JuYoung from South Korea applies for Blue Card Germany

Software developers

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Name of profession: Software developers Name of latest business sector: Sandisk Latest occupation/title: Senior Software Engineer Latest main activities: F/W development, troubleshooting, Developing Test scenarios and Test Script


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: B.E in Computer Engineering Specialisation: Computer Engineering Additional trainings:

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I've developed my resume site so please refer to it.
And my english name is Reina.


• Sandisk Corporation, SouthKorea - Senior Software Engineer

Project : Venus(client SSD F/W)
Skills : C, ARM, RTOS, Python
From Aug.2015 To Sep.2016

- Implementation the F/W of feature to Vendors requirements for client SSD.
- Development of the layers that send data between the Host and FTL on the ThreadX.
- Issue analysis and resolution of numerous problems for performance improvements.
- Various testing. Unit/Integration/Acceptance.

• Samsung Electronics Corporation, Inc., SouthKorea - Software Engineer

Project : Delphi System(3D NAND first verification)
Skills : C, R, ARM, Python
From Jan.2015 To Aug.2015

- Constructed a test scenario and implement F/W for analyze 3D NAND.
- Constructed test cases that run on the chamber and embedded boards.
- Developed programs to analyze and visualize the results of huge size of log.

Project : Test automation system for SSD, eMMC, UFS
Skills : Javascipt, jQuery, BootStrap, HTML, CSS, dJango, litesql, C#, WPF
From Jan.2013 To Dec.2014

- Developed a system to automatically install Windows and Test programs of over 1000 PC.
- Designed and developed web application for visualizing data of SSD and program for execute Testing. Developed viewer for current test equipment and developed a program to export Excel files from database tools.
- Designed and developed web application for visualizing data of huge size log parsing
- Developed a system that is capable of transmitting a command to group multiple boards in a webpage. It can be monitored simultaneously about over 700 boards. Designed and developed web application for test automation system using Python based platform, Django and bootstrap components.
- Developed a program that automatically checks the latest BIOS version and Driver version of PCs in the lab(over 1000), saves it in DB, and exports it as an Excel file. (Vendor’s all PC model like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, etc )
- Developed a tool for analyzed the log, stored on the Data Server and viewer that showing analysis of test and products information. It also can issue commands to the board by terminal.

Project : MCX, MDX, MFX (controller of client SSD)
Skills : C, ARM, FPGA
From Jan.2010 To Dec.2012

- Verifying controller basic functionality on SATA-based client SSD.
- Generate guide code for S/W team, how to read/write to NAND, setup and use UART, I2C, GPIO etc.
- I have developed a test framework that can be a hardware unit tests on the FPGA environment.
- Developed a lot of test cases according to SSD specification for improving quality of SSD F/W.

• Best chemicals & Plastics,INC, Philippines - Intern

Project : Website development
Skills : AST.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, Cobol

- Taking photos and making homepage related to the company.
- Maintain factory programs within the company.

• Samsung software membership, South Korea - Member

Skills : C, C++, C#, WPF, Adobe Flex, Adobe Air, OpenGL, Linux

- Image search and movie collection, editing, management program using local and web search.
- Developed program provides support for environment, such as 3D desktop in the Linux environment.
- Developed USB development emulator(USB Virtual Driver) that allows developers to develop for USB devices without hardware in a Windows environment.
- Developed a site for video management and playback, Program for editing videos on the Web without encoding.



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