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Mechanical engineers

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Name of profession: Mechanical engineers Name of latest business sector: National Oil Well Varco Latest occupation/title: Design engineer Mechanical Latest main activities: Extensive knowledge of designing of Drilling equipment’s, machine components, moving and static part design. -Expertise in designing of the following equipment’s\components:- -Pipe handling,Hatches,Fingerboards,Bridge Rackers etc.),machined parts etc


Completed education: master Title or Qualification: Master in Product and System Design engineering Specialisation: Product Design/CAD/Konstrukteur/Energy/Mechanical engineering Additional trainings: Master in Energy technology/Management

Preferred countries:

1. Preferred country | region / city: Germany | North,South,West and East 2. Preferred country | region / city: Netherlands | North,South,West and East 3. Preferred country | region / city: Sweden | North,South,West and East

Language skills:

1. Language skills: english => excellent 2. Language skills: 3. Language skills: Hindi => excellent

Personal note /detailed application:


-Having plus 08 years of experience in the field of Mechanical engineering/Mechanical design, R&D.

-Currently working as Design Engineer, Mechanical in National Oil well Varco, Kristiansand, Norway.

-Extensive knowledge of designing of Drilling equipment’s, machine components, moving and static part design.

-Expertise in designing of the following equipment’s\components:-

-Pipe handling equipment's,Hatches,Fingerboards,Bridge Rackers,,machined parts, Heavy steel structures, lifting equipment’s, cranes etc. using Auto desk Inventor (3D modelling),AUTO CAD
(2 D drawings) of steel structures, assembly drawings etc.

-Testing of machines, equipment’s and propose design modifications.

-Preparation of technical documentation (2D, Detail & Assembly drawings according to GA), attend Factory Acceptance testing (FAT), Producing CAD models, assemblies and parts, BOM, PDM (Product Data management).

-Product life cycle management, computer aided reports, coordination with other departments for smooth operations, design to manufacturability.

-Investigation of equipment failure and resolving system malfunctions.

-Rules & classification for design of steel structures for ships (DNV), NORSOK standards.


Computer Aided Design & Analysis Software’s: AUTODESK INVENTOR, AUTOCAD, Unigraphics NASTRAN NX, PRO-E, CATIA, ANSYS, Solid works etc.


MATHCAD, 20SIM, 3D BEAM, MATLAB. Computer aided machining software’s:-Edge CAM, CNC machining, CNC programming G & M coding.

In-depth knowledge of operating SAP. Knowledge of DNV rules for classification of ships machinery and systems-Main class-Piping systems.

In-depth knowledge of Manufacturing Processes and Supply Chain principles of mechanical engineering.

Sound knowledge of general Machining Techniques and various manufacturing processes.

Comprehensive knowledge of Product Life cycle Management and computer-aided engineering.

Familiar with industrial equipment and machinery, robotics, transport systems and heating and cooling systems.

• Dates (from – to) From August 2014 – Till date.

• Name and address of employer NOV, National Oilwell Varco, Kristiansand, Norway.

• Type of business or sector Oil and Gas, Drilling equipment manufacturing.

• Occupation or position held Design Engineer ,Mechanical (Vertical Pipe handling)


Modelling of adjustable fingerboard mid-section steel assembly.
Detail and assembly drawings of adjustable fingerboard assembly
Modelling of lifting equipment’s, Cranes, Winches, davits, Hydraulic Tanks, Pipes etc. Fabrication of detail and assembly drawings of different kinds of adjustable fingerboards used in drilling rigs.
Modelling of guide arms, guide rails assemblies along with detail and assembly drawings.
Modelling of guide arms, guide rails plate detail and assembly drawings.
Modelling of shims with varying thicknesses, detail and assembly drawings.
Modelling, fabrication of detail and assembly drawings for cabinet’s brackets.
Detail drawings of DP latches used in fingerboards.
Modelling/assembly and detail drawings of finger boards with support lift and transport.
Modelling/assembly and detail drawings of steel wires.
Modelling /assembly and detail drawings of tension cabinets for general and adjustable fingerboards
Modelling / assembly and detail drawings of Bridge Racker vertical trolley with varying wheel distances.
Modelling / assembly and detail drawings of Bridge Racker Horizontal trolley with varying wheel distances. Modelling of steel assembly structure of vertical trolley
Modelling of racking guide arm trolley brackets
Modelling/detail and assembly drawings of 25 tonne utility Winch
Modelling/detail and assembly drawings of parts of adjustable /tilt able belly fingerboards. Etc.


