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Name of profession: University and higher education teachers Name of latest business sector: University of Tirana Latest occupation/title: Lecturer Latest main activities: Lecturer of the courses: Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Multimedial Systems


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: Doctorate degree in Informatics Specialisation: Informatics Additional trainings:

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(October 2002 - present) Lecturer
University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences (
Lecturer of the courses: Operating Systems, C programming, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Introduction in Computer Science, Multimedial Systems.

(September 2007 – September 2009) Part time IT Auditor
Internal Audit Department
Societe Generale Albania (
Responsible for IT audit

(February 2007 – August 2007) Part time IT Auditor
Internal Audit Department
Credins Bank (
Responsible for IT audit

(January 2002 – January 2007) Software analyst and developer
Intech+ Sh.p.k.
Software analyst and developer in Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase: Responsible for analyses and development in the following projects: Development of the Information Management System for the General Directorate of Anti Money Laundering to gather information of financial transactions from financial institutions and provide analysis procedures; analyses and development of Document Management System for the General Directorate of Customs; analyses and development of Document Management System for the Central Election Commission; development of a financial system for the payroll and human resources of the Supreme State Audit; Analyses and development of Voters Register for Central Election Commission, etc.

(July 2001 – October 2001) IT Specialist
TLAS (Tirana Legal Aid Studio) one of the programs of CAFOD Albania (Not-for-profit organization)
Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the software they used to keep records of their clients. Also responsible for the data entry of old cases.

(August 2000) Secretary of the summer school for "Political Science and International Relations"
SOROS Foundation (Not-for-profit organization)
Tirana, Albania

(August 1999) Coordinator of the summer school for "Public Administration"
SOROS Foundation (Not-for-profit organization)
Tirana, Albania

(December 2001/2000/1999) Helpdesk
SOROS Foundation (Not-for-profit organization)
Tirana, Albania
Helpdesk on the annual Workshop "@net 1999", "@net 2000”, "@net 2001”.


(March 2011 – April 2016) Doctorate in Informatics
University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences ( )
Thesis on knowledge management focusing particularly on the discovery of knowledge by showing practical applications of it in the fields of education and medicine. Data mining techniques are applied to extract knowledge from students data, that was used to design and develop the curriculum for master of sciences in teacher of informatics. While in the field of medicine data mining techniques are used on patients’ data in order to build a model for diabetes diagnoses.

(October 2004 – December 2008) Master in Informatics
University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences (
Subjects:Databases, Advanced Operating Systems, Paralel Procesing, Cryptoanalysis
Thesis: Web Services: A hybrid platform.
The thesis proposed the use of web service for real time transmission of transactions between the commercial banks and the General Directorate of Anti Money Laundering. This work consisted on the development of the database on Oracle and the development of a web service in Java. A client application was also build in order to show how the web service could be used for data transmission.

(October 1997 – July 2002) Diploma in Informatics (5 Years Program)
University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences (
Subjects: Pascal Programing, C programing, Object Oriented Programing, Databases, Networking, Operating Systems, Cyptography, etc.


Communication skills:
Good communication skills gained from my work experience especially from the education system. Furthermore, the experience as software analyst and developer on the private sector has substantially helped me to have very good team group skills.

Organisational / managerial skills:
Good Organisational / managerial skills gained from my work experience especially when I worked as software analyst and developer. In different projects I had to lead a team of 3 to 5 people.

Job-related skills:
The extensive experience as a researcher and programmer has equipped me with very good analyzing and development skills.

Driving licence B


I Learn (2015 – 2016 Tirana, Albania)
The Project “I Learn” is a joint action of Governmental Institutions, Scientific institutions and community representatives. It focuses on education and social inclusion by coming to the aid of deaf children. The project is a strategic intervention aimed at the design, experimentation and promotion at national level of a new model for deaf children - digital education. The project contributes to the empowerment of deaf children in Albania and their inclusion in society, particularly through improved educational materials and tools for these children.
To achieve this an Interactive e-learning platform (in C#) is developed that facilitates the interactive e-learning process. The project helps the implementation of the strategy for ICT in Albania (Digital Agenda), which aims to provide ICT to all and All Inclusive ICT.

Conferences & Publications
Ktona A, Bilo I, Xhaja D, Melo Xh (2016) “Data Science in Sensing Machine Generated Data”. 2nd International Conference on Recent Trends and Applications in Computer Science and Information Technology. Tirane, Albania 18-19 November 2016.
Ktona A, Xhaja D, Kika A, Brahushi G (2016) "A framework for diabetes diagnoses decision support system". Conference “Applied Computer Science Conference”. The 11th International Annual Meeting of Alb-Science Institute (IASH-ACSC 2016). Tirane, Albania 01--03 September 2016.
Xhaja D, Ktona A, Brahushi G, (September 2014). “CURRENCY EXCHANGE RATE FORECASTING USING MACHINE LEARNING TECHNIQUES”. International Journal of Computer and Information Technology ISSN: 2279-0764, (Online), Volume-03, Issue-05, Page. No: 1037-1041. GIF: 0.687.
Ktona A, Xhaja D, Ninka I. (May 2014) “EXTRACTING RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN STUDENTS’ ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND THEIR AREA OF INTEREST USING DATAMING TECHNIQUES” The 6th International Conference on “Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks”. (CICSyN 2014). Proceedings Book: ISBN 978-1-4799-5076-8. IEEE 2014. Tetovo, Macedonia.
Xhaja D, Ktona A, (June 2013) “APLICATION OF RELATIONSHIP MINING IN EDUCATION” The 4rth International Conference on “Information Systems and Technology Innovation: Towards a Digital Economy”. (Abstract Proceedings: ISBN 978-9928-161-38-3), Tirane, Albania
Ktona A, Xhaja D, Kika A. (December 2012) “DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CURRICULUM FOR MASTER OF SCIENCES IN TEACHER OF INFORMATICS” The 1st Albania International Conference on Education (AICE 2012). Tirane, Albania
Vika B. Martiri E, Xhaja D, (December 2011) “IMPROVING MASSIVELY TIME SERIES FORECASTING THROUGH PARALEL NEURAL NETWORKS” The International Conference on “Economic & Social Challenges and Problems”. Tirane, Albania.



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