger picture, underscore my passion for the realization and growth of an Enterprise's competitive advantage using BI Reporting and Analytics.

To engage in opportunities that not only meet my educational achievements and work experience, but also that challenge my competencies, capabilities and skills

Employer: Standard Bank of South Africa (SBG)
Role: Senior SAP BW Application Consultant
Main Activity: Design, build and implement in SAP BW system, a standardised and aligned data ETL to ensure a reconciled enterprise information platform for Treasury and Capital Management Division
Period: March 2016 – Present

Employer: EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd
Role: Senior BW/BI Consultant
Main Activities:
i) Provide consulting services to clients on SAP BW matters in particular and analytics in general;
ii) Design, build and implement SAP BW/ BI Solutions for PetroSA across functional areas, with a special focus on HCM-LSO and SCM (Stocks Management and Purchasing).
Period: April 2015 – September 2015

Employer: Eskom
Role: SAP BW Architect
Main Activities:
i) Advise project management on the implementation approach for BI Reporting and Analytics for SAP QIM;
ii) Design and implement a BW data foundation to which SBO BI Client tools plug in for effective reporting and Analysis of incidents and Incident management at Eskom
Period: November 2014 – February 2015

Employer: Media 24
Role: SAP BW / BI Team lead and Solution Architect
Main Activities:
i) Formulate Enterprise Analytics Strategy to fully leverage SAP Data-warehousing and BI Tools;
ii) Formulate BW Solution implementation standards based on best practise LSA framework;
iii) QA BW solution designs developed by team members;
iv) Manage delivery of all SAP BI solutions across business streams;
v) Formulate approach towards knowledge sharing within the team to guarantee sustainability of BI delivery;
vi) End-to-End implementation of BI Solutions.
Period: September 2013 – September 2014

Employer: Britehouse Specialist SAP Division
Role: SAP BW Solution Architect
Main Activities:
i) Develop Technical Design Documents based on the Functional Design Specifications;
ii) End-to-End BW Solution design using LSA design framework;
iii) Implement a set of reports on cross-functional Multi-providers layer covering Sales, Billing, Deliveries, Stocks and Purchasing;
iv) Build LSA data and dataflow models based on IS-Media-specific extractors.
Period: March 2013 – August 2013

Employer: AVI Limited
Role: Senior SAP BI Consultant
Main Activities:
i) Design and implementation of enhancements in data and dataflow models;
ii) Design and build BEx Queries and Workbooks
Period: January 2013 – February 2013

Employer: UCS Solutions
Role: Senior SAP BI Consultant
Main Activities:
i) Design and implementation of functional enhancements in BI Applications across modules including SAP-CRM;
ii) Support to select clients in the retail industry;
iii) General end-to-end solution performance optimization;
iv) Analyse all aspects of BW solution implementation against SAPs best practice with a focus on creating gap analysis documents with accompanying recommendations.
Period: March 2012 – December 2012

Employer: City of Cape Town
Role: SAP BI Consultant
Main Activities:
i) Analyse and validate existing user requirements;
ii) Propose and document recommendations on migrating BI reporting from a legacy system to SAP BW;
iii) Create a Power-User Training manual on a select BW Frontend Tools: BEx Query Designer and BEx Analyzer;
iv) Application performance optimisation
Period: July 2011 – September 2011

Employer: British America Tobacco
Role: SAP BI Consultant
Main Activities:
i) Lead in the Design, Build, Test and Deployment of BI solutions that source data from heterogeneous source systems;
ii) Ensure the designs of the regional BI solutions are fit-for-travel (FFT) and therefore can be replicated in other regional BW instances, which collectively should create a platform for Global BI solutions for the Organisation;
iii) Create Organisations standardised BI solution templates to augment SAP BW/BI standard content;
iv) Continuously enhance the BW Architectural Guidelines and Design principles for the Organisations BI solutions;
v) Controlling user access to sensitive data using BW Authorization Concepts;
vi) Application performance optimisation end-User training
Period: December 2007 – May 2011

Employer: Engen Petroleum Ltd
Role: Senior Knowledge Worker
Main Activities:
i) Assist in aligning management information needs with the strategic direction of the company;
ii) Specify in liaison with the business, key performance metrics, analytical structures, business rules and data requirements for query reporting and analysis;
iii) Whilst making use of the existing data, integrate new data and information flows into the Data Warehouse through well-configured dimension models and ETL design on the available BI platforms;
iv) Supporting business and data analysts and the wider Data Warehouse user fraternity;
v) Enabling, administering and managing routine production, reporting and information provision;
vi) Creating complex ad-hoc Queries/Reports using both BW BEx Toolset as well as SAS Base;
vii) Report-performance tuning across Business Intelligence (BI) platforms.
Period: March 2001 – November 2007


Qualification: SAP BW Certification
Institution: SAP Academy (South Africa)
Year obtained: 2007

Qualification: Diploma: Business Analysis
Institution: Faculty Training Institute (South Africa)
Year obtained: 2003

Qualification: MBA (Finance)
Institution: University of Lincoln (UK)
Year obtained: 2000

Qualification: Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Science)
Institution: Kenyatta University (Kenya)
Year obtained: 1997

Honours (Upper Division) in undergraduate studies (BSc. Environmental Studies).
Certificate of excellence in mathematics (National Mathematics contest);
Certificate of excellence in computer applications (Certificate level).

Formulated and led in the adoption of an enterprise-wide BW Solution Design Architectural Standards focused on driving quality and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).



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