Yi from China applies for Blue Card France

Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians

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Name of profession: Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians Name of latest business sector: Aviation/Financial Latest occupation/title: Data analytics lead/staff data scientist Latest main activities: Predictive modeling, descriptive reporting, financial impact evaluation


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Diplôme d\'ingénieur Specialisation: Informatique/information engineering;automation/artificiel intelligence Additional trainings: Control Title Holder of Data Analytics

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Language Skills
French (Fluent) English (Fluent) Mandarin (Native)

French-Chinese double degree program
Of Xi’an Jiaotong University (China) and University of Technology of Troyes (France)

Issued degrees
09/2009 French Engineer Degree of University of Technology of Troyes (UTT)
Information & Telecommunication System Engineering

06/2009 Master Degree of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU)
Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

Professional skills:
- 2 years’ experience in aviation, airframe, engine industry business experience
- 4 years credit card, retail, marketing industry experience (eg, wallet analysis, campaign analysis, cross-sell)
- 6 years’ experience of data analytics/data science and quantitative solution design, development and implementation
- Delivery oriented, good sense of service, team player and natural leader
- Proficient with analytics tools: SAS (eg, scripting, data steps, procedures, macros), R, Excel;
- Proficient in statistics and mathematics modeling (machine learning, statistical analysis, pattern recognition)
- Experience with analytics visualization and reporting
- Experience of data processing, data management, data mining and storage, artificial intelligence (eg, daily or real-time delivery of big volume data)

Professional Experiences
Jul/2014- Aviation Data Analytics Lead Shanghai, China
Present General Electronics (GE)
Build up from scratch analytics team, work flow, knowledge for engineering team.

Jet engine prognostic health management (PHM) analysis.
Lead analytics team to fusion, analyze and represent various types of operational data coming from different sources such as aircraft health monitoring, surveillance operations, pilots and maintenance logbooks, configuration data.

Lead analytics team to leverage engine, airframe and flight data to design, deploy predictive models, descriptive reports to support shop maintenance planning, airline operational cost optimization, engine contract bidding.

Oct/2010- Analytics Lead Shanghai, China
Jun/2014 Opera Solutions
Design, develop and deploy state-of-art, data-driven predictive models to solve business problems using the latest and most appropriate technologies in machine learning, statistical modeling and operations research.
Manage analytics project timeline, delivery team for business and risk solution delivery
Cross-functional coordination, recruiting/mentoring

Project 1: Predictive modeling of airline disruption management
Identified opportunities for early warning indicators, risk scores and predictive model for airline disruption management decision support
- Logistic regression model training, refining for PS/Ramp delay prediction

Project 2: Enforced film scheduling solution for one of UK’s main cinema cooperate – eventually led a 6 people, 3 work streams team
During 1 year, we have built up and put on line a comprehensive framework to produce optimized film.
- Built segmentation model to cluster 7000 individual films to around 30 different clusters according to their characteristics and performance. (linear regression, KNN)
- Coordinated with admission forecasting team to build up film total profit model based on forecasted box office admission.
- Led software and analytic team to put the daily optimized film scheduling end-to-end system online

Project 3: Bust-out early detection for biggest international banks – led a 2 people team
- Created and proved the concept of Mal-intention, credit abuse and bust-out
- Created and identified bust-out signal
- Built bust-out segmentation model
- Simulated and evaluated financial impact of proposed new bust-out model which prevent

Project 4: Profit enhancement for one of the biggest international banks for their credit card affiliate product cross-sell – main modeler for cross sell response model
- Built and refined logistic regression model for response prediction:
o Bi-variate analysis, correlation analysis
o Sampling, model training, dummy variable substitution, variable transformation, co-linearity analysis
o In sample validation, out of sample validation, intercept adjustment
- Financial impact analysis

Project 4: Sales Optimization for one of Chinese biggest female apparel company – main KPI creator and modeler
- Defined a new and comprehensive KPI for client’s sales performance evaluation
- Help analytics lead built demand forecast model in using time series
- Help analytics lead designed sales and inventory analysis reporting system
- Implemented reporting system in SAS and VBA

Project 5: Collection and recovery optimization POC for one of the biggest private bank of UK
- Collection opportunities diagnostic analytics
- Built payment willingness prediction, logistic regression model
- Built payment ability scoring, linear regression

Feb/2006- Professional Internship of Software Development Analyst Paris, France
Aug/2006 Automation & Elec. Engineering company, ACTEMIUM


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