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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: Airline Latest occupation/title: Aircraft Engineer Latest main activities: Aircraft Engineering, Maintenance, Safety and Quality in Product/Services , Aircraft Knowledge Training, Academic Teaching in Aerodynamic Faculty


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: PhD Specialisation: Aerospace Engineering Additional trainings:

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1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Stutgart 2. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | M√ľnih 3. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Hamburg

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Having PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering in one of the leading technological university of Turkey, Istanbul Technical University, I worked in Turkish Airlines for 16 years in several specialties such as aircraft engineering/planning, maintenance operation, safety/quality and training. During this time I gained strong analytical abilities and experiences using statistics to resolve engineering problems. I worked closely with the airline operation to collect and analyze data and launched corrective actions. I prepared technical reports and presentations in support of various maintenance operation activities.

In aircraft engineering/planning works in Turkish Airlines from 2000 and 2016, I especially focused on aircraft systems including metallic and composite repairs of Airbus and Boeing airplanes. I supported the customization of aircraft maintenance plan and definition of work packages and resources such as man-hour, material, tool, equipment and facility to best suit airline-specific environmental and operational characteristics. As an operation support engineer, I evaluated several defects/failures on modern aircraft like Airbus A330 and Boeing B777 and shared engineering data with the main aircraft manufacturers. Mechanical properties and several failure types of aircraft structures have always become my business in practical manner. I have faced several mechanical/electrical damages which occurred in different areas of aircraft structures. Therefore I know very well the importance of static electricity in aircraft. In my future job I can bring to the company my experiences and knowledge which has been gained in Airbus/Boeing aircraft operation environment.

In my safety and quality related works, I monitored to entire organization and collected several data about safety critical occurrences and audit findings. I analyzed them and presented to all partners with the proposed corrective actions. I followed-up the application of continuous improvements. I also supported internal and external customer requests for maintenance operation, planning and engineering deliverables such as analysis, estimates and proposals. I identified high maintenance cost drivers and initiated innovative solutions to reduce those costs.

I took many courses such as aircraft basic and type training, aircraft structures, NDT methods, EWIS, Fuel Tank Safety, FAA/EASA Aviation Rules, aircraft delivery, safety risk assessments, ISO/AS standards and Quality/Safety Management Systems. In 2001, I took one month - Aircraft Structures Courses for Engineers from Boeing in Seattle which became very useful for my engineering base knowledge. From Airbus and Boeing repair manuals I see aircraft material and structural design has been continuously improved. I have to catch all these changes and apply in my engineering solutions. I have update knowledge on this area. My experience and knowledge on these aircraft types may be used in my future organization.

I gained a perfect experience in a leading airline company, Turkish Airlines, which has a distinguished reputation in safe, comfort and economic operation in worldwide during last 10 years. I applied my knowledge and experience about aircraft operation, safety and training to this company. I believe that I have an important contribution to this company during this excellent performance.
According to the number of accidents, the airline safety record increased at least two times during this time while it grew five times per airplane number. The company successfully increased the number of aircraft from 60 in 2006 to 300 in 2016. The number of staff is around 20.000, the number of managers in the entire is around 500. It has been good success. As a training and safety manager with a few training managers, I performed in leading and critical roles in the company during this high performance as well as I commanded a high salary and high remuneration.

In parallel to my engineering works in airline I also continued my academic works as a part time teaching / researching staff in the major universities of Istanbul as an Assistant Professor. My academic professional subjects are about aircraft structures, flight mechanics, aircraft systems knowledge and aviation sciences.

I would like to work in the area of aircraft/mechanical engineering, research, development or academic jobs in the related area..


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