Autodesk Inventor modules, part, assemblies, drawings,presentations,projects, I-features, design assistant.
Knowledge about Vault Professional.
Basic sketching techniques, shaping of 3D objects, putting things in place with assemblies, documentation of the models.
Use of vault, managing a revision of drawings, closure etc.
Detail and assembly drawings.
Interface with vault from inventor and vault browser.
Check in and check out model data, copy design with vault browser.
Revision of a drawing in Rig doc, make a copy of drawing, link new model data to copied drawing.
Knowledge of advanced modelling techniques.
Multi body modelling techniques.
Rule driven parts and assemblies.
Introduction to inventor design and advanced tools.
Frame generators, parts list, BOM, Q-properties, revision clouds.
Creating simplified parts. Knowledge of Item retrieval and large assemblies.
Knowledge of design tools like bolted connections, Frame generators etc.


Advanced Course in 2D and 3D drafting in AUTOCAD (INDIA).
Advanced Course in 3D Modelling & Simulation in AUTODESK INVENTOR, (INDIA).
Intermediate Course in 3D modelling in AUTODESK INVENTOR by CAD-Q (Certification) NORWAY.
Advanced Modelling Techniques in AUTODESK INVENTOR by CAD-Q, (Certification) NORWAY

Duration 3 years and 05 months.

Dates (from – to) From 1st February 2009 - 31st July 2012.

Name and address of employer M.G Industries, Bari Brahmana, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Type of business or sector Conductor Manufacturing unit (Wires/ropes-Steel, Aluminium).

Occupation or position held Mechanical Engineer (Design/Operations &Maintenance )


Played active role in testing section of the unit with BIS.
Reading/making of technical drawings, schematics using CAD software Pro-E, Solid works.

Design\Drafting\Creation of 3D part models for machines like Aluminium rod breakdown machine, Annealing machine, compressing machines, Wire twisting machine , Heavy duty wire drawing machines for copper and aluminium (with and without annealer). Universal testing machine (UTM).

Modelling\Drafting\Creation of 3D models and also responsible for maintenance and operations of these machines:-Tool and cutter are grinding machines, Vertical/horizontal drilling machines, rolling machine. Lathe machine-Turret and Capstan lathe machines for mechanical operations like (drilling, turning, tapering, finishing and threading).

Operation and Maintenance of these machines:-Computer numerically controlled machines (CNC),Hardness testing machines (Vickers and Brinel testing machines), Torsion testing machines, TIG/MIG welding machines, Oil fired furnace, Sheet metal rolling machines, Q61, Punching machine, Resistance testing machine, milling (gear cutting machines).

Implementation of operating procedures (Maintenance program) and resolving system malfunctions.

Investigation of equipment failure and active role in maintenance of machinery.
Provided feedback on customer problems/needs on urgent basis.
Supervision of production activities.

Modifications of the products to make sure conformance with engineering design performance
and specifications.
Vital role in material selection and testing.
Selection of test samples for acceptances and routine tests like ductility tests, Torsion tests
Elongation tests, wrapping tests on aluminium and steel wires.

Evaluation of quality of conductor/wires via Zinc coating/Galvanizing test, resistance test and
direction of lay of conductor.
Calibrations of all the laboratory equipment’s/instruments to make sure no error before testing.
Performed other tests like breaking load on stranded wires/conductors, stress-strain test, test
loads for complete conductors.


Excellent computer skills and good knowledge of SAP, Knowledge of ERP - Program-Enterprise resource planning.
TQMS-Total Quality management system, IQMS-Integrated quality management systems, PMP-Preventive maintenance programs.

RCA-Root cause analysis, FMEA-Failure mode effect analysis, FMECA-Failure mode effect and criticality analysis, FTA-Fault tree analysis, HAZOP-Hazard and opera-ability analysis, CCA-Cause consequence analysis.

Knowledge and implantation of Lean tools-VSM,5S,Poka-yoke,Heijunka,Cause and effect-5 why ,Takt time,Andon,bottle neck analysis ,continuous flow, Jidoka, JIT-Just in time, Kaizen- Continuous Improvement, Kanban-Pullsystem,OEE-Overallequipmenteffectiveness,PDCA-Plan,Do,check and act. Six Sigma, Value stream mapping, DMAIC and DMADV.

