Rafael from Brazil applies for Blue Card Germany

Chemical engineers

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Name of profession: Chemical engineers Name of latest business sector: Management Latest occupation/title: Market coordinator Latest main activities: Silica’s market development, beeing responsible since initial technical assistance until the product delivery.


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Chemical engineer Specialisation: Additional trainings: Introdution to UV cure technology

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Rafael Giglio Gomes

Chemical Engineer graduated at Fundação Educacional Inaciana – FEI.


Working at chemical engineering area/ chemical process/ industrial projects/ automation/ business/ management


• Chemical Engineering FEI* - Centro Universitário da Fundação Educacional Inaciana February/2009 to December/2013

*FEI has a partnership with K.I.T. in Karlsruhe (Germany)


• General Chemistry II intern at Centro Universitário da FEI – August/2013 to December/2013
Developed activities: duty officer in doubt;

• Internship at Ábaco Tecnologia Ambiental – April/2013 to November/2013
Developed activities: monitoring of audit processes and environmental certification (ISO 14001) ; system development online consultation to FISPQ (MSDS) ;

• Fluid mechanics I intern at Centro Universitário da FEI – August/2011 to April/2013
Developed activities: duty officer in doubt and professor’s assistant on performed experiments;

• Internship at chemical labs of Faculdade de São Bernardo do Campo – FASB in 2006 – 5 months
Developed activities: preparation of glassware and reagents in laboratories.

• Market coordinator and selling engineer at Fuji Silysia Chemical – january/2015 to march/2016
Developed activities : silica’s market development (mainly inks, plastics and foods’ market) beeing responsible since initial technical assistance until the product delivery.


• Advanced English (Speaking, Writing and Reading);
English improvement course in European College of Management – ECM College - Dublin – Ireland – concluded on February/2013
• Intermediate Spanish (Speaking, Writing and Reading)
• Intermediate German (ongoing)
• Office pack with advanced Excel
• Basic course from Rad Tech about Introdution to technology cure by radiation.


• Brazilian, single, 24 years old
• 533 Brasílio Machado Street, apartment 93F, Downtown – São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo - Brazil
• Telephone: +55(11)97168-6001; +55(11)4335-4926
• e-mail:
• Willing to country moving


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