Bhaskar from India applies for Blue Card Germany

Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified

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Name of profession: Software and applications developers and analysts not elsewhere classified Name of latest business sector: Latest occupation/title: Senior System Engineer Latest main activities: Application development, maintenance support and data analyst


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: M.Sc Specialisation: CSR and ethical Management Additional trainings:

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Bhaskar N Das,
BTech (UP Technical University)

1129, Lane No. 5, Arjun Nagar,
Gurgaon-122001, Indian
Mobil: - +91-9818365695
Email: -

Date of Birth: 08.05.1985
Nationality: Indian

Professional Qualification

2007 B.Tech(Mechanical Engineering) 69.62% U.P Technical University,
Lucknow, India

Educational Qualification

2003 12th Senior Secondary Certificate Examination with 72.8% Chiranjiv Bharti School (CBSE), Gurgaon, India

2001 10th Higher Secondary Certificate Examination with 80.6% Olf Convent High School (CBSE), Gurgaon, India


Dec 2008-till date working as Sr System Engineer with IBM India Pvt Ltd
January 2008- worked as software trainee with Infosys Technologies
August 2008


Oracle Certified Java Programmer 6 – OCJP
Oracle Certified Software component developer 5- SCWCD
Scrum certified fundamentals credentials
AIX 6.0 Basic Operations
IBM Big Data Fundamentals Technical Mastery-V1

Programming Language: Python 2.7 and 3.x, AngularJS and HTML5.
Tools & Framework: Watson, Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Scikit, Jupyter and other datascience Python libraries.
Databases: DB2, MySQL.
OS: Windows 7 and 10, AIX 6.0, Ubuntu 14.0.2

Training and courses
Presently pursuing Masters in data science at Simplilearn. Currently ongoing module- Python with datascience. Estimated time of finish- 15 days.
Assignment Description

June 2017 – epricer

Profile: Application Developer

Tools and Framework: Eclipse, Apache Solr, DB2, AngularJs, HTML5, CSS, Java, JPA, Agile
Agile Scrum

Roles: 1. Working on Code defects and fixes.
2. Debugging of Code.
3. Providing Maintenance and Support.
4. Providing Root Cause Analysis.
5. Working on Development tasks.
6. Preparing the epic, stories and EDD.
7. Working on iteration cycles and sprint.
8. Implementing strict agile practices throughout the Squads.
9. Working on design and development of UI.

Feb 2017 –June 2017 Apollo Munich Travel Insurance

Profile: Business Analyst
Tools and Framework: MS Word, Excel, MS Visio

Roles: 1. Requirement Elicitation.
2. Requirement analysis.
3. Preparation of Functional requirements.
4. Preparation of System requirements.
5. Preparing tracebility matrix.

Dec 2013-Feb 2017 iRAM( Rational Asset Manager)

Profile: Application Support for IT asset management products and data analysis using Python tools and libraries.

Technologies: DB2 10.1, AIX 6.1, Python, REST API, RTC, MS- Excel

Tools and Framework: DB Visualizer, WAS 6.1, putty, FileZilla, Eclipse Mars, Was 6.1, Apache Tomcat, Numpy, matplotlib, scipy, Agile, MS-Excel

Roles: 1. Worked as Sr Engineer and Team Lead in the project.
2. Worked on descriptive analytics and provided key insights through reports to key stake holders of the project using MS-Excel, Python programming and Python libraries (matplotlib, numpy and scipy) for analytics.
3. Acquiring data from various sources for descriptive analytics.
4. Performing data wrangling and data munging on acquired data.
5. Feeding the generated reports to Watson platform.
6. Using Watson platform and jupyter to explore key insights such
as download activities compared to previous data, new users
registration, security threats, down time and maintenance etc.
7. Providing monthly, weekly and adhoc analytics report as per
8. Providing Maintenance and support for the project.
9. Providing Rest API support.
10. Carrying out change request.
11. Carrying out regression testing.
12. Auditing and analyzing security policy violation through analytics.
13. Working on development of web portal for analytics visualization and support for team.
14. Creating Agile environment for project development.
15. Supporting application development and maintenance to project.
16. Working on code enhancement and fixpacks using Java.
17. Managing team.
18. Distribution of work/tickets to different team members
19. Mentoring the new team members
20. Implementing of Watson analytics.

June2013-Dec 2013 IIRT (MAXIMO Integration Tool)

Profile: Development of E-mail notification engine.
Technologies: JAVA 1.6, JDBC.
Werkzeuge: RSA, RTC, DB2 10, Apache Velocity
Responsibility: Was involved in development of E-mail notification engine for Maximo tool

May 2010-Dec 2013 eESM (Enterprise Suite Management)
Profile: Application Maintenance and Support with product suite of eESM.
Technologies: JAVA, J2EE, JDBC, HTML, WAS, DB2
Tools used: RSA, DB2 v9.7, WAS 6.1, vnc, FileZilla, CMVC.
Roles: Worked as developer for various product suites offered by eESM a product by IBM. The product suite consisted of problem management tools, ticket management tools, asset management tools. Primarily provided support for various suite applications installed and configured across various teams within the organization. Also worked on frequent patch updates and GUI interfaces enhancement tasks.

Feb 2009-April 2010 Service Master
Profile: Application Development and Support in American Home Shield a subdivision of Service Master a client of IBM.
Technologies used: JAVA, J2EE, Web Services.
Tools used: RSA, Oracle 9i, BEA Weblogic 8.4, Kodo, BMC Remedy.
Roles: Worked as Data Service Engineer in American Home Shield a subdivision of service master. Handling and maintaining web services. Was involved in development of Point of Sales for Service Master clean. Developed a completely new Point of Sales service for the brand of Service Master.
Online and MOOC trainings
- Datascience Master Course at Simplilearn.
- Coursera Python for Informatics
- Datascience Foundation from


- Data visualization tools in Python- OSFY May 2016

I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Date Bhaskar N Das


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