•Duration 3 years.
•Dates (from – to) From 29th January 2006- 30th January 2009.
•Name and address of employer Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu, J&K, INDIA.
•Type of business or sector Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Involved as Production In charge (I/C Production Centre) in the Central workshop for
Fabrication /manufacturing of various items for the Metal works and Misc.
Engaged in production activities taking place in the Central Workshop.
Engaged in Administrative works in the Central workshop
Involved in regular Repair works/Maintenance works in the University.
Engaged in the regular teaching B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Tele-
Communications, School of Architecture and Landscape Design, Computer Science and
Engineering) for Workshop Technology course.
Engaged in M.Tech (Master’s in Engineering) classes for Computer Integrated Manufacturing
(CIMS) laboratory.
Engaged in M.Tech (Master’s in Engineering) classes for Production Engineering laboratory.
Involved in day to day purchase of materials for the Central workshop in various sub
Welding shop, Machine shop, smithy shop, Carpentry shop, welding shop, foundry shop, fitting shop, sheet metal shop etc.

• Duration 1 year and 3 months.
• Dates (from – to) From 1st July 2004- 19th November 2005.
•Name and address of employer I.E.C.S POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, JAMMU, J&K, INDIA.

•Type of business or sector Department of Mechanical Engineering

•Occupation or position held Workshop Manager/Superintendent


Monitored the training of students in various workshops of the institution.

Monitored the academic record of students in workshop.

Ensured the availability of various machines and equipment’s required in the workshops as per the curriculum.

Ensured that all the machines and equipment in the workshop are kept in working order arranged the training of workshop staff as per requirement of the curriculum.

Planned the future development of the workshops in the institution.

Engaged in repair and maintenance of Building, Electrical appliances, furniture etc. of the institute. Engaged in theory and practical training of students.


• Dates (from – to) From August 2012 – May 2014.
• Name and type of organization Høgskolen i Ålesund( Aalesund University College)
providing education and training Aalesund,Norway

Principal subjects/occupational:-

Computer Aided Engineering, System Modelling, System Simulation, Lean systems,Product Design, Machinery Systems ,Mechatronics & Robotics, Advanced marine operations, Risk Evaluation, Scientific methods, Product system design.

• Title of qualification awarded:
Master of Engineering (Product and System Design Engineering).
• Level in national classification: Good.

• Dates (from – to) From August 2005– April 2008 ( Part time)
• Name and type of organization Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University,Katra,Jammu

• Principal subjects/occupational:
Heat transfer, Fuel technology, , Power plant engineering, Fuel cells,skills covered,Non- conventional energy, Energy storage.

• Title of qualification awarded :Master of Engineering (Technology)-Part time, (Energy b Management).
• Level in national classification:Excellent, CGPA-8.30/10.00.

• Dates (from – to) From August 1999– April 2004
• Name and type of organization University of Jammu.
• Principal subjects/occupational:

Fluid mechanics, Industrial Engineering, Engineering mechanics, Graphics, communication skills, Heat and mass transfer, Fluid machinery, Air-conditioning and refrigerator, Operation research, CAD/CAM, Automobile engineering.

• Title of qualification awarded Bachelor of Engineering (Technology)
• Level in national classification Good.


Interpersonal skills-Established mutually beneficial relations with colleagues
Persuasion Skills -Constant communication with both, faculties and students.
Optimistic ability to deal with people and problems. Willingness to learn, hardworking and a team player.
Developed communication skills-Persuasive presentation skills.
Proactive approach led to desirable change in work pattern by other team members.
Problem solving and analytical thinking-Technical education has helped me inculcate the logical way to approach the problem.


Evaluated/installed/operated/maintained mechanical equipment systems.
Vital role in design modification to eliminate machine or system malfunctions.
Vital role in material selection and testing.
CAD,3D modelling, Drafting, part modelling, drawings, BOM,GA drawings, 2D.

Calibrations of all the laboratory equipment’s/instruments to make sure no error before testing. Performed other tests like breaking load on stranded wires/conductors, stress-strain test, test loads for complete conductors.


NAME: Reidun Brottveit.

POSITION: Manager, Vertical Pipe Handling Department, National Oilwell Varco, Kristiansand, Norway.
OFFICE: NOV, Burasen, Kristiansand.
PHONE: + 47-38192803
Mobile: +47-95118195

DISCIPLINE: Vertical Pipe Handling, NOV, Kristiansand, NORWAY.

NAME: Kristian Knutsen

POSITION: Project Engineer, Vertical Pipe Handling Department, NOV, Kristiansand, Norway

OFFICE: NOV, Burasen, Kristiansand

PHONE: + 47-38191700
Mobile: +47-92218901.


DISCIPLINE: Vertical Pipe Handling, NOV, Kristiansand, NORWAY.


Mobile: + 47 45 40 22 25


NAME: Håvold, Jon Ivar



PHONE: + 47-70161223




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