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Telecommunications engineers

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Name of profession: Telecommunications engineers Name of latest business sector: Service Provider Latest occupation/title: Consultant- IP/MPLS Network Latest main activities: IP/MPLS Network Design


Completed education: bachelor Title or Qualification: Bachelor of Science Specialisation: Physics/Math Additional trainings: CCIE#38593; CCIP ;CCNA

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? A results-oriented, team-player and focused IP/MPLS networks specialist (CCIE#38593) with over 8 years’ experience in the Design, Implementation and Maintenance of IP/MPLS networks plus recognizes that technology is not just integral to success, but actually drives the way companies pursue their business goals

? Routing and Switching : Cisco , Huawei & Alcatel
? Transmission : Tejas (1270,1600C & 3500) ,ECI,Eckinops, Alvarion and Radwin

? April 2002 – April 2006: Moi University, Kenya : BSC Physics /Math (HONs)

IP/MPLS Networks Consultant: July 2013 – Jan 2015

A)NMB Bank – Tanzania
NMB is a leading bank in Tanzania serving over 2 million customers plus over 160 branches.
The bank is relocating the HQ to another building and this entails new Data Centre network.

My roles:
• Audit the proposed IP/MPLS network and make decision on behalf of the bank.
• Audit the proposed Data Centre network and advice the bank.
• Analyze the BOQs to be in line with the new network expectations.
• Supervise structured cabling within the new HQ.
• Participate in technical discussions with the vendors on behalf of the bank.

B) BCS Group
BCS group is a wholesale capacity provider with presence in 4 countries I,e Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda and UK.
Notable achievements
• Designed & deployed IP Pops at KIXP, Nairobi & Airtel House, Kampala.
• Redesigned the BGP peerings to enhance load balancing with the 5 Upstream PEERS
• Redesigned the BGP core network and introduced Route-Reflector topology.
• Came up with a new nomenclature for the IP/MPLS and SDH network.
• Redesigned the core OSPF routing within the IP Core to take care of load balancing.
• Redesigned and deployed the BCS<>Airtel BGP Peers to take care of auto-failover.
• Redesigned the switching topology to introduce the Access and Aggregation layers.
• Created of new technical structure to separate planning and support functions
As a result of execution of the above projects
• Improved QOS for the L3 IP transit customers and L2 IP Transit customers.
• Improved MTTF duration for all customers
• Improved Customer confidence hence increased sales.
3) Copycat LTD
Copycat is a Cisco Gold Partner and a Premium partner for HP, F5 and other major vendors. Copycat has presence in 4 countries I,e Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.
Notable Achievements:
• Delivered and tested an IP/MPLS solution design for Liquid Telecom Kenya.
• Delivered and tested an MPLS design for Thika County data centre interconnections
• Delivered and tested an IP Solution design for Kenya Institute of Education.
• Delivered and tested a WIFI design for Kenya Agriculture Research Institute.
• Delivered a “ how to” documentation for the new engineers

IP/MPLS Networks Support, Safaricom LTD : Jan 2009 – July 2013
Safaricom is a dominant leader in the Kenya Service Provider market, both in voice and data. It currently has 25 million VOICE subscribers.
There are 2 IP/MPLS networks which I was in charge of as a Technical team lead and escalation point.
a) NGN MPLS network made up of Cisco CRS1, Cisco 7609s, Cisco ASR 9010,ASR 1000.Network runs on ISIS as the IGP,LDP for Label distribution and MBGP for L3VPNs routes exchange. Network had 15 POPs each with 2 Cisco 7609 as PEs and CRS1 as a P in 5 PoPs.

b) Enterprise IP/MPLS Network is made up of 200 plus WiMAX BTS sites using Cisco 3400MEs, over 20 Aggregation sites using Cisco 3800MEs, 15 MPLS Core sites using Cisco 7606s and ASR903/9010.
Network runs on OSPF as the IGP ,EBGP ,IBGP and EIGRP for the PE<>Customer CEs implementation.
Notable achievements:
• Set-up of IPV6 ready core IP/MPLS network in preparation for the IPV6 deployments and possible “Internet over everything”
• Being part of the team that planned and deployed over 200 WIMAX BTS all aggregating to 15 IP/MPLS PEs within a duration of 6 months.
• Moving the IP/MPLS Backhaul from Microwave using Dragonwave radios and Winlink radios to Fiber core using Huawei SDH NEs.
• Decommissioning of the Ethernet/TDM converters (RICI from Radwin) as the IP/MPLS backhauls to the fiber core for the whole of WiMAX network.
• Getting every member of my team to be CCIE certified within 1 year.
• Documentation process with “how to” to simplify provisioning and troubleshooting.
• Implementation of automated tracking of network changes on the IP/MPLS core using scripts
As a result of this:
• Improved network uptime when Mobile & Data services were moved from SDH to the IP/MPLS Network which has increased redundancy.
• Improved Customer service with improved mean time to resolve. This came in with top-notch training and clear escalation processes.
• Improved revenue retention with decreased Credit notes due to long outages.
• Improved work-life balance among the staff due to working processes and stable network.
Operations and Maintenance Engineer, Liquid Telecom (Formerly KDN) : Jul 2007 – Dec 2008
Liquid Telecom (Formerly Kenya Data Networks, KDN) is a market leader in provisioning of infrastructure networks as a Public Data Networks Operator. Services provides entailed IP/MPLS networks, Microwave Backhauls and Fiber I,e both lit and leased fiber.
My role entailed
• Operations and Maintenance of the core IP MPLS network based on Alcatel,Siemens,Cisco,Alvarion,ECI and NSN.
• Day to day operations of SDH-based network devises and Wimax BTS,MW backhauls and the WIFI network.

Network Engineer,Open Systems LTD : Aug 2006 - July 2007
Open Systems is one of the founder Public Data Networks Operators in Kenya, based in Nairobi,Kenya.
My role entailed
• Planning, design and install LANs and WANs
• Installation and maintenance of Alvarion WIMAX radios
• Installation and Maintenance of Radwin/Winlink backhauls

? Camping ; Tour drives ; Community service


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