Nigar from Azerbaijan applies for Blue Card Germany

Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Aerospace Latest occupation/title: Satellite Operations Engineer Latest main activities: ? Writing reports and creating, testing and validating spacecraft scripts & operations procedures ? Resposponsible engineering during key operations including eclipse and manoeurvres ? Responsible for satellite platform subsystems (EPS, ACOS, TCR,


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master of Science in Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems with Distinction Specialisation: Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems with a specialism in Auto Robotics Additional trainings: Berlin Space Summer School, Aachen Robotics Operating System Summer School

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WORK EXPERIENCE (Business or sector: Aerospace)

From 02.2012 – to 09.2014 and from 10.2015 - present) Satellite platform operations engineer
Azercosmos OJSCo (Uzeyir Hajibeyli 72, AZ1000, Azerbaijan)
- 3 years of experience in supporting controllers during both nominal and contingency operations of GEO (Africasat 1A/ Azerspace1: Orbital ATK Star-2) satellite
- On-the-job training experience in operation of LEO (Spot7: AIRBUS`s AS250) satellite
- Professional experience with GMV’s HIFLY TT&C and on-the-job training experience FOCUSGEO FDS, Airbus’s OPEN CENTER TT&C and QUARTZ LEO FDS
- Deep knowledge of all satellite (GEO & LEO) platform systems: Attitude, Electrical Power, Telecommand & Ranging, Propulsion and Thermal subsystems
- General knowledge of satellite Payload (GEO & LEO)
- Developing software applications and tools
- Analyse and trend satellite performance
- Experience in C, C++, Matlab, HTML, Visual Basic and Python scripting language
- Writing reports and creating, testing and validating spacecraft scripts & operations procedures
- Resposponsible engineering during key operations including eclipse and manoeurvres
- Responsible for satellite platform subsystems (EPS, ACOS, TCR, CDH, PSS, TCS) health analysis, proper implementation of operational procedures
- Preparation and maintenance of operational configurations and procedures for spacecraft routine, contingency and special operations
- Provide 24 hour operational support of in-orbit satellites during execution of mission activities, E.g. manoeuvres, pre-eclipse, eclipse, post-eclipse, rapid battery balance
- Satellite (LEO and GEO) Systems Procurement Support
- Scheduling and managing operational activities properly
- Working in the Satellite Operations team and reporting to the Satellite Operations Engineering Manager
- Review of documentations from manufacturers and validation and optimisation of flight procedures using simulators
- Active participation during On-Site Acceptance Tests, Technical and Operational Qualification phases for Azersky (Spot 7) Earth Observation Satellite
- Support during Azerspace 2 Telecommunication satellite construction (e.g. PDR, CDR review)
Key Achievements
Created a new software tool (self-taught) in Visual Basic for collection spacecraft data and to copy it to the database. There are two options (buttons): the first one is for addition new data, the second one to rewrite existing data.


From 09.2014 – to 09.2015:
MSc Distinction in Robotics, Autonomous and Interactive Systems with specialism in Autonomous Robotics
Key Modules:
Software Engineering | Real Time Imaging and Control | Intelligent Robotics| Robotic Mechanical Systems | Data Mining and Machine Learning etc.

From 10.08.2015 – to 21.08.2015:
Robotic Operating System Summer School
Services/ Publisher/Subscriber/ Messages/ Topics/ rviz
PWM Servo Control, rosserial, ROS on Arduino
Messages from: Range Sensor, IMU, Flow Sensor, Arduino
Image Processing, RGB Imaging, Filtering, OpenCV, Recognition of Traffic Signs

From 06.08.2012 – to 23.08.2012:
Berlin Space Summer School
Small satellites design and construction,
Microsatellites attitude control system designing,
Satellite communication,
Design of communication systems for small satellites,
Configuration of ground station segments,
Network of the ground stations, Orbital mechanics,
Satellite mission design by STK software tool,
Control engineering.

From 09.2008 – to 06.2012:
BSc in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics
Key Modules:
Linear Algebra and Geometry| Differential Equations | Physical Mathematics Equations| Complex Analysis | Computer practice and Programming| Models and Methods of Discrete Mathematics | Optimization Methods | Calculation Methods etc.

Mother tongue(s) Azerbaijani

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English C1 C1 C1 C1 C1
Turkish C1 C1 C1 C1 C1

Russian C1 C1 C1 C1 C1

Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

? Coordination with GMV, Kratos Integral Systems Europe, Orbital ATK, Airbus through my experience as satellite operations engineer

- Good experience in project management for lunar and earth eclipse preparation, Hifly Functionality Test etc.
- Responsible for a team of 13 people
- My work as operation engineer include organising all operations considering priority of tasks;

- The ability to work independently
- The ability to work on multiple activities, multiple subsystems and multiple missions simultaneously.
- Strong mathematical background
- Capability autonomously analyse and trend satellite performance and solve contingency situations

- good use of Microsoft Office™ tools
- Professional experience in C, C++, Matlab, Maple, Visual Basic and Python scripting language
- Self-experience in HTML, Java, Javascript.
- Windows, Linux in user level
- Professional experience in Hifly, Magnet, FocusGeo, Dynamic Satellite Simulator
- On-the-job training experience in SatSim, Airbus’s OPEN CENTER TT&C and QUARTZ LEO FDS, PAVEO (Plan Analysis &Validation for Earth Observation);

“Stability of flow of a liquid layer on a slope” , Lomonosov Conference 2011, Moscow,

Line following and obstacle avoiding robot controller by application artificial intelligence DURING MSc STUDY
Evaluation of a robot controller to control a single robot on a race circuit.
Application of artificial neural network techniques to Renishaw Equator coordinate measurement machine calibration: DURING MSc STUDY
Creation of kinematics and error models, error sensitivity analysis for a given workspace, application artificial neural network techniques to figure out the relationship between linear encoders and position coordinates
Classical Linear Control of a Two-Link Robotic Manipulator: DURING MSc STUDY
Design and implementation of classical linear controllers for joint angle control of a two-link robotic manipulator. The manipulator has two configurations – in the first the joints are not affected by gravity and in the second the joints are affected by gravity.

- DAAD Scholarship for Robotic Operating System Training, 2015;
- Governmental Scholarship for studying in Heriot-Watt University, 2014-2015
- Governmental Scholarship for studying in Moscow State University, 2008-2012
- Participation in International Lomonosov Conference, Moscow 2011
- Winner of the Competition Among Students of the Mathematical Department, 2011
- Honorary Edict of Higher Education Students’ I “Ideal Logic” Competition 2011
- I degree Diploma of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan 2008

Dr. Kong Xianwen:
Academic Supervisor, Heriot-Watt University,


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