KYOUNGYOL from KOREA applies for Blue Card Germany

Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Semiconductor / Microelectronics Latest occupation/title: Technology Leader Latest main activities: Process / Solution Development


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: ph.D course completion Specialisation: Chemical Engineering Additional trainings:

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Language skills:

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Personal note /detailed application:

***. Career Summary
- Technical Expert in Semiconductor & Microelectroniucs
; Metrology & Failure Analysis solution development for Semiconductor / Display / LED
; Semicondcutor Process / Equipment Development
; Camera Module Manufacturing and System Enhancement
- Technical Marketing & Business Development
; Technical solution development leading to business success
; New Business development from ground
; Pre-/Post-sales, Customer support, Project Management
- Good Communication and win-win pursuing
: Excellence in making close relationship and having global network
: High communication & presentation skill
; Motivating and Self-motivated leadership

(If required, I can provide the reference letter of my former company's CTO and Vice President)

I. Work Experience
2015. 04 ~ Present COWELL Engineering Project Management Leader
2006. 01. ~ 2015. 03 CAMECA Technology Leader & Scientist
2001. 09. ~ 2005. 12. SK HYNIX Senior Researcher

---Responsibility & Achievement---
2015. 04. ~ Present COWELL
COWELL is located in Guangdong, Dongguan having more than 8000 employees. The company is manufacturing camera module for smartphone and a main supplier of Apple iPhone’s front camera. COWELL was published in Hongkong stock exchange and the Sales Gross in 2015 is exceeding 1 billion USD.

(2015/4 – 2016/04) Engineering Project Management Leader
• Customer (Apple) Communication Channel
: Customer communication for mass production of iPhone 6S, 6S+ Camera module
: Customer communication for development of iPhone 7, 7+ Camera module
• Implanting defect management methodology to Camera module
: Establish the semiconductor protocol in Clean Room management
: Develop Defect inspection system with Camera module carrier
• Failure Analysis enhancement
; Introduce new FA methodology for the improvement of accuracy in particle identification
; Construct particle library for enhanced process mapping and particle control

2006. 01. ~ 2015. 03 CAMECA
CAMECA was famous French science company producing state of art analysis technology including SIMS, EPMA and Atom Probe. CAMECA is a company who first commercialize Dynamic SIMS and EPMA. In 2009, CAMECA was M&A’ed to AMETEK.

(2011/1 –2015/3) Technology Leader & Scientist
• Management of Application and Customer support for all CAMECA BU Products (Atom Probe, SIMS, LEXES, EPMA)
• Next Semiconductor Business Development with advanced solution development
: In-Line Solution with destructive analysis technology
; Analysis-Metrology Hybridization
• New Solution development and settlement in Semiconductor and Display
: Semiconductor ? DRAM Storage Node, Logic HKMG, e-SiGe and SiCP, VNAND etc.
: Display ? IGZO, Metal Electrode Interface, EL/ITO Interface, Hydrogen etc.
• Mid / Long Term Business Creation
: Network Development in various prospected account
: Solution under Development in the field of LIB/PV/Metallurgy/Bio/Nuclear/Geology

(2006/1 – 2010/12) Metrology (LEXES) Application Scientist
• MI Applications development for LEXES technology
: Solution Development ? DPN, High-k, BPLAD, e-SiGe, SiCP, C-contamination, GST etc.
: 6 tools sold to Samsung and 1 tool to SK Hynix
• Productivity Enhancement and New Model Development
: Particle Control, Advanced Patter Rec. and Gage R&R improvement etc.
; EX300 Model Development

2001. 09. ~ 2005. 12 SK HYNIX
SK HYNIX is 2nd largest DRAM manufacturer in the world.

• DRAM Thin Film Process Development in R&D
; Metal Process ? CVD W, ALD Ti/TiN, Metal Interconnection
: DCVD Process ? ISO HDP, APCVD, ARC and CMP
• Metrology/Inspection & Yield Enhancement TFT
• Technology Migration to Mass Production
: 160 nm DRAM to M7 Fab in Icheon
: 100 nm DRAM to Eugene Fab in USA

II. Education
1996.03 ~ 2001.02 Seoul Nat’lUniv. Chem. Eng. Ph.D course completion
1994.03 ~ 1996.02 Seoul Nat’lUniv. Chem. Eng. Master
1989.03 ~ 1994.02 Seoul Nat’lUniv. Chem. Eng. Bachelor

---Major Research Theme---
- Research for making Metal Quandum Dot to embody Single Electron Transistor
- Fractal growth of void in thermal agglomeration in Ultrathin (<200A) Metal Film
- Laser Interaction with Ultrathin Metal Film and Metal Clusters
- The Effects of Substrate Conductivity on Cu MOCVD

III. Others
-. Language : Korean Native, English Excellent, Germany Intermediate, Chinese Intermediate,
-. Computer Skill : MS Office Excellent, C & C++ Programing, Minitab, AutoCAD etc.
-. Oversea Experience :
2011/04 ~ 2011/10 : Atom Probe Solution Development in Madison, USA
2008/07 ~ 2008/09 : LEXES New Model Development and Evaluation in Paris, France
2006/03 ~ 2006/06 : LEXES Applications Training in Paris, France
2005/01 ~ 2005/08 : Thin Film Process setup for 100nm DRAM in Eugene, USA
2000/08 : Oral Presentation at American Physical Society in Seattle, USA
-. Patents :
9 Patents are applied in Korea (Improvement of Via Filling, Capacitor Node Development, Efficient Particle removal etc.)


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