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Electronics engineers

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Name of profession: Electronics engineers Name of latest business sector: Energy Latest occupation/title: R&D Director Latest main activities: Development of Automation Systems applied to power systems


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Computer Systems Additional trainings:

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Large experience (over 20 years) in the development of devices for automation, in special for power systems, and protection relays, for national and international companies. Experienced in project management of projects sponsored by agencies like Aneel (the national regulator for electric energy) and Finep (a State owned agency for the development of new technologies applied to Oil/Gas/Power Utilities). Multidisciplinary teams are always involved in these projects, in special embedded systems, hardware and software development, and the development of related Desktop, Web and Tablet applications. Hardware development involves the use of DSPs and FPGAs. Large experience in using softwares like Mathematica and Matlab for the modeling of functions to be run in DSPs or FPGAs, using VHDL language. Actually working on several projects for several power Utilities in Brazil, in the areas of protective relaying, smart grids, and others.


* R&D Project Management.
* Specification of R&D projects to be submitted to sponsore agencies like Aneel, Finep, Cnpq (the National Council for Research and Development).
* Programming languages like C, C++, Python, VHDL.
* Embedded Linux with Real-Time extensions.
* RTOSes like uCOS-II, RTKernel.
* Design of Automation Systems for Power Systems.
* Embedded Systems Design.
* DSP and FPGA design.
* Continuous and discrete time systems, linear and nonlinear.


* 2007- present – Itech Tecnologia da Informação Ltda. – Brazilian company focused in the design of embedded systems and software applications for Power Utilities and Defense Systems.
Position: Managing Directior (Owner).
Main Responsibilities: Embedded Systems and Software Design team management. This team is focused on the development of embedded systems applied to power systems and also to defense systems. Projects delivered to National and European companies. Some examples of developed systems include fault recorders, protection relays, HMI for power Utilities and defense systems, protocol converters, distribution transformers supervisors, drivers for magnetic actuator based reclosers, smart grid simulator and many others.
* 2005-2007 – UTFPR (Technical University of Paraná)
Position: Professor. Main Responsibilities: Professor of Digital and Power Electronics.
* 2004-2007 – Instituto Automat de Pesquisa – R&D Institute.
Position: R&D Director.
Main Responsibilities: R&D Manager of teams focused on the development of hardware and software applied to the control of power systems. Definition of projects to be submitted to funding agencies like Aneel, Finep and Cnpq. Automated switch for power distribution systems and power quality analysis software are some examples of systems developed.
* 1999-2004 – Automat Engenharia de Automação Ltda. – Brazilian company focused in the design, installation and commissioning of automation systems for power systems.
Position: Design Engineer.
Main Responsibilities: Development of embedded systems using several Technologies in the fields of power electronics, microprocessors, FPGAs, A/D converters, sensors and programming languages like C, C++, Python and VHDL. The most important achievement was the design of UAC ( Unit for Automation, Protection and Control of power systems), sold to many power Utilities in Brazil. A version of the UAC was used as a recloser controller and it has been sold to companies in Colombia and Venezuela.
* 1994-1990 – COPEL (Power Utility of Parana)
Position: Electrical Engineer.
Main Responsibilities: Design of embedded systems applied to power systems. Main achievement was the design of a UTR used in all COPEL substations.
* 1992 – Messerschmitt Boelkow Blohm GmbH (MBB) (Germany - Munich)
Position: Trainee.
Main Responsibilities: Embedded software design for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and a magnetic tracking system where the AGV track was formed by small magnets placed in specific positions.


* Portuguese – Native Language
* English - Fluent
* German – Native Language
* French – Intermediate.

* International Experience – Lived in Munich (Germany) in 1992, working as a Trainee at MBB, also studying at the Fachhochschule München. Has also developed projects for a company based in the UK (Manchester area) with frequent stays with duration of 2 to 6 weeks. Has also made trips to China, some projects have been designed to be manufactured in China.


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