Mohammad Khosrow from Iran applies for Blue Card Germany

Health service managers

Personal data:

For personal data please contact us
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Name of profession: Health service managers Name of latest business sector: Health Deputy of Social Security Organization of Iran. Latest occupation/title: Health Manager Latest main activities: Health Poilcy-Making,Management & Economics


Completed education: doctoral Title or Qualification: Health Management(Ph.D.) Specialisation: Health Policy-Making,Management & Economics Additional trainings: As declared in the attached C.V.

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | Munchen,Berlin,Hamburg,Stuttgart and everywhere suitable 2. Preferred country | region / city: France | Monaco,Nice, Kane,Marse,Paris and everywhere suitable 3. Preferred country | region / city: United Kingdom | London,Manchester, Liverpool and everywhere suitable

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: french => well 3. Language skills: Spanish,Italian,German & Arabic => reasonable

Personal note /detailed application:

Curriculum Vitae

*Title: Dr (Ph.D.)
* Gender: Male
* Date of Birth: 11/08/1967
* Civil Status: Married(Two Children)

*Health Management
*Health Policy- Making
*Health Economics

*Educational equivalence - highest level of education:
Ph.D. degree in Health Management in Major of Health Policy-Making & Management from Iran University of Medical Sciences as an honer student with G.P.A. of 17.05 .
* Areas of Study for education:
- Administration – Hospital Policy-Making & Management (Percentage: 60 %)
- Economics – Health Economics (Percentage: 30 %)
- Research, Statistics, Mathematics (Percentage: 10 %)

-Main Employer:Social Security Organization of Iran.
- Title: - Hospital Manager, Health Expert & Researcher. From Oct. 1994 till Mar.19,2015.
- National Experiences in details:
2008- Mar.19,2015 : Imam Reza General Hospital Manager, social Security organization .
2003- 08 : Shariaat Razavi General Hospital Manager, Social Security Organization .
2002-03: Consultant for UNDP of Iran on GITA (Greater Involvement of People Living with Aids).
2002- 03 : Iran Mehr General Hospital Manager and Deputy of Managing Director (private stock).
2002- Now : Member of scientific Board for Iranan Hospitals .
2000 : Consultant for Deputy of Human Manpower Resources, Ministry of Health and Medical
Education .
1999: Supervisor for Health Care financing study (HCFS) Research Project with the Assistance of
Ministry of Health and Medical Education and World Bank .
1998: Expert and a Member of Research and Development (R&D) Center, Ministry of Health and
Medical Education .
1996-Now: Research Project Manager for Ministry of Health and Medical Education, social security
organization, Health Insurance organization and etc.
1996-98: Health and Research Expert for Health Deputy of Social Security Organization.
1995-2015 : Member of Specialized Committee of Evaluation for Hospital ,Social Security
1994-95: Hoseinie Ershad General Hospital Manager , Social Security Organization.
1992-94: Executive secretary for National Committee on Health and Social Research, Ministry of
Health and Medical Education.
1992-94: Translator, Ministry of Health and Medical Education .
1992-94: Research Expert in National Committee on Health and Social Research, Ministry of Health
and Medical Education.
1992-93: Health Expert of World Health Organization, collaborating Center of Health and Biomedical,
information (H.B.I) Project,Tehran,Iran.
1992-93: Hospital Management Expert of HIMS (Hospital Management Information Systems) in
Company (Private Joint stock).
1990-92: English teacher and Translator, National Governmental Service. Air Force, Army.
1989-90 : Chehrazi Hospital Manager (private stock).
-International experiences in details:
I have two experiences working with international organizations as follow:
1- I was supervisor for a national research( Health Care Finance System Project)
handling in Ministry of Health & Medical Education.This project was financially supported
by World Bank and was consulted by a french well- known research company.
2-I was consultant in a national research focusing on Aids.This project(Gita) was
manipulated by UN office in Iran.

2011-12 : Comparing private sector primary health care services to government and NGO services in
2010-12 : Cost effectiveness and cost benefit of promoting primary health services in Iran.
2010-12 : Estimating the Economic Burden of Health Inequities in Iran.
2009-11: The role of Community- based Primary Health Care for Improving the Health of Children
and Mothers in Iran.
2009-11: Health equity issues at the urban and rural level (access, and health outcomes) in Iran.
2008-10: Economics evaluation of treatment programs for diseases and mental disorders in Iran.
2008-10: Economics Evaluation of Hospitals.
2007-09: Quality assurance management methods at the primary health care level in Iran.
2007-09: Measurement of the burden of infectious diseases on population of Iran.
2007-09: Infectious disease and control program (such as AIDS, Tuberculosis etc) at the primary
health care level in Iran.
2007-09: Productivity indices in Health Insurance Organization on Medical Emergencies in Iran.
2003-05 : Comparative study on Health Tariffs in Iran.
2002-04 : Risk Rating Analysis among the insured of social Security Organization in Iran.
2001-03: Unit Cost analysis in Health Services Of Iran Health Insurance Organization.
1999-2000 : Payment system for the Medical & Non-Medical Staff in Health Deputy of social Security
1999: Manpower Standards of Hospitals of social Security Organization.
1996: The management Information System (M.I.S) in Health Deputy of social Security Organization.

2012: International Congress on Excellence Management.
2011 : National Training Workshop on Auditor/Lead Auditor ISO9000:2000 Series (TUU Nord Co.)
2010: National Training Workshop on Basics, Structure and Documentation of Quality Management
system in accordance with ISO 9000L2000 Series (TUV Nord Co.)
2009 : National Training Congress on Hospital Management .
2008 : National Congress on Productivity in Health Care .
2007 : National Training Congress on TQM in Health Care.
2006: National Congress on Research & Development in Health Care.
2005: National Congress on changing Hospital Management.
2005: International Conference on Hospital Management.
2004: International Conference on Health Economics.
2001 : National Conference on Hospital Information System (H.I.S).
1999: National Educational Workshop on Health Situation and Trend Assessment (H.S.T).
1998 : National Educational Workshop on Research Methodology.

* Working languages: English (Native Speaker)
French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic & German
* Mother Tongue: Persian

*Word processor: Word 2013
*Spreadsheet: Exel 2013
*Presentation: Power point 2013
*Database: ACCES 2013
*Internet & e-mail: Both
*Operating Systems: Windows(8)
*Other software: I can support general computer soft wares independently.
*Computer hardware/Special equipment: I can localize & replace spare parts hard wares but I cant repair electronic devices.

* Date of Birth & Relationship:
- 21-Jun-1972, Spouse
- 21-Sep-2000,Child(son)
-, 14-Dec-2002, Child(daughter)



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