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Electrical engineers

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Name of profession: Electrical engineers Name of latest business sector: Solar Power Latest occupation/title: CTO of Tehran office Latest main activities: Specific Electronic and Automation Utility procurement


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Control / Electrical Engineering Specialisation: Automation / Classical control / Modern Control / AI / Robotics Additional trainings: Solar Engineering course by GH Solar Gmbh

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Personal profile

I did involved to the job market for 3 days per week after honoring B.S. in control engineering (2009) and parallel to start M.S. program in control engineering. After passing military service period - It’s mandatory for male adults at Iran to pass military service period to receive permission to go abroad (24 Months by default)- I started to investigate more about opportunities may be available for me at Europe.
Finding myself with high potential to learn, research and innovation and enthusiasm to play a role at modern engineering atmosphere, highly motivates me to apply for new future in Europe.


M.S. on Control Engineering. Final Thesis: Hybrid Power Plant optimal control (Photovoltaic cell - Battery Bank - Diesel Generator) Using Intelligence control algorithm.
Control Engineering board, Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Qazvin Imam Khomeini International university.(Jan, 2012).
B.S. in Electrical/Control Engineering
Final Project: Auto pilot designing using predictive control algorithms.(2009).
Control Engineering Department, Electrical and Computer Science and Engineering Faculty,Tabriz University.

Employment history

Korit Automation co. (2014-ongoing) Self employed.
International trading (Importing) of industrial electronic components./ 4 employees engaged.
?GH SOLAR co. (2012.10 - 2013.4).
Belgium Solar power engineering company.
Position: CTO of middle east projects design and development of solar power plants, power monitoring systems, feasibility study,EMS. located at Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Dubai(UAE).solar off-grid and on-grid (Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt). Recommendation letter is available.

Bamdad (2011.6 - 2012.7).
Position: R&D Department
Project Manager of designing and manufacturing of dual axis solar tracker for 6X300W solar panels.

Ray Avin Fan (2010.7 - 2010.12).
Position: Predesigning of protection and control systems of H.V and M.V power transmission lines department.

Honar Choub Arjan (2009.8 - 2010.7).
Position: Developing of CNC machines. Part time job 3 days per week.

Technical Skills

AVR / SIEMENS PLC(S7-200/S7-300/S7-400) / PCB design / RF Circuits / CCTV / Industrial gages and transmitters / SCADA (Basic Knowledge) / Industrial Control networks / Solar power plants off- grid & on-grid sizing / feasibility study of power and industrial plants (Not Expert!) / machinery optimization and industrial monitoring/ Device driving via windows OS (Basic knowledge on IOS, OSX and Android), , digital-analogue drivers /.

Personal Skills

- High potential to research, learn and developing new ideas.
- Act as a part of a team or work on my own (based on projects needs).
- Communication skills for presentation, marketing.
- Providing industrial solutions based on academic and laboratory research.
- Involving at EPC projects as a design engineer and commissioning investor (regarding job experiences).
- Ability to prioritize workload and to meet deadlines.

Research Details

1- Final thesis to honor M.S in control engineering, “Hybrid power plant (Solar power +Battery Bank+Diesel generator) optimal control using AI methods”. Implementation of hill climbing, PSO and neural networks to size and optimal control ?of the power plant (As case study) and comparing the results of different methods regarding different possible status which plant may face with according to power consumption trend, solar irradiation prediction, fuel availability (Costs) and battery performance stabilization charts. registered at

2- Final Thesis to honor B.S. in control engineering, “Designing and simulation of auto-pilot system for model airplane using linear model predictive control”. Implementation of MPC algorithm to optimal control of airplane at given trend (Position and flight route) in spite of landing and take-off procedure.

3- Elite project submitted on national elite organization “Vehicle classification (heavy, light, motor-bicycle) using neural network” By analyzing generated noise may be generate by vehicle (Tires, engine, ...) and learning AI to classify patterns to 3 different pattern. Results reported to %92 accuracy based on test and judgements provide by authorities.

4- Team Leader at “Designing and developing industrial dual axis solar tracker to hold up to 1.8KWp solar modules”. Using siemens PLC modules. Working with local industries to manufacture mechanical parts. Participating at Tehran international electrical industry exhibition (Nov. 2011) under authority of Bamdad solar co.

Personal research and academic activities

1- Designing control system of 2D printer using DC motors. The project continued by team at Qazvin University after my graduating and developed to 3D printer. At this project I was responsible to interface BLDC motors (2 Motors) by decoding Bitmap (.bmp windows OS) file located on a PC to actuate two motors. (Qazvin international university / Electrical engineering department / robotic laboratory).

2- Team member of a group designing and manufacturing smart applications for home appliance (Smart Home) using KNX protocol for commercial purpose. The project was stopped due to bankrupting of the sponsor.

3- Smart breaks for sample carting car (As student part time job. 2008 authorized by Dr.Balazade, Electrical and computer science and engineering faculty, Tabriz university). Customer: safety research office of Lona park entertainment department, Tabriz, Iran. using AVR micro-controller, stepper motor and accelerometer. (My interesting part was working with the accelerometer) which causes breaks work at the moment driver tries to enter to the U-Turns with higher speed than safety regulation provides (more than 35Km/h at this case).

4- Industrial counter. A micro-controller based system operates as counter of packages of final goods at the factory (Honar Choub Arjan co.). The system designed to work synched with the main packing machine.

Teaching experience

TI at Qazvin Imam Khomeini International university. linear systems and controls / Teacher: Dr.Nushin Bigdeli.
Hardware interface with windows OS, C++ programing. Tabriz University / Robotic yearly workshops (2008-2009)

Further Information

- Member of Tabriz town hall string orchestra (Violin II). (Fall 2008).
- President of visual arts club of Tabriz University students (2008-2009)
- Member of board of visual arts club of Tabriz University students (2005-2009)
- Member of music club of Tabriz University students (2005-2009)


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