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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Telecommunications Latest occupation/title: Senior Director of Technology Latest main activities: Strategy, R&D, Product and Project Management, Multimedia Technology System Design and Algorithms (Speech, Video, Image, Audio), Firmware


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Skills Highlights - Strategy and Technology Roadmap + Project Engineering, System Design and R&D in Multimedia Technology (Speech Processing, Video Coding), Other Advanced Technology, Technology Marketing and Project Management

Successful dynamic leader with over 20 years experience in complex project development, far-sighted roadmap creation, its timely execution planned along with best strategy for the company always gaining new and more customers, while also hands on in detailed technical research. With achievements ranging from high-level roadmap planning for multimedia incorporating speech processing, video coding, image processing, successful executions of multiple projects for advanced technology, including design, algorithms, planning, development, standardization and commercialization intersecting with various chipset releases, an excellent track record is continuously being achieved. Consistently establishes great rapport and relationships with telecom operators worldwide understanding local requirements. Targets extensive IPR generation and IP analysis to enhance company’s portfolio and value. Develops high quality teams with careful training, motivation and leading by example.

I have vast experience of over 20 years in management, strategy, as also R&D in multimedia technologies. Having managed projects and large teams from ideation to product I'm confident of application of my skills to the advantage of the company I'm in.


Qualcomm Technologies Inc. (formerly Qualcomm Inc.), (2009 – 2015)
San Diego, CA USA. Sydney, NSW, Australia
Senior Director of Technology

Led the technology team for devising, designing the digital signal processor’s (DSP) role in the context of the overall chipset architecture. Subsequently took on the independent role to design new and unique differentiating features /engines for smartphone chipsets, specifically in voice technology

• Expanded the role of DSP in multimedia evaluating complex engines such as computer vision (CV), UHD video communication, etc., working with interdisciplinary teams of video/CV algorithm designers, and firmware/software teams and DSP HW team.
• R&D for advanced multimedia technology - incorporating complex third-party speech engines, and development of new technologies for improved user-experience in man-machine interaction.

The first smartphone chip with the expanded DSP capability is the heart of more than 30 phone designs across many OEMs with millions in volume.

Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA USA (2006 – 2008)
Qualcomm India Private Limited, India
Senior Director, Engineering – Speech R&D and Chief Architect, Video Systems Lead

Managed with great success the significant and primary responsibility of continuing and completing both the strategies and design for the advanced high quality speech coders and future-proofing hardware capabilities for video compression (for encoding, decoding and telephony).
Successfully championed our video architecture both internally and externally to customers. Also gained many operators worldwide to adopt our new speech coders and their commitments to the advancements planned in the roadmap.
Extensively participated in standardization activities, facilitating collaborations and negotiations, and was instrumental in accomplishing many advantageous adoptions of designs into standards.

• Finished the design of the wideband speech coder and its subsequent standardization. Strategized for speech processing, utility of IP, suitability of 4GV and the wideband coder for UMTS and VoIP on HSPA, tapping new markets and exploring interoperability and handoffs.
• Developing strategy for the video design for the next chips and the chip architecture keeping video and speech in context. Continuing with the initial designs for high definition video

Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA USA (2003 – 2006)
Director, Engineering – Speech Systems R&D, Video Systems Lead
Principal Engineer/Manager

As PE and manager, began and completed new designs and strategies for suitability of adoption of new low average-bit-rate speech coder for many CDMA systems all over the world.

This speech coder is now the default for about 300 million phones.

• Completed 4GV variable rate speech coder and making it suitable for VoIP, enabling the features to allow easy adoption into various systems. Efforts to make 4GV a 3GPP2 standard.
• Designed a higher quality high fidelity wider-bandwidth coder, suitable especially due to VoIP gaining wide coverage.
• Strategic analysis, support, justification and substantiation for this design.

Managed the extremely difficult standardization and adoption into operator specifications, of the variable capacity 4GV coder amidst tough obstacles and opposition, and won plaudits and compliments for many such accomplishments. Excellent interpersonal skills and smart strategizing have been the cornerstone of the successes achieved even in difficult projects.

Initialized HD (high-definition 1080p) video capability (devising ways to make an independent subsystem) with efforts to organize and coordinate between multidisciplinary teams.

Designed and garnered many new customers for the ahead-of-time high-performance video system on our chipsets.

• Planned and devised a strategic roadmap of speech processing features and future designs.
• Designed a new variable speech coder (4GV) that offered better quality than the previous standard, building up a new team from scratch and pioneering the development of various new ideas in speech coding. Visited various CDMA operators and customers around the world.

Established a new speech processing design team with justification and budget planning, showcasing existing leadership in our designs

Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA USA (1998 – 2003)
Qualcomm India Inc., INDIA
Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA USA
Senior Staff Engineer/Manager – Project Engineer, Speech Project Lead, Video Systems Designer

Various project engineering/management activities including task creation/ scheduling/ strategies/ addressing clear directions to the team – action items, progress documentation/ integration of resources at hand efficiently
• Research, design, development, standardization of very low average bit-rate/high quality variable rate speech coder
• Led both camera and video systems design for our very first integrated custom HW
• Created and led a team of engineers and devised a process to characterize and trace voice quality issues.
• Quick design of a prototype for wideband speech coding for demo at a 3GPP2 meeting to promote the idea.
• Launched a project to create a version of a coder with lower complexity but same quality and interoperability
• Extensive patent analyses for IP protection and ease of licensing
• DSP software development and fixed-point conversion with extensive code writing, code analysis, optimization.
• Coordination in a collaborative effort between three companies.

Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA USA (1994 – 1998)
Staff Engineer/Manager (1997-1998), Project Engineer & Lead Globalstar Speech Coder
Senior Engineer (1995-1997), Engineer (1994-1995)

• (1997-1998) Led DSP Software implementation and support of speech coder on ADSP 2181/2183. Interfaced with subcontractors developing dual-mode Globalstar/GSM phone. Created multiple design documents.
• (1997-1998) Participated in the development of a multi-mode harmonic-based 4kbps speech coder for ITU.
• (1996-1997) DSP Software implementation of speech coder on ADSP 2181, with speed and memory cost analysis. Design of software structure and creation of code development guidelines. Microprocessor Interface specifications and design. Trained new team members in DSP Coding and the speech coder algorithm.
• (1995-1996) Developed and implemented Prototype Pitch Period Coding for Globalstar speech coder on DSP 1617.
• (1994-1995) Worked on initial development of very low bit-rate Globalstar speech coder and its various modes.


M.S. Electrical Engineering (E.E.), May 1994 – GPA 4.0/4.0, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA
• Thesis: Implementation and Performance Analysis of a Variable Rate Speech Coder
B.E. Electronics and Communications (E&C), June 1992 – University First Rank, Mangalore University, India
Certificate/Course – Digital Telephony
Development – Executive Development & Personnel Management Series
Lecture – Companywide presentation to Qualcomm & Globalstar LLP on the very low bit-rate speech coder design
Seminar – 4GV technologies at Qualcomm’s Annual Tech Forum

Over 40 published Patents, Patent Applications and Publications


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